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19 Delectable Chocolate Corporate Gifts For Sending Sweetness

By December 6, 2022 March 5th, 2024

Willy Wonka gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the sugary secrets of chocolate making.

Forrest Gump taught us an abundance of life lessons at a bus stop as he shared his box-o-chocolates with passing strangers.

We are a cocoa-crazed culture.

Holidays, anniversaries, corporate milestones, first dates, and a million other memorable moments in life can be bookmarked by chocolate. It’s also front and center in our business gift-giving as well.

Chocolate Corporate Gifts

The best part of shopping for cocoa concoctions for the corporate crew? Chocolate always fits and never disappoints! Its sweetness leaves a lasting impression, whether it’s the holiday season, or just Tuesday.

So, go ahead and cancel your stressful shopping plans and empty all your other online carts. We’ve got everything you need for all your corporate gifting needs (and maybe a lil somethin-somethin for yourself), wrapped in chocolate, right here.

List of Chocolate Corporate Gift Ideas

1) Chocolate Truffle Tree

14 glorious ounces of Belgium’s finest chocolates, truffled and treed for your gifting pleasure. This chocolate gift features 14 1 oz. truffles in various dark, white, and milk chocolates, festively packaged, and perfect for your office gift list.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Their 100% sustainable sourcing practices support the cacao farming communities and farmers, as well as the planet. It’s a gift you can feel good about giving.

Price: $58.00

Where to find it: Chocolate Truffle Tree


2) Peace & Palm Trees Chocolate

While this box of chocolates is perfect for Secret Santas and stocking stuffers, it seems silly to wait for the holidays to share it. Share these four, individually-wrapped gourmet chocolate squares and balls, wrapped in peace and palm trees, with anyone in the office, any time of year.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Peace, palm trees, and premium chocolates are simple pleasures that can (and should) be enjoyed, year-round.

Price: $33.00

Where to find it: Peace & Palm Trees Chocolate


3) Penguin + Snowmen Chocolates

Chocolate trios of pepperminty penguins and eggnog snowmen. Each one of these sweet snacks is festively hand-painted and filled with a decadent ganache, for a doubly sweet treat.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: These confectionary cuties are the perfect way to unbox a smile, whether it’s been a rough day or just because.

Price: $43.00

Where to find it: Penguin + Snowmen Chocolates


4) Holiday Chocolates – 12 Piece

Not JUST chocolates! This chocolate lovers’ corporate gift boasts a dozen ganache-tastic varieties of gourmet greatness. Toffee pudding, toasted chestnut, and spiced caramel are just a few flavors of decadence, bursting from each thoughtful nugget.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Perfect for counting down the 12 Days of Christmas, or simply 12 tasty chances for your clients or coworkers to unplug and indulge.

Price: $74.00

Where to find it: Holiday Chocolates – 12 Piece


5) Treat Yo Elf Chocolate

For your colleagues who prefer the dark side… of chocolate, that is. Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, the dark chocolate, and sea-salted caramel bar is paired with an elfishly cute holiday card. This combo makes it so easy to send some holiday cheer.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Super thoughtful. Super sweet (literally). And under twenty bucks! This is the kind of employee gift that your entire team will enjoy.

Price: $16.00

Where to find it: Treat Yo Elf Chocolate


6) Floral Chocolate Set

Who says chocolate can’t be pretty? These beautiful bars are appealing to the eyes and tastebuds. Each gift set contains two bars, elegantly adorned with actual rose petals and strawberries, for a sweet and sophisticated experience.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: They’re almost too pretty to eat! Almost.

Price: $38.00

Where to find it: Floral Chocolate Set


7) Chocolate & Cocoa Sampler

It’s got sugar and spice, so everything’s nice about this sampler. Give the gift of a six-pack of savory hot cocoas in unique flavors like Horchata, mint, and cinnamon, pleasantly partnered with a sea salt and caramel chocolate bar.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Variety is the spice of life and this sampler offers a heaping assortment of sweetly spiced treats for the chocolate lover(s) on your team.

Price: $38.00

Where to find it: Chocolate & Cocoa Sampler


8) Holiday Nuts + Chocolates

Inside the elegantly adorned holiday tin, you’ll find a smorgasbord of sweets that puts sugarplums to shame. From toffee, taffy, and candy cane cups, to chocolate caramel balls and a nutty trail mix. There’s a little something for every type of sweet snacker on your list.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: It’s a heaping tin of holiday cheer for your coworkers to share… or not. No judgment, we promise.

Price: $53.00

Where to find it: Holiday Nuts + Chocolates


9) Thanksgiving Chocolate Card

When you think of Thanksgiving food, everything from turduckens and tofurkeys, to stuffing balls and sweet potato pie may activate your gratitude glands. But chocolate is great for any occasion or holiday, and this delightful duo delivers your thanks with taste and style.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: This card and chocolate team are a double dose of sweet thanks, perfect for your colleagues, clients, or corporate customers.

Price: $16.00

Where to find it: Thanksgiving Chocolate Card


10) De Lux Twilight Towers

Not deluxe. This corporate chocolate gift is “De… Lux!” Even the wrapping is super classy! And there are so many ways to customize it to ensure a “sweet and salty” or “sweet and sweeter” De Lux gift experience.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Not only are the contents customizable, but you can also wrap them in your brand colors and proudly present your company logo on the label.

Price: Around $50.00

Where to find it: De Lux Twilight Towers


11) Happy Birthday Chocolate

Salted caramel and dark chocolate go together as perfectly as puppies and… well… anything! Celebrate your coworkers with a dog-gone tasty treat and horn to toot because they’re that amazing.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: It’s a thoughtfully sweet and pawsitively adorable gift for your pup-loving peers.

Price: $16.00

Where to find it: Happy Birthday Chocolate


12) Dream Team Chocolate

You don’t have to wait for a holiday or milestone to let your A-Team know how much they’re valued. This affordable corporate gift includes a thoughtful card and some decadent dark chocolate to brighten your shining star’s day.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Don’t just tell your team you appreciate them. Say it with chocolate!

Price: $16.00

Where to find it: Dream Team Chocolate


13) Gourmet Nuts + Chocolate

The chocolate-covered nut has its own national day of recognition (February 25th, in case you want to mark your calendars). But celebrate anytime with almonds, cashews, toffees, and all three chocolate variations that make up this delectably sweet and savory gift for the snack master in your squad.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Classic combinations like these never go out of style. They just keep getting better. Plus, you get the variety that comes with a corporate gift basket so everyone at the office can enjoy something sweet!

Price: $50.00

Where to find it: Gourmet Nuts + Chocolate


14) Cookies + Chocolate Sauce

These ingeniously bite-sized cookies were designed for maximum individual indulgence. Each one pinches perfectly between a thumb and forefinger, making them ideal for delicately dipping (or aggressively dunking) in the rich, creamy chocolate sauce.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Move over, chips and dip. Cookies and dip are coming for ya!

Price: $62.00

Where to find it: Cookies + Chocolate Sauce


15) Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Also honored by their own national day (October 7th… go ahead… we’ll wait while you add that to your 2024 planner), this bow-tied box-o-chocolates contains a trio of treats, with customizable branding options. A dozen salty, crunchy snacks, draped in chocolate and yogurt, make a delectable corporate gift for your secret (and not-so-secret) Santa recipients.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Chocolate-covered pretzels are one of the oldest cocoa couples, dating back to 1544. This classic combination is simply one of our favorite sweet and salty pairings, period!

Price: Under $20.00

Where to find it: Chocolate Covered Pretzels


16) Chocolate Sauce Trio

This trio is perfect for dipping literally anything. Your colleagues will love the award-winning flavor options and the challenge of finding the perfect dipper for each one. The options are endless!

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: All three flavors are preservative and gluten-free, and are completely safe for those with nut allergies.

Price: $65.00

Where to find it: Chocolate Sauce Trio


17) Large Gourmet Chocolates

This assortment is ridiculous! Chocolate squares, pretzels, clusters, haystacks, snappers, and the list goes on. Two heaping pounds of cocoa-coated confections deliver plenty of pleasing options to your lucky giftee.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Two words… large and gourmet. Key ingredients of a fantastic chocolate corporate gift.

Price: $69.00

Where to find it: Large Gourmet Chocolates


18) Wine + Chocolate Pairing

Very few things in life pair as perfectly as wine and chocolate. This bulk corporate gift offers a dozen opportunities to test our theory. Complete with red, white, and rosé sommelier recommendations, your colleague will be balancing their tannins like a pro in no time.

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: Tuck a few wine samplers into their gift bag so they can simply unwrap and dive into their new vino variations.

Price: $74.00

Where to find it: Wine + Chocolate Pairing


19) Gourmet Chocolate Collection

Three dozen chocolate bites loaded with various pralines and ganaches, plus a 12-pack of truffles, and throw in a box of gourmet chocolate-covered almonds. What? Please excuse us as we drool quietly…

Why we love this corporate gift for chocolate lovers: There’s SO much to love! Your recipient will have plenty to share with the team, but we won’t be surprised if they decide to keep these gems all to themselves.

Price: $200

Where to find it: Gourmet Chocolate Collection



With chocolate, we bake into pastries, pies, and pancakes. We mix it with milk, ice cream, and alcohol. We form it into pumpkins, eggs, and trees to drop into various holiday gifts. Everything from chess boards and clothing, to Elton John and a 111.5 ft. long train have been impressively chocolatized over the years.

In other words… we looooooooove our chocolate.

And its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, the global consumption of chocolate will top 7.5 million tons, or 16 billion pounds.

The US comes in 9th place, not surprisingly behind Sweden and Switzerland. But we’re still downing an impressive average of 9.5 lbs. of chocolate, per person, each year.

Some of that may be related to the feel-good properties in chocolate like antioxidants, anandamide, and caffeine. But regardless of the reason, chocolate is clearly at the top of the “favorite foods” list across the globe.

People Also Ask These Questions About Chocolate Corporate Gifts

Q: What are some unique chocolate corporate gift ideas?

Q: What are the benefits of sending chocolate corporate gifts?

  • A: The benefits of sending chocolate corporate gifts are plentiful. Chocolate is a universal way to express your appreciation, say “Congratulations,” “Happy Holidays,” and every message in between. Chocolate also contains chemically-enhancing mood boosters that just make us feel good.

Q: How much should I pay for a chocolate corporate gift box?

  • A: A chocolate corporate gift box can cost you anywhere from $10 to $200, depending on the size of the gift, the variety of the contents, and the quality of the ingredients.

Q: Can I send chocolate corporate gifts in bulk?

  • A: You can definitely send corporate gifts in bulk. Cover the whole team or your entire workforce, simply and sweetly. You may even be able to score volume discounts for bulk orders.

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