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15 Best Virtual Game Show Ideas For Work Teams & Large Groups [2024]

By February 28, 2024 May 20th, 2024 2 Comments

People are catching onto the fact that “virtual” doesn’t necessarily mean something isn’t real.

The connections we make online are real. The people behind the screen are real. And the fun we have in virtual environments is certainly real.

That’s exactly why we created this list of the best virtual game show ideas for work teams and large groups online.

Best Virtual Game Show Ideas

After all, your team deserves real fun whether they’re working from home, commuting to the office, or living that digital nomad life.

“I don’t need to get a life; I am a gamer, so I have lots of lives.” — Richard Fendler

Each virtual game we’ve included in this thoughtfully curated list was chosen for being an absolute blast, well-suited for large groups, and easy to play for remote teams.

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Check out the 15 best virtual game show ideas for work teams and large groups, but first, you might be wondering…

How do I host a virtual game show?

To host a virtual game show, you’ll need a dynamic personality to lead the event. That could be you, Captain Charisma, or it could be an outside host.

Of course, you’ll also need a platform (i.e. Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or something proprietary) and a game that can be participated in virtually. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure everyone on your team knows the rules and has the proper items they need to play.

List of the Best Virtual Game Show Ideas

1. Family Feud (Coworker Version)

“The Hatfield vs McCoys of The Office”

Family Feud is the lightning-fast-paced virtual variation of its namesake show. Teams scour their imagination for what they think are the most popular answers for each question the host presents. Each team has to guess the 5 most popular answers to win points for the round.

The winning team is determined by who has the most points. This virtual game includes a digital buzzer, digital game materials, a Zoom link, and a custom invitation for the players!

Pair this online game show idea with: Make Family Feud Name Tags

Try it out here: Family Feud (Coworker Version)

We played a round of Squad Squabble (Virtual Coworker Feud) with our friends at Design Pickle to show you how this virtual game show works… Still have no idea how 11 people said “Microwaving Fish” as an answer…


2. Game Night!

“A night of fun & games”

Game Night

Your group will compete and collaborate through multiple rounds of gameplay in a hilarious, fast-paced online games.

The folks at Confetti have put together a grab bag of new and classic games to delight your friends as you play through one, two, or three of these virtual activities Super easy to play! Plus, it does not require your team to be tech-savvy or to learn elaborate rules.

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Try it out here: Game Night!


3. Jeopardy Social

“It’s jeo-party your team needs”


Jeopardy Social is the classic Jeopardy game show experience with a virtual DEI (diversity, empathy, inclusion) twist. This virtual game idea offers several ways to celebrate diversity through themes like Women’s History, Black History, and much more!

The host screen shares the Jeoparty board with everyone on the video call and presents answers, asking the players to give the question that fits. While each team wins because the game is so much fun, the true winner is the team that racks up the most points!

Pair this online game show idea with: Happy Hour Celebration Box

Try it out here: Jeopardy Social


4. Virtual Pictionary

“Unleash the artists of the workplace”

Virtual Pictionary is a virtual twist on the classic drawing game. Large groups simply get online and enjoy using the digital whiteboard on this mobile-friendly team building platform. Each team tries to portray a word without actually writing it — hence, why they call it Pictionary!

Game rooms consist of 2 teams with anything from a dynamic duo to a handful-sized group. Lastly, Virtual Pictionary includes a Zoom link, a game organizer, and a super competitive competition mode.

Pair this online game show idea with: Virtual Wine Tasting Box

Try it out here: Virtual Pictionary


5. Name That Tune – Boom Box Version

“The game of universal passion”


Music lovers delight! Name That Tune is an interactive virtual game idea for the musically addicted. For your coworkers or employees with a finely-tuned ear, Name That Tune is their chance to show their skills!

This assortment of musical trivia and puzzles centers around identifying songs, albums, and incredible bands. Every Name That Tune game consists of 6 different host-led rounds during which the teams write their answers, have their points tallied, and find out who the musical champ is!

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Try it out here: Name That Tune

Blast From The Past: Check out this Name That Tune clip from 1984!


6. Chopped Cooking Competition

“The perfect virtual game for spicing up the office”

Have you ever watched the famous cooking show Chopped? Now’s the time to spice up the workplace and heat up the competition with a little culinary challenge in a similar vein to the TV show. In this case, however, this virtual game show idea focuses on letting your coworkers, employees, or contractors learn how to prepare one of three Italian dishes.

The best part: A chef leads the participants step-by-step through a complete recipe, unveiling cooking techniques and preparations. Not to mention, there’s no prior cooking experience needed to master these Italian dishes with the assistance of a culinary pro! The virtual cooking game also comes with a Zoom link, address form collection, and shipping insurance for all of the goods your participants will need.

Pair this online game show idea with: Cooking Trophy

Try it out here: Chopped Cooking Competition


7. Survivor

“Put your team to the test – virtual Survivor style!”

Test your teams’ skills and outlast each other in this virtual edition of a classic game show. Compete in virtual challenges, answer questions, and stay one step ahead of the competition to emerge as the victor!

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Try it out here: Survivor


8. Amazing Race

“Be taken on an adventure like no other!”

“Be taken on an adventure like no other!”

Step into the shoes of an international explorer from your own home and embark on a thrilling virtual race! Work together with your teammates to tackle obstacles, make daring detours, and solve clues as you journey across the globe.

Pair this online game show idea with: Yellow Tear-Strip Envelopes

Try it out here: Amazing Race


9. Time Machine Trivia Show

“Now it really is about what you know”


Trivia Time Machine is a remote trivia game for distributed teams to compete to answer questions ranging from politics to pop culture. Whether you have a handful of people or more than 1,000, this virtual trivia game can keep them entertained for hours!

The best part is that Outback’s proprietary app helps teams split up and prepare to compete against each other to see who the omniscient one is in the realm of world history, sports, and much more!

Pair this online game show idea with: Quiz Game Show Buzzer

Try it out here: Time Machine Trivia Show


10. Pyramid (Virtual Taboo)

“To leave nothing left unsaid”


Image Courtesy of ABC

Pyramid is the word-guessing game named after all the things people usually can’t quite say — the taboo things! Every participant gets to take their turn guessing the word at the top of each card without using any of the related words underneath. This virtual game show for work includes a Zoom link, a game organizer, a game link, and a customized invitation for participants.

Pair this online game show idea with: Taboo At Home

Try it out here: Pyramid (Virtual Taboo)

Blast From The Past #2: Join Dick Clark and the rest of the audience by checking out this clip of $25,000 Pyramid from 1983:


11. The Price is Right

“Big fun with big rewardsPrice-Is-Right

The Price is Right is the virtual version of its namesake show, in which multiple players bid on a prize. The goal is to guess the retail price and match your bid with that number. Next, the host reveals the prize’s price.

While you may not want to use the most extravagant items for this game, you could always use office supplies and other cool corporate swag gifts. In virtual The Price is Right, the participants simply need access to a Zoom link or another video conferencing platform, along with an enthusiastic host.

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Try it out here: The Price Is Right


12. The Chase

“Put your knowledge to the test!”

This virtual Jeopardy game show is a great way to challenge your team and put their knowledge of the company, the industry, and each other to the test. Hosted by virtual avatars, teams can answer questions — just like on the classic game show — and compete for top scores.

Pair this virtual game show with: Funko Pop!

🎥 Movie Buffs – “Test your movie trivia skills!”

🎸 80s Games – “Relive the 80s with virtual challenges!”

🧙🏻 Harry Potter – “Explore virtual Hogwarts and compete for the House Cup!”

👽 Star Wars – “Take your virtual game show adventure to a galaxy far, far away!”


13. Legends of The Hidden Temple

“Whip out your whip for this Indiana Jones-like escape room”

Legends of The Hidden Temple is a perfect blend of a scavenger hunt and an escape room game. Your in-person and remote employees can work together to find clues, solve riddles, and escape the hidden temple Indiana Jones-style before it collapses! At the start, the organizer explains the quest instructions and the backstory of this heart-racing adventure.

Then, the clock starts and teams try to answer each puzzle correctly and solve the mystery. The goal is to see how fast you can complete the virtual event, with the winner selected by the quickest time! Legends of The Hidden Temple comes with a Zoom link, a game link, a game show host, and a custom invitation for participants.

Pair this online game show idea with: Pendant of Life

Try it out here: Legends of The Hidden Temple


14. Minute To Win It

“Team building in a snap, chemistry with a pop”


Image Courtesy of

Minute To Win It is a fast-paced team building game composed of a series of even faster icebreaker games designed to maximize collaboration and chemistry! In this Zoom icebreaker game, your team can choose between 2 or 3 games and optimize them to match your specific team.

The best part about this large group virtual game is the fact that you get to play Shark Tank, Rogue Gallery, Speed Puzzler, and much more all at once!

Pair this online game show idea with: 15-Snack Box

Try it out here: Minute To Win It


15. Trivial Pursuit

“For the right to pursue trivia perfection”


Trivial Pursuit is a series of online team building activities. These virtual challenges are good for groups ranging in size from a handful of people to more than 1,000 and can keep them entertained for hours!

Virtual Trivia Pursuit combines physical, skill, mystery, and mental challenges that players can earn points by succeeding at. The team that answers the most trivia questions correctly and scores the most points wins, but every team will feel like they earned a W just by all the team bonding they’ve done!

Pair this online game show idea with: Vintage Game Show Set From 1993

Try it out here: Trivial Pursuit


16. Drunk History

“History through a different filter”

We’ve all sat through boring history lessons, but what if there was a much, much, much more interesting side of the story? A truth through another lens? Well, there is — a drunken lens! Drunk History is a retelling of obscure events of the past.

How was Coca-Cola’s secret formula created and what makes it so secret? What about James Naismith and those peach baskets at the YMCA? And what the heck were those wild Wright Brothers thinking they could fly like birds? With several hours of gameplay, this virtual happy hour game offers up more than a few laughs.

Pair this online game show idea with: 4-Bottle Cocktail Collection

Try it out here: Drunk History

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People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Game Shows

Q: What is a virtual game show?

  • A virtual game show is a game show that can be played online with a fairly large number of participants. The main goal of a virtual game show is to get everyone competing and having fun with one another regardless of whether or not they’re in-person or remote.

Q: How do you play virtual game shows?

  • The main thing when it comes to playing virtual game shows is that your teams know the rules, that they have the materials, and are excited to participate. While there are many ways to participate in virtual game shows, the most surefire way is to go through a platform that specializes in virtual game shows.

Q: What do you need to participate in a virtual game show?

  • Typically, you need a video conferencing platform, a link, materials, and pre-established rules to participate in a virtual game show.

Q: What are some good virtual game show prizes?

  • Some good virtual game show prizes can include anything from gift cards to custom swag.

Q: How much does it cost to host a virtual game show for your team?

  • A virtual game show can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the functionalities it offers.


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