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14 Best Employee Onboarding Tools & New Hire Onboarding Software Platforms

By May 2, 2022 May 16th, 2024

Onboarding is an exciting, yet often, way too complicated process.

First, you’re typically dealing with a small mound of paperwork, a peppering of passwords, unfamiliar systems and applications, and the possible anxiety of navigating new social dynamics and office politics.

Have you been there before? 

If so, then you understand exactly why employee onboarding tools and new hire onboarding software matter.

“The average new hire onboarding process consists of 54 activities.” — Sapling Share on X

Staggering, right?

Fifty-four activities prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something’s gotta give when it comes to employee onboarding.

In a hurry? These are a few hand-picked tools for upgrading your recruiting and onboarding process:

Greenhouse 🔍 Find, interview, and hire quality candidates Visit Greenhouse
Wrike 📒 Build a robust employee onboarding playbook to promote learning from day one Visit Wrike
Deel 📑 Handle International payroll, benefits and taxes with one tool Visit Deel
Willo 📹 Screen candidates more efficiently with video interviews Visit Willo
Paychex ✈️ Put your HR on autopilot with a dedicated HR Manager Visit Paychex

Once again, that’s where employee onboarding tools and new hire onboarding software come into play.

With the right tools, your new hires will soar — and your HR and other departments will have a breeze getting them incorporated into the company culture and their workflow.

Best Employee Onboarding Tools & New Hire Onboarding Software

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of HR expert-vetted employee onboarding tools for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Check out this carefully curated list and find the perfect tool for your organization!

14 Best Employee Onboarding Software & Tools

1) Rippling

Rippling is the all-in-one payroll, IT, benefits, and HR solution. Instead of working in silos, Rippling connects your data and systems so you can automate tasks and reduce time spent on activities that can be handled by AI.

Best onboarding tool for: Workflow automotation


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: We love Rippling because, in about a minute and a half, you can set up new hires’ health insurance, payroll, work computer, 401K, and third-party apps.

Notable companies using Rippling:

  1.    M9 Solutions
  2.    Trash Butler
  3.    Compass Coffee

Standout features:

  •   Benefits record management
  •   User, role, and access management
  •   Self-service portal

Where to learn more: Rippling


2) Bonusly

Bonusly is an employee recognition, rewards, and survey platform that helps maximize the output and productivity of teams and ensures they will be deeply engaged. Boost retention and collaboration at every level and department of your organization.

Best onboarding tool for: Company culture

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Bonusly derives its name from the fact that every day working with this silky smooth platform is a bonus for you and your team.

Notable companies using Bonusly: 

  1.     Chobani
  2.     ZipRecruiter
  3.     Hulu

Standout features:

  • Set up custom rewards so your Bonusly experience fits your company culture
  • Peer-to-peer recognition makes it easy to shoutout anyone in your organization
  • Corporate discounts and rewards that suit any employee

Where to learn more: Bonusly


3) ClearCompany

ClearCompany helps companies identify, hire, engage, and retain top talent. This end-to-end talent management solution addresses all sections of the employee lifecycle through best practices and planning tools.

Best onboarding tool for: People management

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: We love ClearCompany because it was built for the sole purpose of making the onboarding process easier as well as the lives of new hires.

Notable companies that use ClearCompany:

  1.     Chick-Fil-A
  2.     Strata Information Group
  3.     Sagora Senior Living

Standout features:

  • Clearcut use, role, and access management
  • Easy-to-understand reporting and dashboards
  • Seamless applicant tracking and sourcing and candidate identification

Where to learn more: ClearCompany


4) Leapsome

Leapsome is about helping your organization take the next big leap through expertly made and curated training videos and articles. Companies are leveraging Leapsome to close the loop between employee engagement, performance management, and learning in the workplace.

Best onboarding tool for: LMS (Training videos and articles)

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Leapsome aligns every member of your team from their first day with your mission and empowers managers to lead new hires to perform at the highest level.

Notable companies using Leapsome:

  1. Spotify
  2. Northvolt
  3. Unity

Standout features: 

  •    Confidence level measurements
  •    Individual and team OKRs
  •    Public praise

Where to learn more: Leapsome


5) Bob

Bob is an out-of-the-box onboarding and performance management solution and an end-to-end HR suite. Easily set up pre-boarding workflows for new hires so they can complete the documents and get all of the paperwork out of the way!

Best onboarding tool for: Preboarding


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Bob can be leveraged by everyone from employees and managers to c-level executives. Part of the reason for this is that Bob’s interfaces make this employee onboarding tool feel like a social network where everyone is welcome!

Notable companies using Bob:

  1.    BigID
  2.    Kustomer
  3.    VaynerMedia

Standout features: 

  •    Payroll hub
  •    People analytics
  •    Time and attendance and checklists

Where to learn more: Bob


6) WorkTango

WorkTango is an employee experience platform designed to enhance performance, reinforce company culture, and increase recognition and feedback within your organization.

Best onboarding tool for: Introducing new employees to company/team

Kazoo SnackNation image

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Combining goals and OKRs, feedback and recognition, and incentives in one easy-to-use platform, your managers can go from just managing to thriving, and your employees can perform at their highest & happiest levels. WorkTango turns the modern workplace into a day-to-day celebration.

Notable companies using WorkTango:

  1.    Meredith
  2.    Kia
  3.    Allianz

Standout features:

  •  Employee segmenting
  •  Social feedback portal
  •  Corporate discounts and rewards

Where to learn more: WorkTango


7) is an open platform dedicated to giving your organization the tools, building blocks, and apps to improve every element of the business. Streamline your processes and maximize your efficiency.

Best onboarding tool for: Setting tasks and tracking new employee progress

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Get your team aligned with Between Monday marketer, Monday sales CRM, Monday dev, Monday projects, and Monday work management, your team has every tool they’ll need to crush the week!

Notable companies using

  1.    Canva
  2.    EA
  3.    NBC Universal

Standout features:

  • Their template center offers templates for any type of project
  • Built-in marketing tools to track and manage any campaign or project
  • Work management interfaces that allow employees to get anything done

Where to learn more:


8) Remote

Remote is the new standard for global benefits, compliance, HR, and payroll. This remote-centric solution is focused on helping organizations of all sizes become optimized and future-proofed.

Best onboarding tool for: Remote teams

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: We love this remote employee onboarding tool because it enables you to easily hire employees and contractors from anywhere in the world. Remote reduces the usual time you’d spend on onboarding and other HR activities as well as reducing the expenses associated with these efforts.

Notable companies that use Remote:

  1.    GitLab
  2.    Pento
  3.    Paystack

Standout features:

  • Contractor management
  • Elite IP protection
  • Payroll automation

Where to learn more: Remote


9) Caroo

Caroo is the modern day corporate gifting solution perfectly optimized for employee onboarding tools and new hire onboarding. This corporate employee care hub makes every stage of the corporate life cycle feel like the honeymoon phase.

Best onboarding tool for: Employee welcome kits


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: With carefully curated care packages suited for every occasion and employee type, Caroo can help you improve a sense of diversity, empathy, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace as well as fuel your employees with healthy, delicious snacks!

Notable companies that use Caroo:

  1.    InfuseMedia
  2.    Brown University
  3.    Centuri

Standout features:

  •    Expertly curated gifts and items from top brands
  •    Gifting portal makes ordering a breeze
  •    CarooSwaps lets you mix and match to create the care package that is just right

Where to learn more: Caroo


10) Bambee

Bambee simplifies HR for companies of all sizes. With a dedicated HR manager, you can coordinate with them directly to streamline your onboarding process and determine the correct order of operations for your employee lifecycle. That means you can dedicate more time to your new employee without having to constantly figure out what comes next.

Best onboarding tool for: Streamlining onboarding processes


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: The average full-time HR manager typically costs around $6,000 per month. Fortunately, Bambee solves that through affordable human resources help. In fact, Bambee is essentially a full-time HR consultant disguised as a software service. A dedicated HR manager at Bambee will contact you at a moment’s notice if you have a query. You’re never alone in handling your HR challenges or day-to-day with Bambee.

Notable companies that use Bambee:

  1.    AirBnB
  2.    HootSuite
  3.    GitHub

Standout features:

  • Business compliance indicators
  • Employee performance reports
  • Active corrective platform

Where to learn more: Bambee


11) SwagUp

SwagUp is an employee swag platform where you can easily create, automate, and distribute high-quality swag.

Best onboarding tool for: Company swag packs

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: This frictionless swag hub is all about creating impact and building stronger teams, deeper connections, and happier relationships with coworkers and employees alike. Every swag pack is perfectly packaged and masterfully curated to reflect your excitement to have these new superstar employees join your company!

Notable companies using SwagUp:

  1.   Walmart
  2.   Google
  3.   Square

Standout features:

  •  Inventory Management lets them hold onto your swag and ship it out when necessary
  •  Choose from Preset packs or make your own custom swag box
  • Their swag management dashboard streamlines everything so you don’t have to worry about organizing a “swag closet”

Where to learn more: SwagUp


12) Empuls

Empuls is an employee engagement software designed to make employee recognition, appreciation, and awards effortless. Additionally, this platform helps your organization measure and track feedback, gather eNPS scores, and set up and run pulse surveys.

Best onboarding tool for: Receiving feedback


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Empuls lets you choose from more than 20,000 digital gift cards and rewards and build a culture of appreciation through peer recognition. The reason more than 1,000 organizations globally use Empulse is that it increases work visibility and communication along with the aforementioned customizable rewards and culture-building.

Notable companies using Empuls:

  1.    Pepsi
  2.    Freshworks
  3.    Unzo

Standout features:

  • Employee pulse surveys
  • Custom surveys
  • Performance benchmarking

Where to learn more: Empuls


13) Sapling

Sapling is a people management platform designed to smooth out your internal processes. As its name suggests, Sapling is all about helping your organization grow!

Best onboarding tool for: Automation


Why we love this new hire onboarding software: Sapling automates your people workflows, starting with onboarding to offboarding and every activity in between. Office management has never been as easy as it is with Sapling supporting you. Forms libraries, e-forms, e-signatures, background checks, and offer letter approvals are just some of the many features Sapling boasts.

Notable companies that use Sapling:

  1.    Figma
  2.    AngelList
  3.    Warby Parker

Standout features:

  • Self-service portal
  • Compliance training
  • Time-to-productivity reporting

Where to learn more: Sapling


14) Freshworks

Freshworks enables businesses big, small, and everything in between to provide exceptional customer support via its full-fledged sales force automation solution. In addition to pursuing external leads, Freshworks can be used to give your recruiters a major boost in attracting qualified talent.

Best onboarding tool for: Recruiting

Why we love this new hire onboarding software: With Freshchat, your team can support customers and prospects wherever they are, including through mobile, web, social, and other messaging platforms. AI-powered insights can also help your team drive deals, streamline the sales and recruiting process, and nurture customer relationships.

Notable companies using Freshworks:

  1.   Fiverr
  2.    Bridgestone
  3.    Pearson

Standout features:

  •   Call logging so nothing slips through the cracks
  •   Appointment scheduling so new hires know exactly where to go
  •   Territory management

Where to learn more: Freshworks

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Onboarding Tools

Q: What are onboarding tools for employees?

  • Onboarding tools for employees are software and other programs that help companies welcome new employees to their team as well as make their employee onboarding experience more pleasant, easier, and better all-around.

Q: What kinds of software platforms should I use for employee onboarding? 

  • There are a variety of software platforms you could use for employee onboarding processes. It largely depends on the specific functions you are looking to cover. For instance, employee welcome kits might be your objective. If so, you want a management software or onboarding solution that facilitates employee welcome kits. Alternatively, if you want HR help, select an HR software to optimize your HR processes.

Q: Are there any good onboarding tools for startups? 

  • Yes, there are many good onboarding tools for startups. The key to finding the right onboarding tool for your startup is to consider what areas need improvement. Typically, startups require each team member to be quite adaptable and to “wear many hats,” so to speak. Because of this, you will probably want to find an onboarding tool that functions end-to-end.

Q: Which employee onboarding apps are useful?

  • Many employee onboarding apps are useful for a variety of reasons. It’s mostly just important that you figure out where your needs are as an organization. As long as the app improves an aspect of the onboarding experience, that’s a huge win.

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