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45 Best Holiday Gift Ideas To Deliver Thoughtful Appreciation (Your Holiday Gift Guide For 2024)

By July 27, 2021 March 29th, 2024

Holiday Gift Guide

The right holiday gift guide can be a map that leads you through the twists and turns of holiday shopping.

It can save your gifting reputation when you’ve forgotten someone or some holiday at exactly the wrong time. It can guide you in the right direction when just trying to think of gift ideas for everyone on your list leaves your brain scrambled and your stress levels spiked.

brian-resnickThe right holiday gift guide can help you “get it right,” ensuring that the objects you select also create strong memories. “That’s because they serve a critical function: They help us remember,” wrote Brian Resnick in Vox, explaining the sentimental importance of gifts.


We hope this is the holiday gift guide to help you find not only the best gifts in general but also the best gifts specifically for all the special people you want to please when the next holiday comes rolling around.

Browse now to get all your gift plans in order before most people even think about the season with our 45 best holiday gift ideas for 2024.

Holiday Gifts For The Office

Holiday gifts for the office include Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts, presents for other annual holidays, gadgets, goodies, and other treats that tell your managers, colleagues, and employees you appreciate all they’ve done for you over the last year.

1) Mindfulness Box


What it is: A box full of mindfulness essentials, such as a journal that encourages reflection and snacks that inspire the delicious habit of mindful eating.

Why we love this holiday gift: It delivers more than its contents; it helps recipients develop their meditative muscles and live each day with presence and awareness.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to get it: Mindfulness Box


2) Hygge Box


What it is: Everything you need to transform into a connoisseur of coziness. The soft socks, cute mug, soothing candle, and treats make it effortless to perfect your command of hygge, the Norwegian word for cozy that has become an aspirational lifestyle and home decor creed.

Why we love this holiday gift: Anyone can embody hygge at any time of year, but the warm fire-side moments that come along with holidays take the entire concept to festive new levels. (We also love thinking of it as another kind of housewarming gift you don’t need to reserve for brand-new homes.)

Price: $19

Where to get it: Hygge Box


3) Retro Waterproof Speaker


What it is: The speaker that proves you can have it all. It looks good. It sounds amazing. It’s durable, waterproof, and Bluetooth™ ready.

Why we love this holiday gift: Tech gifts like this make impressive standalone gifts or absolutely jaw-dropping stocking stuffers. This gift is impressive and compact enough to successfully fill either role.

Price: $37.49

Where to get it: Retro Waterproof Speaker

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Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

Holiday gifts for coworkers have the ability to warm hearts during holiday parties and also throughout the year. These gifts make statements ranging from “I’m so happy I know you so well” to “I can’t wait to get to know you even better.”

4) Personalized Charcuterie Boards


What it is: A serving showpiece any recipient will cherish for years. Handmade and personalized just for your recipient in your choice of styles. They’ll love using it to serve and slice their favorite treats during parties and even family movie nights.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s the perfect gift for both people you know well and people who’ve previously evaded all your most creative gifting ideas.

Price: $21.60+

Where to get it: Personalized Charcuterie Boards


5) California Wine Mixer


What it is: A set of mini sampling bottles fresh from California’s wine country. Wines include Game Theory Cabernet Sauvignon, Fortune Favors Chardonnay, and La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc.

Why we love it: It’s as close as you can get to a California wine tour in a box. Plus, it makes your holiday shopping deliciously simple. This set will please everyone from your co-worker to your in-laws.

Price: $65

Where to get it: California Wine Mixer


6) Portable Record Player


What it is: A record player with the quality vintage look and sound you crave that also comes ready to pack up and go anywhere you want to share quality music. It boasts a retro look but pairs well with modern technologies and speakers for listener convenience.

Why we love it: It’s a complete reimagining of “music on the go,” providing anyone tired of keeping all their music in their pocket with a whole different mobile listening experience.

Price: $65

Where to get it: Portable Record Player

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Bulk Holiday Gifts

Bulk holiday gifts give you the ability to find the perfect item and then send it to everyone on your gift list, usually with just a few clicks of a button. These great gifts represent the ultimate convenience for any gifter with a ton of people to shop for.

7) Fresh Start Box


What it is: Snacks and accessories anyone can use to regroup, get back on track, or just continue being awesome. Organize ambitions in a weekly planner, fuel up with better-for-you snacks, and maybe even grow some lavender while you’re at it.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s perfect for inspiring and bolstering New Year’s resolutions, providing just the focus people need after a long holiday season.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to get it: Fresh Start Box


8) Crewneck Sweater


What it is: A plush crewneck pullover ready to be embroidered with your own design. The personalization transforms it from a classic essential into a cozy one-of-a-kind piece with closet staying power.

Why we love this holiday gift: Everyone needs a go-to sweatshirt, and the customization on this one makes this style staple extra special.

Price: $38.68+

Where to get it: Crewneck Sweater


9) Karst Softcover Journal


What it is: A notebook with a waterproof vegan leather cover ready to display your custom design.

Why we love this holiday gift: A personalized cover adds style while the smooth, premium pages make writing pleasurable and practical.

Price: $19.07+

Where to get it: Karst Softcover Journal

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Business Holiday Gifts

Business holiday gifts usually have a more polished professional edge. They should be suitable for people you know only casually, therefore they’re often universally appealing.

10) Deluxe Charcuterie Board


What it is: The ultimate answer to every empty charcuterie board that ever existed. You get an absolute feast packed with beverages like tea and coffee, savory bites like caramelized onion crisps and gourmet salami, and sweet delicacies like goat milk caramels and key-lime cookies.

Why we love this holiday gift: People will love it whether you end up eating it slowly night by night or bust it all out at once for an epic holiday party.

Price: $250

Where to get it: Deluxe Charcuterie Board


11) Happy Hour Box


What it is: Happy hour fuel. This box features a snack sampler, cocktail kit, greeting cards, and icebreaker activities — everything you need to eat, drink, and connect.

Why we love this holiday gift: This care package helps happy hour enthusiasts maximize deliciousness and bonding.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to get it: Happy Hour Box


12) Dram


What it is: Have a small drink of whiskey while experiencing the concentrated enjoyment and appreciation of the entire bottle. This kit includes glasses, ice molds, reading materials, and syrup — all designed to maximize your whiskey enjoyment.

Why we love this holiday gift: It allows both whiskey lovers and new whiskey drinkers to tap into more flavors and nuances to savor and appreciate in their favorite whiskeys.

Price: $55

Where to get it: Dram

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Marketing & Agency Holiday Gifts

Marketing and agency holiday gifts come ready to ship, and often ready to customize.  Tech and tasty treats make popular options within this category.

13) Pebble 5000 Portable Charger


What it is: A pocket-sized charger with enough power to charge all your devices and that’s also ready to customize with your own logo or design.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s small, practical, and memorably branded, differentiating it from the other chargers one might find under the Christmas tree.

Price: $22.92

Where to get it: Pebble 5000 Portable Charger


14) Unplugged Box

Unplugged Box

What it is: A passage to relaxation. A soothing candle, snacks to savor, and other goodies present anyone with the tools and excuse they need to take a few moments off to regroup and restore.

Why we love this holiday gift: It provides a few minutes of quiet reflection, a rare and coveted luxury in our modern world.

Price: $64.95

Where to get it: Unplugged Box


15) Hot Cocoa Pack


What it is: A Christmas pack featuring customizable accessories for your next cozy cocoa happy hour. Grab the two matching personalized mugs and the canister filled with luscious hot chocolate mix to start your cocoa party anywhere and any time.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s not just about the stylish mugs and the delicious cocoa. While sharing the warming beverage with friends and loved ones, your recipients will also be making precious holiday memories.

Price: $38.25+

Where to get it: Hot Cocoa Pack

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Holiday Gift Baskets

Holiday gift baskets are single gifts that really contain many smaller and equally delightful gifts. They’re perfect for sending to groups or adding variety to ensure someone you don’t know very well gets something they like.

16) Gluten-Free Gift Basket


What it is: A gift basket bursting with treats that allow those on gluten-free diets, who so often feel restricted, to enjoy a stress-free feast of tasty treats like pomegranate hard candy, turkey jerky, cashew clusters, and even chocolate chip cookies.

Why we love this holiday gift: It gives those on restricted diets the priceless gift of forgetting their restrictions, knowing they can enjoy everything in the basket without worry.

Price: $74.99

Where to get it: Gluten-Free Gift Basket


17) Cutting Board Favorites Holiday Baskets


What it is: A festive holiday feast in a basket. This assortment includes a stylish and functional cutting board along with party-ready treats like bacon habanero bites, soppressata salami, and savory olives.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s a bountiful cornucopia of delicious and nourishing treats that harken back to the harvest days of yore.

Price: $129.95

Where to get it: Cutting Board Favorites Holiday Baskets


18) Healthy Holiday Gift Basket


What it is: A secret weapon for maintaining dietary balance in the midst of the sugar-rush holiday season. Raw cashews provide protein power, immunity tea keeps people feeling good, and a berry-packed granola bar offers fruit and fiber.

Why we love it: All the snacks help people maintain a foundation of wholesomeness amidst the decadence of holiday eating. Taking in the sustainable energy from these treats will help keep them fueled up for holiday fun.

Price: $99.99

Where to get it: Healthy Holiday Gift Basket

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Holiday Gifts Under $50

Holiday gifts under $50 provide wallet-friendly options for people working with low budgets or who have long lists of people to shop for.

19) Holidays Giving


What it is: A one-time or monthly subscription box packed with seasonal decor and goods that help create your best home for the holidays and also support small businesses and local artisans.

Why we love this holiday gift: Busy people often find themselves wanting and intending to decorate for the holidays, but time just slips by so fast. This box proves that just a few simple touches can create a rich holiday environment.

Price: $17.20

Where to get it: Holidays Giving


20) Cast Iron Skillet


What it is: An heirloom-worthy skillet made of pre-seasoned cast iron for ultimate durability and functionality. Use it to whip up everything from decadent holiday cakes to spicy fajitas.

Why we love this holiday gift: Everyone needs at least one cast-iron skillet, and because you can cook with it using everything from your stovetop at home to a roaring campfire, this gift will appeal to both homebodies and outdoor enthusiasts.

Price: $14.49+

Where to get it: Cast Iron Skillet


21) Chocolate Cookies Gift Box


What it is: Everyone’s favorite chocolate sandwich cookies, all dressed up for the holidays. Creme-filled cookies come wrapped up in even more chocolate and decorated with toppings, such as dried fruits and nuts, that are both gorgeous and delicious.

Why we love this holiday gift: Painstakingly decorated cookies are a holiday mainstay. This under $50 corporate gift is perfect for anyone who loves enjoying the sweets but hates logging the baking and decorating time.

Price: $25.99

Where to get it: Chocolate Cookies Gift Box

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Holiday Wine Gifts

Send holiday wine gifts for the wine lover on your list, the person who has a holiday party coming up, or the one considered the life of all your happy hours.

22) Sips + Snacks Box


What it is: Healthy packaged snacks inspired by your favorite charcuterie flavors, plus all the scrumptious alcoholic or non-alcoholic sips you need to wash everything down.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s basically a holiday party readiness kit. Just add good company, and recipients have everything they need for the fun to begin.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to get it: Sips + Snacks Box


23) Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret


What it is: An applause-worthy bottle of red wine wrapped in gold netting that will make anyone feel like royalty. Sweet plum and sharp anise make this Claret a flavor experience to savor slowly and mindfully.

Why we love this holiday gift: This can be your go-to bottle. It’s nuanced, yet appealing to a variety of palates. Plus, the gold netting means you don’t even have to fuss with additional gift wrap or gift bags.

Price: $18.69+

Where to get it: Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret


24) Pinot Noir


What it is: A showcase of the most appealing features of Pinot Noir. It’s sweet yet earthy, dark yet somehow fresh and full of flavor surprises that emerge with every sip you take.

Why we love this holiday gift: It makes a wonderful stand-alone treat but it also lends itself well for sharing at specific events, such as wine tastings or holiday parties.

Price: $45

Where to get it: Pinot Noir

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Holiday Food & Snack Gifts

These edible gifts are perfect for anyone on your list. Consumable, compact, and convenient, they often lend themselves well to last-minute gifting as well.

25) A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe


What it is: An edible way to say “thank you.” The box comes packed with sweet treats selected to show appreciation, including rosemary sea salt caramel, butter cookies, and southern-style dark chocolate and pecan toffee.

Why we love this holiday gift: Holidays are best served with bounty. This box provides a sweet feast that will last for days.

Price: $16.95

Where to get it: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe


26) Dulcet Holiday Gift Tin


What it is: A reusable tin packed with everyone’s favorite comfort food: brownies. Sample a selection of brownie flavors straight out of sugar-plum dreams. Chocolate cheese, chocolate fudge, and chocolate chip blondie and walnut flavors provide a sweet holiday escape.

Why we love this holiday gift: The perfectly shippable tin makes it easy to share some love-infused baked goods with faraway friends and loved ones.

Price: $45.95+

Where to get it: Dulcet Holiday Gift Tin


27) Super Snack Box

What it is: A massive selection of better-for-you snacks that are exciting and tasty enough to count as holiday treats but that also provide plenty of feel-good energy for holiday fun.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s a lifesaving thing to have around during all those holiday visits. Keep your guests energized with an assortment of snacks they’ll love sampling.

Price: $100+

Where to get it: Super Snack Box

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Luxury Holiday Gifts

Luxury holiday gifts make a statement. These gifts often consist of items most people may not select for themselves, things they wouldn’t consider necessities until they’ve gotten their hands on them.

28) Waterproof Picnic Blanket


What it is: A durable waterproof picnic blanket that is available in tons of stylish prints and rolls up into a neat tote to make picnicking anywhere absolutely effortless.

Why we love this holiday gift: Some people may not consider themselves picnic enthusiasts simply because they never had the right gear. This luxurious German blanket will show them the way.

Price: $111.26

Where to get it: Waterproof Picnic Blanket


29) Rime Donegal Knit Gloves


What it is: Gloves that perfectly balance durability, style, and function. They’re made from prized Donegal wool for coziness and warmth, and they feature cowhide leather palms for the perfect grip.

Why we love this holiday gift: They say warm hands make warm hearts. These gloves allow you to give both to the people on your list.

Price: $35

Where to get it: Rime Donegal Knit Gloves


30) VIP Basket


What it is: A sleek and reusable gift trunk packed with the wine, chocolate, and other luscious treats that sweet holiday escapes are made of.

Why we love this holiday gift: The presentation of the expert selection of indulgences makes this a show-stopping gift.

Price: $189.99

Where to get it: VIP Basket

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Personalized Holiday Gifts

Personalized holiday gifts come ready for your own creative touch, whether it’s engraving, a custom message, or personalized packaging.

31) Christmas Spa Gift Set


What it is: The bath and skincare products anyone needs to make even their daily grooming routine a festive occasion. They’ll get lost in the immersive fragrance of the candle, feel refreshed with help from the sugar scrub, and grow clean and restored with the goat-milk soap.

Why we love this holiday gift: It reminds and inspires people to take time out for self-care even during (or right after) the busy holiday season.

Price: $39.85

Where to get it: Christmas Spa Gift Set


32) Soul Gift Box

soul gift box

What it is: A one-time or monthly subscription gift packed with goodies, such as natural stones, designed for grounding and empowerment.

Why we love this holiday gift: The transitional holiday season is the perfect time for anyone to try tapping into new energies and exploring new possibilities. This box will be their guide.

Price: $34.00+

Where to get it: Soul Gift Box


33) Grilled Personal Pizza Maker


What it is: A super-premium pizza maker that helps you bake brick oven-style pizza right on your grill.

Why we love this holiday gift: Everyone loves a well-made pizza. This holiday gift is perfect for any time of the year whether they want to grill on a sunny day or warm up with a personal pizza on a winter night in.

Price: $35

Where to get it: Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

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Branded & Promotional Holiday Gifts

These holiday gifts come ready to order in bulk and have them printed en masse with custom colors, designs, and logos.

34) Tile Mate


What it is: A smart home device that will always be the one you can count on to know where you’ve left your important items. Pair it with anything important or frequently lost, such as keys or wallets, and your Tile and your smartphone will work together to stop you from misplacing things.

Why we love this holiday gift: It gives the gift of sanity and lowers stress. Anyone who’s ever spent even 15 frantic minutes looking for their keys will find this gift absolutely priceless. The addition of your branding or logo makes this gift even more special.

Price: $27.91+

Where to get it:  Tile Mate


35) Campfire Mug


What it is: An enamel mug that comes in tons of bright colors, all just waiting to serve as a backdrop to your own logo or design.

Why we love this holiday gift: Even non-campers can’t resist the rustic appeal of a classic camp mug, especially one that has been so thoughtfully customized.

Price: $27.91+

Where to get it: Campfire Mug


36) Long Jambys Pants


What it is: It is the unisex pant to rule all unisex pants. Cozy, breathable material makes these above-average sweatpants the ultimate all-season go-to and an essential work-from-home wardrobe staple.

Why we love this holiday gift: No one, especially people who work from home, can ever really have enough cozy pants. The addition of your custom design makes this pair one of a kind.

Price: $79.43+

Where to get it: Long Jambys Pants


37) Sparkling Mug


What it is: A super-shiny mug that sparkles as much as any of the baubles you’ve used to decorate your Christmas tree or home. Select the best glitzy color to make your custom design pop.

Why we love this holiday gift: Coffee lovers, tea lovers, and cocoa enthusiasts will all be floored by this beyond-festive vessel for their favorite beverages.

Price: $13.49+

Where to get it: Sparkling Mug


Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Last-minute holiday gifts ship fast and are often appropriate for practically anyone on your list. These gifts save the day when holiday shopping just slips your mind until it’s too late to spend much time browsing. Subscription boxes that will arrive at a later date also make perfect last-minute gifts.

38) Dried Fruit & Nuts


What it is: An assortment of the best of the best of nature’s gems: nuts and dried fruits. Succulent kiwi, papaya, dates, apricots and other Turkish fruits come displayed with a variety of nuts in a jaw-dropping gift box fit for holding precious gems.

Why we love this holiday gift: It features all of nature’s favorite holiday treats in a gorgeous holiday gift box that requires none of the additional wrapping or ribboning last-minute shoppers definitely don’t have time for.

Price: $23.99

Where to get it: Dried Fruit & Nuts


39) Holidayagram


What it is: A one-time or subscription box that comes with decor and accessories for creating the perfect holiday backdrops for family, couple, individual or pet pics for social channels.

Why we love this holiday gift: Holiday sweaters are wonderful, but these accessories give festive photos an extra-special edge.

Price: $37.33+

Where to get it: Holidayagram


40) Gourmet Hot Chocolate


What it is: An elevated hot chocolate experience in a box. It features a camp enamel mug, a canister of creamy instant cocoa mix, gourmet marshmallows, and melty soft butter cookies to savor in between sips.

Why we love this holiday gift: Many people love indulging in a little cocoa during the holiday season. This box allows them to do it with a gourmet edge.

Price: $45

Where to get it: Gourmet Hot Chocolate

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Experiential Holiday Gifts

Experiential holiday gifts provide recipients with unforgettable and rewarding memories. They can be relaxing, adventurous, or playful, but they almost always leave behind a strong impression.

41) Bath House Bliss


What it is: An experience gift that sends recipients into the warm luxurious arms of a bathhouse like the ones beloved by ancient civilizations.

Why we love this holiday gift: Warm steam and soothing scents have the power to transport, but when those things are combined with an out-of-home experience, their restorative powers are multiplied.

Price: Available on request

Where to get itBath House Bliss


42) Boom Box


What it is: An immersive trivia event themed around music. Participants will tackle challenging questions about albums, songs, lyrics, bands, and so much more.

Why we love this holiday gift: It’s the perfect thing for music lovers to enjoy with friends at a virtual event or virtual holiday party with coworkers.

Price: Sign up to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Boom Box


43) Sip Grapefully


What it is: Artisan home wine delivery that helps recipients learn how to taste and talk like a sommelier while wearing their cozy holiday pajamas if they wish.

Why we love this holiday gift: It provides the perfect transformative touch of at-home luxury those trying to lay low during and after the holidays will appreciate.

Price: Available on request

Where to get it: Sip Grapefully

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Holiday Gift Sets

Holiday gift sets are collections of items, usually unified by one theme. They often come packaged strategically to achieve that perfect holiday presentation.

44) Wellness Gift Set


What it is: A set of rejuvenating and restoring bath products perfect for both everyday grooming and also an at-home spa experience. Sea salt scrub, beeswax vapor rub, scented salve, and moisturizing shea butter soaps will make anyone feel brand new.

Why we love this holiday gift: It provides everything anyone needs to wash off their stress and feel like they’re getting a fresh start.

Price: $32

Where to get it: Wellness Gift Set


45) The Renew Care Package


What it is: Goodies are designed to recharge both devices and inner energy. A rubber-coated power bank comes along with cozy socks, a soothing candle, and an invigorating matcha latte mix.

Why we love this holiday gift: The holidays are fun, but they can also be draining. This pack allows anyone to reset.

Price: $67.60

Where to get it: The Renew Care Package


46) 4- Bottle Collection


What it is: 4 pre-mixed bottled cocktails of your choosing. Get the Celebration Collection to enjoy sips like the sweet Cosmo or the spicy Ginger Buck. Try out the Dutch Collection to get your fill of classic Negronis and Gin Martinis.

Why we love this holiday gift: It allows anyone, including anyone who doesn’t even own a cocktail shaker, to experience the luxury of enjoying a craft cocktail in the comfort of their own home.

Price: $80

Where to get it: 4- Bottle Collection

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People Also Ask These Questions About Holiday Gift Guide & Ideas

Q: What are some good holiday gift ideas for 2024?

  • A: Some good holiday gift ideas for 2024 include a personalized cutting board, a luxurious picnic blanket, and a customized mug. Find even more ideas here.

Q: Why is it important to send holiday gifts?

  • A: Holiday gifts are ways to communicate fond feelings to friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Gifts can enhance connections, solidify new friendships, demonstrate love or respect, spread goodwill and cheer, and even convey feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

Q: How much should I pay for a holiday gift?

  • A: Holiday gifts often cost anywhere from $20 to $80+. Consider your budget and how many people you must shop for to determine the best amount to spend on each recipient.

Q: How can I personalize a holiday gift?

  • A: Personalize a holiday gift by selecting one of the personalized or branded options in this gift guide and then following the vendor’s instructions.

Q: How do I choose a unique holiday gift?

  • A: Choose a truly unique holiday gift by selecting items with personalization and customization features.

Q: Are there any good holiday gifts for moms?

  • A: Yes, many items in this holiday gift guide, including premium wine or a bathhouse experience, would be perfect for any mom.

Q: How do I order a last-minute holiday gift?

  • A: Order a last-minute holiday gift by first checking the shipping time frame,s of any gifts you’re interested in to narrow down your list and find something perfect that also ships fast.

Q: Can I send holiday gifts to multiple addresses?

  • A: Yes, many of the vendors featured in this gift list can handle all the logistical aspects of shipping gifts to multiple addresses.

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