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21 Best HR Software Platforms For Business In 2024

By January 24, 2022 April 17th, 2024


HR has always been a challenging, fun, complex, rewarding, and extremely vital role in any successful organization. However, with the workplace changing and work models shifting rapidly, being the best HR pro isn’t enough anymore — you also need to have the best HR tools.

“47% of companies will use AI-based solutions in human resources by 2022.” — Netsuite

Narrowing down the best HR software platforms can be tricky simply because there is no shortage of them and each platform services different needs. That’s why we went ahead and sorted through the top solutions and compared them with the help of our own HR experts.

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We’ve created a thoughtfully curated list of the best HR software platforms for business. Some of these solutions will help your company manage employee data, benefits, and payroll. Others will help you engage employees and reduce administrative time to give your HR team more time to focus on recruiting and culture building. But all of them will ultimately help your company unlock its peak potential.

Check out the list to find the perfect HR software platform for your company!

1) WorkTango

“Celebrate each other’s wins”


WorkTango is an employee engagement solution designed to create a positive workplace filled with high-performing, highly satisfied team members.

Why we love this HR software: Through conversations, feedback, and other collaboration channels, employees can encourage each other and smooth out any issues before they arise. WorkTango provides a support system so that HR responsibility is essentially insourced across a variety of departments across your organization.

Use this HR software to: Build rapport

Companies that use WorkTango:

  • Allianz
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Hitachi

Get started with WorkTango


2) Bonusly

“A bonus for any organization”


Bonusly is an employee incentive, survey, and recognition platform that helps companies keep employees engaged, satisfied, and ready to collaborate. Instead of simply having the CEO and managers give all the recognition, Bonusly puts the power in every employees’ hands to celebrate and reward each other.

Why we love this HR software: The best HR tools focus on proactive measures to achieve a positive workplace culture — that’s exactly what Bonusly provides through seamless interfaces and smooth gifting features and functionality.

Use this HR software to: Spread recognition around

Companies that use Bonusly:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Hulu
  • SurveyMonkey

Get started with Bonusly


3) Remote

“For hands-on HR from everywhere”


Remote is a globally distributed HR hub, enabling companies to operate above board and be fully compliant with payroll, salary stimulations, applicant tracking systems, managing benefits, and other administrative tasks.

Why we love this HR software: The best part about Remote is that it offers flexibility, speed, and affordability.

Use this HR software to: Execute HR tasks from anywhere

Companies that use Remote:

  • GitLab
  • Paystack
  • Secureframe

Get started with Remote


4) Motivosity

“For employee motivation”


Motivosity is an HR software solution designed to boost autonomy, collaboration, and management excellence — essentially, Motivosity works out the collaborative kinks for you and your team.

Why we love this HR software: Motivosity helps managers recognize wins, check their team dynamics, and help individual team members maximize their productivity and potential. This HR software helps your team succeed through weighted performance measures, performance management reviews, and eCards.

Use this HR software to: Boost collaboration

Companies that use Motivosity:

  • Smoothie King
  • Toyota
  • SalesRabbit

Get started with Motivosity


5) ClearCompany

“End-to-end recruiting solution”


ClearCompany optimizes every stage of the talent lifestyle by providing planning tools. This silky smooth HR software seamlessly manages to boost onboarding, hiring, goal alignment, performance management, and much more.

Why we love this HR software: ClearCompany offers sourcing, job posting, candidate management, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and heaps of other critical functionalities.

Use this HR software to: Reinforce recruiting efforts

Companies that use ClearCompany:

  • Halco
  • Axiom Bank
  • Goodwill

Get started with ClearCompany


6) Kudos

“For a job well done”


HR departments are asked to do a lot these days, from recruiting to dealing with culture problems as they arise and before. Kudos takes some of that burden off of HR pros as a peer-to-peer recognition platform.

Why we love this HR software: Kudos offers managerial tools like video messaging and recognition help, numerous integrations, and a high level of branding and customization. Additionally, your team will enjoy custom rewards, leaderboards, a rewards catalog, and much more.

Use this HR software to: Create a positive workplace

Companies that use Kudos:

  • Make A Wish
  • DHL Express

Get started with Kudos


7) Hoppier

“Hop into the future of HR”


Hoppier is an HR tool designed to boost virtual and hybrid event participation. Attendees are given virtual credit cards to pay for drinks, gifts, drinks, and food during the event.

Why we love this HR software: Virtual events are going to be a mainstay of the workplace of the future. Hoppier represents an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and to help HR master managing virtual events. Additionally, you can benefit from eCards, reward programs, and recognition tracking.

Use this HR software to: Throw successful virtual events

Companies that use Hoppier:

  • Philips
  • LinkedIn
  • Shopify

Get started with Hoppier


8) Rippling

“To experience positive rippling company-wide”


Rippling combines payroll, benefits, HR, and IT in one seamless platform. In less than a minute and a half, you can set up a new hire’s health insurance, payroll, work computer, 401k, and integrate third-party apps.

Why we love this HR software: The best part about Rippling is that it can be integrated with over 500 apps, giving it the ability to absorb the strongest elements of other platforms and apps.

Use this HR software to: Maximize your HR efforts

Companies that use Rippling:

  • Trash Butler
  • Open Door Legal
  • ClickUp

Get started with Rippling



“The Uber of resource management” is a top-notch employee retention tool that offers real-time insights, enps-boosting integrations and updates, and visibility into workflows and analytics.

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform also provides automation, time tracking, and timeline views.

Use this HR software to: Maximize workplace efficiency and productivity

Companies that use

  • Hulu
  • Adobe
  • Uber

Get started with


10) Bob

“For all workplace models”


Bob is an HR platform that reduces the complexity of people management and revolutionizes the work experience by boosting engagement, productivity, and positive culture.

Why we love this HR software: This enterprise HR software tool can be configured to suit an in-person, remote, or flexible workplace model. Bob optimizes performance management, onboarding, compensation management, and nearly all of your core HR processes.

Use this HR software to: Smooth out your HR processes

Companies that use Bob:

  • SmartRecruiters
  • VaynerMedia

Get started with Bob


11) Onpay

“For the fiscal side of HR”


Onpay automates tax filing and payment workflows, alleviating pressure off of both HR and accounting.

Why we love this HR software: Some of the other major features of Onpay include new hire reporting, automated payroll taxation, tax credit help, self-onboarding, and scheduled pay runs.

Use this HR software to: Keep HR and accounting aligned

Companies that use Onpay:

  • The Motley Fool
  • Fundera

Get started with Onpay


12) Nectar

“To sweeten the honeypot”


Nectar is a peer-to-peer reward and recognition solution that gives employees and coworkers the chance to celebrate each other’s successes with gifts from custom swag storefronts. Nectar also provides health and wellness programs.

Why we love this HR software: Nectar is an employee engagement solution for reinforcing company culture through dozens of integrations, including Slack, MS Teams, and many other compatible programs.

Use this HR software to: Give rewards and recognition

Companies that use Nectar:

  • Heineken
  • PropLogix
  • SHRM

Get started with Nectar


13) Caroo

“The premier employee care solution”


Caroo facilitates gifting and offers forms of showing employee appreciation. No matter your company’s size, Caroo can spread positive influence throughout your organization by providing care packages, gift boxes, and other unique items.

Why we love this HR software: Caroo offers everything from high-end gifts and better-for-you snacks to team-building activities delivered straight to the office or your employees’ homes. Plus, Caroo’s Concierge service will help you determine the right curation for your organization.

Use this HR software to: Improve your company culture

Companies that use Caroo:

  • Amazon
  • Accolade
  • Adverum Biotechnologies

Get started with Caroo


14) Outback Team Building

“For bringing coworkers closer”


Outback Team Building leverages team building activities to keep spirits, energy, and effort trending upwards in the workplace.

Why we love this HR software: This one-stop team building shop offers creative and fun team building activities and employee retention programs for organizations of all sizes, budgets, and employees possessing a wide variety of interests.

Use this HR software to: Rally your team

Companies that use Outback Team Building:

  • American Express
  • Deloitte
  • Starbucks

Get started with Outback Team Building


15) Assembly

“Where everyone feels valued”


Assembly is a real-time peer-to-peer recognition platform to set a positive tone so HR issues remain at a minimum and morale remains at a maximum.

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform allows you to create custom rewards for each employee so everyone gets special attention and nobody feels like just a number. Plus, the pricing is affordable.

Use this HR software to: Boost engagement and satisfaction

Companies that use Assembly:

  • Coca Cola
  • Perforce
  • HelloTeach

Get started with Assembly


16) CoAdvantage

“So everyone wins”


CoAdvantage is an HR solution designed to help small businesses remain focused on growth.

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform offers personal focus and expertise to improve benefits administration, payroll processing, employee development, and risk management.

Use this HR software to: Get serious HR assistance

Companies that use CoAdvantage:

  • Heineken
  • PropLogix
  • SHRM

Get started with CoAdvantage


17) Zenefits

“For big benefits”


Zenefits helps you manage benefits, salaries, payroll, and much more through its hassle-free proprietary platform.

Why we love this HR software: This all-in-one HR software platform streamlines PTO time tracking and onboarding and other essential HR functions in one place.

Use this HR software to: Give provide benefits

Companies that use Zenefits:

  • Strada
  • YLabs
  • Coney Island Prep

Get started with Zenefits


18) Confetti

“A parade for productivity”


Confetti is an end-to-end employee recognition and retention platform for improving productivity, satisfaction, and culture in the workplace. With on-the-spot bonuses and other non-monetary recognition available through the platform, employees are sure to stay around for longer.

Why we love this HR software: Every vendor on Confetti is carefully curated so that your employees can have the best experience possible via shippable experiences and games.

Use this HR software to: Give daily recognition

Companies that use Confetti:

  • Netflix
  • Google
  • Facebook

Get started with Confetti



“The top swag management solution” is the beginning of your journey for some of the coolest, most unique custom swag you’ll ever find.

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform makes it fun and simple to send employee swag boxes, promotional items, and customized gifts via its Swag Management Platform.

Use this HR software to: Personalize your employee rewards

Companies that use

  • Google
  • Indiana Pacers
  • TaskRabbit

Get started with


20) Bambee

“The comprehensive HR suite”


Bambee is essentially a dedicated HR manager rolled into one super effective software.

Why we love this HR software: With comprehensive HR audits, employee onboarding and terminations, HR compliant policies, HR guidance, staff training and development, and much more, your company will run smoothly and your HR department will have time to focus on higher leverage activities.

Use this HR software to: Make HR’s lives easier

Companies that use Bambee:

  • Stojo Projects
  • Knife Aid
  • Hank’s Bagels

Get started with Bambee


21) Freshworks

“For bringing in fresh talent”


Freshworks helps your organization hire, attract, and onboard new hires, manage employee info and time-off, and transition employees out or promote.

Why we love this HR software: Freshworks makes creating a career site, integrating multiple job boards, and promoting on social media platforms easy in one intuitive solution.

Use this HR software to: Recruit aggressively

Companies that use Freshworks:

  • Vice Media Group
  • Fiverr
  • Bridgestone

Get started with Freshworks


Bonus: Fond

“An HR solution your company will be fond of”


Fond facilitates discount programs and reward-giving. Teammates are able to create custom recognition events, access corporate discounts, and assess success from a deeply analytical, objective perspective.

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform boasts a refined dashboard with clearcut corporate incentives, ranging from travel and fitness to entertainment.

Use this HR software to: Create closeness in the workplace

Companies that use Fond:

  • Salesforce
  • Stanford Healthcare
  • Delta Dental

Get started with Fond


Bonus: SwagUp

“For seriously awesome swag”


SwagUp is the ultimate swag platform. In other words, it’s the swaggiest HR platform around!

Why we love this HR software: This HR software platform and talent management system offers a hyper-efficient way to design, automate, and distribute branded swag and custom gifts.

Use this HR software to: Boost company culture

Companies that use SwagUp:

  • Facebook
  • Newfront
  • Simpleray

Get started with SwagUp

People Also Ask These Questions About HR Software

Q: What should I look for when selecting HR software?

  • You should look for features that make the lives of HR experts easier when selecting HR software. Functionalities that automate payroll, benefits, and other tasks go a long way.

Q: Do HR software platforms offer free trials?

  • Yes, some HR software platforms do offer free trials.

Q: Are there any HR software platforms for small businesses?

  • Yes, many HR software platforms are designed especially for small businesses. If you are looking for some good options, explore SnackNation’s guide to HR software for small businesses.

Q: Can I use HR software for payroll?

  • Yes, many HR software automates payroll once you get it set up on the platform.

Q: What HR software tools are popular in 2024?

  • The most popular HR software tools account for the shifting dynamics of the workplace. Namely, the fact that the modern workplace is moving rapidly towards remote and flexible work models.

Q: How much does HR software cost?

  • HR software can cost a few dollars to several hundred or thousand dollars, depending on their business model, the size of your organization, and the functionalities you need available to your team.

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