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30 Essential HR Blogs Every Human Resources Professional Should Read For 2024

By July 12, 2023 April 26th, 2024 86 Comments


With so many amazing HR blogs out there (don’t forget newsletters!), even choosing which ones to read can be a time-consuming affair.

If you don’t have time, no big deal…we’ve picked some out for you!

P.S. Though it’s not a blog, Human Crapital is one of our favorite free resources that provides stellar content around HR related topics!

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About Our HR Blog Selections:

Some of the websites we listed might seem slightly outside the scope of HR, so we decided to include critical topics like employee engagement and company culture. These areas are becoming so important to the expanded role of the modern HR pro and what we believe is missing from other top HR blog lists.

Once you finish picking out your faves, consider rounding out your selections with a couple of business newsletters. We also recommend checking out Paychex if you are looking to further optimize your HR procedures and automate areas of administrative redundancies.


30 Best HR Blogs You’ll Want to Bookmark

1) NectarHR

Owner: Nectar is a 360 recognition & rewards platform designed to reinforce great work through meaningful appreciation – anytime, anywhere.

Favorite Post: 7 Strategies For Managing Remote Employees

What it’s all about: The Nectar Blog focuses on today’s most relevant HR topics including company culture, employee experience, employee recognition, employee engagement, and corporate wellness. Gain insight into the latest trends, especially those involving remote work culture and “the new normal”. 


2) The Bonusly Blog


Owner: The Recognition and Engagement experts at Bonusly

Favorite Post & Free Content Downloads:

What it’s all about: The Bonusly Blog is about sharing fresh perspectives and insights on employee engagement, recognition in the workplace, the employee experience, company culture, and employee rewards. Since their team counts thousands of organizations as happy customers, expect expert advice on building better workplaces. You’ll learn about a wide range of topics, from how to address high turnover to examples of employee recognition in action.


3) The Assembly Blog


Owner: Assembly is a free recognition and engagement platform that helps scale company culture.

Favorite Post: Embracing Telework: Building a Strong Culture with Your Remote Team

What it’s all about: The Assembly Blog provides unique takes on employee engagement and recognition in the digital world. They are focused on building out great content around company culture, employee feedback loops, culture gamification, employee retention strategies, and much more.


4) The SnackNation Blog

Primary Writers: Richard Fendler, Tyler Simpson, Emil Shour, Jeff Murphy, Ashley Bell

Favorite Post: Virtual Team Building Activities To Boost Remote Employee Morale

What it’s all about: Yes, we shamelessly included ourselves in this list. But let us explain! This blog proves even “non-traditional HR blogs” can still be important ones for people who work in HR. The SnackNation blog helps companies improve culture, explore new workplace wellness ideas, and increase employee engagement. So if you’re trying to make your office an environment where people are happy and healthy, you’ve landed in the right place!


5) Evil HR Lady

HR blogs_evilhrladyPrimary Writer: Suzanne Lucas (The Evil HR Lady)

Favorite Post: Is it Possible to be Too Smart?

What it’s all about: The Evil HR Lady and her blog are on a mission: to demystify the HR department and clear up your most pressing questions about what goes on in Human Resources. From payroll to discrimination, the Evil HR lady candidly answers everything you might be curious about. She even takes questions via email.


6) TINYpulse

tiny pulse blog

Editor: Andrew Sumitani, Sr. Director of Marketing for the TINYpulse blog

Favorite Post: The Practical Guide To Employee Engagement Drivers

What it’s all about: This company culture blog’s topics include employee retention, recruitment strategies, reviews, organizational culture, remote work, and even more. As an added bonus, this blog has a sense of humor, makes fun popular culture references, and touches on some subjects other HR blogs might be afraid to cover, like strange co-workers with quotes.


7) Namely Blog


Primary Writer: A team of HR, payroll, and benefits experts (and enthusiasts!)

Favorite Post: Your Guide to HR Career Paths

What it’s all about: Namely’s award-winning blog is the go-to resource for all things HR. From industry best practices to breaking compliance news, each article is designed to help HR professionals at all stages. With a dedicated team of HR thought leaders, the Namely blog has everything you need to build a better workplace.


8) Motivosity Blog

Primary Writer: The Happiness experts at Motivosity

Favorite Post: Why is Employee Happiness Important?

What it’s all about: Every list of HR blogs needs one that’s all about employees and their wellbeing. The Motivosity blog turns out employee-centric content from a fresh perspective, answering all of your most pressing questions about employee happiness and pumping out tons of amazing ideas you can easily implement in your office.


9) Clear Review Blog



Owner: Clear Review Blog

Favorite Post: Performance Management Trends

What it’s all about: The Clear Review blog is headed up by a team of human resources experts who value simplicity above all else. Dedicated to straightforward, jargon-free content, CEO and Founder of Clear Review, Stuart Hearn publishes regular posts on anything relating to performance management — including how to engage employees, how to avoid burnout, and the importance of great employee-employer relationships. They also publish a yearly post detailing the emerging performance management trends for the upcoming year.


10) The HR Capitalist

hr capitalist blog

Primary Writer: Kris Dunn, Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix

Favorite Post: DEEP THOUGHTS: Are Great Places to Work Holding Back Talent Development?

What it’s all about: While other HR blogs are all strategy, this one gets specific. In fact, HR Capitalist writer, Kris Dunn, says:

“My eyes get glossy when HR people start talking about being strategic without being specific.”

And that’s one of the reasons he started HR Capitalist—to build a community that turns strategic ideas into specific takeaways to benefit HR practitioners everywhere. 


11) Workology (formerly The Recruiter’s Lounge)




Primary Writer: Jessica Miller-Merrell, workplace technology, and HR anthropologist

Favorite Post: How to USE SEO Best Practices to Deepen Your Talent Pool

What it’s all about: Some of the best HR blogs focus on one topic…to help you become an expert on it. This one is all about recruiting, whether it’s job searching, sourcing, tactics, or technology. Each post explores the nebulous and constantly changing world of recruiting, so you can expect something new every time you land on the blog.


12) CareerPlug


Primary Writer: Natalie Morgan (Director of HR) and Desiree Echevarria (Content Marketing Manager)

Favorite Post: Ask a Hiring Expert: How to Build a Hiring Process

What it’s all about: The CareerPlug blog is focused on helping non-HR people hire better; we’re talking about anyone from small business owners to franchise operators to people who have never even heard the term “candidate experience” before. If hiring isn’t your primary job duty, CareerPlug is the blog for you. In fact, they require every one of their employees to become certified Hiring Experts so you don’t have to be. The advice they share is practical and actionable, all taken from their proven hiring playbook they’ve spent years perfecting.


13) The Harvard Business Review

HR blogs_hbr

Owner: Harvard Business School Publishing

Favorite Post: Yes, Short-Termism Really is a Problem

What it’s all about: While HBR isn’t technically a blog, it is a website publishing expert posts that anyone in business should read. This non-blog ended up on our best human resources blogs list because it epitomizes intelligent online discussions about business, including HR topics like generational issues and leadership development.


14) Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann

Primary Writer: The blog’s namesake, Laurie Ruettimann

Favorite Post: Open Office Environments Suck and HR Knows This

What it’s all about: Laurie Ruettimann isn’t afraid to share her expertise on HR, even if it’s not exactly what you want to hear. This blogger is always direct, fresh, and honest, and shares posts that really get you thinking about the way you work. Plus, with the range of topics she posts about, you’ll never be bored. One day it’s interview questions and the next day it could be writing a performance improvement plan.


15) EddyHR

eddy_screen_primary_logo_bluePrimary Writer: The HR-specific content team at EddyHR

Favorite Post: 10 SMART Goals for HR Professionals in 2021

What it’s all about: EddyHR is helping HR professionals explore new ideas and topics in human resources through a clear and concise voice. Their content is relevant to HR trends, topics, and issues, often providing comprehensive insight that helps readers understand more about HR. The blog features different categories users can sort through such as benefits, PTO, payroll, company culture, and other related topics, with key information that proves beneficial for readers within each post.


16) HR Bartender

HR bartenderPrimary Writer: Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant.

Favorite Post: How to Conduct a Job Analysis

What it’s all about: HR Bartender offers insights beyond traditional human resources topics, focusing on workplace-related subjects. The blog covers a wide range of popular subjects, including effective supervision and leadership, enhancing employee engagement, and valuable career advice. Lauby, the author, actively engages with readers, addressing their queries on various topics, from employee investigations to providing job references in interviews. The blog ensures regular content updates, with new posts published 3-4 times every week.


17) The Fond Blog



Primary Writer: Every post is a Fond team collaboration

Favorite Post: What Companies Don’t Get About Work-Life Integration

What it’s all about: This blog covers the latest in employee happiness. The Fond company is all about helping offices find ways to give their employees perks, and their blog naturally follows that progression with tons of ideas on employee happiness and engagement.


18) The Officevibe Blog

officevibe blog

Primary Writer: Content Team at Officevibe

Favorite Post: Working Dead: The Cost Of Low Employee Engagement

What it’s all about: This blog is all about achieving those good office vibes that everybody wants, but are often so hard to find. It covers employee engagement, company culture, performance reviews, and everything and anything else that influences the vibe of your office…using awesome illustrations and share-ready infographics. With a company goal of making workplaces better places, this blog produces more highly-focused content than many other blogs out there.


19)  The Employer Handbook

HR blogs_employer handbookPrimary Writer: Eric B. Meyer, Pennsylvania Employment Lawyer

Favorite Post: ADA and Accommodating Peanut Allergies at Work

What it’s all about: From accommodating peanut allergies to firing flatulent employees, this blog helps you navigate the legality of all of your tricky HR questions…and pushes the envelope. If you’re wondering what you legally may or may not do in sticky situations, this blog probably has an answer.


20) Bob Sutton Work Matters Blog


bob sutton work matters hr blogPrimary Writer: Bob Sutton, Stanford Professor and Author

Favorite Post: Bad is Stronger than Good: Why Eliminating the Negative is More Important than Accentuating the Positive

What it’s all about: This blog’s primary writer, Bob Sutton, is also the author of the bestselling book, The No Asshole Rule, which tackles workplace negativity head-on. Just like his book, Sutton writes this blog for business and HR leaders who want to examine the deepest issues lurking in their offices, and more importantly, do something about them. While other HR-focused blogs often revolve around the opinions of the writer, Sutton commits to an evidence-based approach to his advice.


21) Christopher in HR


Primary Writer: Christopher Demers, a.k.a. Christopher in HR

Favorite Post: Fired Up

What it’s all about: In addition to the usual topics on HR, Christopher writes about overall self-improvement habits that carry over to the workplace, no matter what your profession. If your office’s HR team sent daily inspirational emails, they would probably sound a lot like Christopher’s posts.


22) Insperity Blog


Owner: HR and business performance specialists from Insperity

Favorite Post: 4 Easy Steps to Creating the Company Culture Your Employees Crave  

What it’s all about: The Insperity blog has one main goal: to be a trusted provider of new ideas and business best practices for people creating, leading, and transforming businesses. Their blog posts provide in-depth HR advice from Insperity’s experts whose authority comes from careful analysis, study, and extensive industry experience. They cover a wide range of today’s most talked-about HR and business improvement topics and questions.


23) The Labor and Employment Law Blog

HR blogs_lelawblog

Owner: Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin Law Corporation

Favorite Post: EEOC Weighs in on Employer Wellness Programs

What it’s all about: While some of the other blogs mentioned here like to keep you entertained, The Labor and Employment Law blog just wants to make sure you’re well-informed about new laws and how they affect your work. But in the process of informing you, this blog is vastly entertaining, as it condenses the legal information you need to know into snackable blog posts. It’s hard to keep track of fast changes in laws, statutes, and regulations, but this blog makes it easier for you.


24) The Tim Sackett Project

tim sackett

Primary Writer: Tim Sackett

Favorite Post: Hiring Is About To Get Really Difficult!

What it’s all about: Tim, who was kind enough to share some wisdom on employee engagement with us, is a 20-year HR pro currently serving as President of HRU Technical Resources. He’s insanely knowledgable on recruiting and his writing style is very genuine. Plus he’s a pretty funny guy (he claims to be the “World’s foremost expert on Hugging” on his Twitter bio). This is one blog you MUST bookmark if you’re serious about HR.


25) Tiny Buddha

tiny buddha

Primary Writer: Lori Deschene, but to clarify through her own words “Though I run this site, it is not mine. It’s ours.”

Favorite Post: A Simple Process to Turn Fear into Power

What it’s all about: The Tiny Buddha blog is not specific to HR, but it makes it onto our list for one very good reason: every HR manager (and every person really) could use a little more zen and positive thinking in their lives. This blog gives readers a fabulous dose of mindful positive thinking…just what they need to manage a positive workforce.


26) The Workplace Psychology Blog

Steve Nguyen, Ph.D

Primary Writer: Steve Nguyen, Ph.D. Leadership and Talent Consultant

Favorite Post: 100 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for Managers and HR

What it’s all about: Dr. Nguyen’s blog digs deep into psychology to help readers understand and deal with what happens in their offices every day. The blog is split into three main focus areas:

  1. Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and how new theories can be applied in the workplace
  2. Occupational Health Psychology, and the general well-being of workers  
  3. Organizational Behavior, namely how people behave at work

They separate themselves from other HR blogs through their commitment to presenting scholarly information, and their promise to only cite the most credible sources.


27) engage  

HR blogs_engage

Owner: Powered by

Favorite Post: 23 employee motivation statistics to silence naysayers

What it’s all about: engage has a serious passion for employee engagement. So much so that their posts aim to make everyone else as passionate about employee engagement as they are. They cover benefits and perks, HR trends, wellness, and more.


28) WorkTango Blog


Primary Writer: Every post is a WorkTango team collaboration

Favorite Post: 9 Employee Retention Strategies that Actually Work

What it’s all about: WorkTango’s blog is all about the latest trends and best practices in employee engagement. Whether they’re covering the science of employee appreciation, tips for company goal setting, or first-day checklists for new hires, WorkTango offers actionable advice on a variety of HR topics.  


29) Culture Amp

cultureamp logo

Primary Writer: Culture Amp’s team of writers, People Scientists and other industry experts.

Favorite Post: 60 effective performance review phrases

What it’s all about: It’s a great time to be in Human Resources. As more HR leaders get a seat at the table and People and Culture become the catalyst to business success, everyone wins. The Culture Amp blog brings clarity to what it means to be a successful HR and People leader today with forward-focused content on employee engagement, performance, diversity and inclusion, well-being, and more.


30) upstartHR

Ben-Eubanks hr

Primary Writer: Ben Eubanks, HR professional

Favorite Post: How to Measure Recruiting Performance

What it’s all about: The tagline for upstartHR is “making HR better, one HR pro at a time,” and that’s exactly what every post aims to do. This blog covers ideas, tips, best practices, and even book reviews, and the author hopes that both new HR professionals and HR veterans will have plenty to take away from his blog. In short, each post will inspire you to keep your passion for HR going strong.


Bonus – 31) The Psychology Today Blog

HR blogs_psychologytoday

Primary Writer: Experts from all fields of psychology

Favorite Post: Avoid These Trust Diminishing Potholes at Work

What it’s all about: People skills are at the top of any HR manager’s skill set, and that’s why the Psychology Today blog lands on our list. Skip straight to the work section to find a treasure trove of posts that help you digest the latest psychological research, and use it to help get a little insight into why the people in your office do what they do.


Bonus – 34) RecogNation, the Baudville blog

HR blogs_recognation

Primary Writer: Allison, Baudville’s Senior Content Writer.

Favorite Post:  What Makes Your Team Fail? Three Strategies to Avoid Disaster

What it’s all about: What separates this blog from others in the pack? Passion, a hyper-personal voice, and some kick-ass employee recognition ideas. As far as HR blogs go, this one is about as close as you can get to sharing a cup of coffee with an HR expert. Allison, the primary writer for the blog, has a passion for sharing everything she’s learned in over 20 years of working in offices…and it shines through all of her posts.


Bonus – 35) Fistful of Talent

fistful of talent blog

Primary Writer: A powerhouse collaboration of HR leaders

Favorite Post: Cheering Foul Balls—Sometimes Effort Shouldn’t Count

What it’s all about: This blog brings all of the HR experts you may read on other blogs together to write a blog that….well, leaves out what you might read about in other Human Resources blogs. When recounting how the blog got started, FOT recalls the words of the original founders:

“We want to hire you to create a Talent Management blog for our new website. Like the HR Capitalist, but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.”

So basically, you’ll find lots of interesting insights and commentary on HR and workplace issues…but don’t expect to be bored.



To become a master of your craft, it pays to read from industry experts. These 30 HR blogs will help you stay on top of everything you need to know to be an HR rockstar.

Let us know which HR blogs you end up bookmarking (or already bookmark) in the comments below.


People Also Ask These Questions About HR Blogs

Q: How can HR blogs help me stay updated with industry trends and best practices?

  • A: HR blogs provide a valuable platform for staying updated on industry trends and best practices in HR. Through insightful articles, expert opinions, tool recommendations, and practical advice, these blogs offer a convenient and accessible way to stay informed, enhance your knowledge, and align your HR strategies with the latest developments in the field.

Q: Can HR blogs help me improve my HR skills and knowledge?

  • A: Absolutely! HR blogs serve as a valuable resource to enhance your HR skills and knowledge by offering practical tips, expert guidance, and in-depth insights on various HR topics, empowering you to stay ahead of industry trends, navigate challenges, and make informed decisions that contribute to your professional growth and success.

Q: Are there specific HR blogs that focus on a particular area of HR, such as recruitment or employee engagement?

  • A: Yes; there are specialized HR blogs and HR newsletters that cater to specific areas of HR, such as recruitment or employee engagement. These focused blogs offer targeted content, best practices, and industry software tailored to those particular aspects, providing valuable resources to enhance your expertise and effectiveness in those specific areas of HR.

Q: How can I engage with HR bloggers and other HR professionals through these blogs?

  • A: Engaging with HR bloggers and other HR professionals through HR blogs can be done in several ways. You can actively participate by leaving comments, asking questions, and sharing your insights on the blog posts. Additionally, many HR bloggers and professionals are active on social media platforms, where you can connect, join discussions, and build relationships with like-minded individuals in the HR community.

Q: Can HR blogs help me stay compliant with changing HR regulations?

  • A: HR blogs can play a crucial role in helping you stay compliant with changing HR regulations by providing up-to-date information, analysis of legal updates, and practical guidance on implementing compliance measures. They can serve as a reliable source of information and help you navigate the complex landscape of HR regulations, ensuring your organization remains in compliance and minimizes legal risks.


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