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24 Best Holiday Gift Boxes For Employees, Clients & Business Teams To Spread Holiday Cheer This Year

By July 16, 2021 April 29th, 2022 No Comments

Best Holiday Gift Boxes For Employees, Clients & Business Teams

As great as the holidays are, giving out holiday gift boxes can add even more cheer to these special annual occasions. However, gift shopping isn’t always that easy.

Besides finding the right gift, you have to wrap them and worry about presentation.

On top of that, when it comes to sending holiday gift boxes for employees, you want to pick out something that’s unique, useful, and thoughtful. According to the workplace experts at TinyPulse,

“69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.”

While a box of chocolates, wine, gift cards, or swag are all fine gifts, there’s something even better — holiday gift boxes.

Part of the reason you can count on employees, clients, and teams loving them so much is that a gift box delivers on the promise of variety. After all, they say variety is the spice of life.

To find the best holiday gift boxes for your employees, clients & business teams, check out this list and spread holiday cheer!


  1   Holiday “Inspire” Box

What is in this holiday gift box? This inspiring snack box is packed full of top-notch goods, team building activities, and, of course, delectable snacks. The Inspire Box is designed to boost energy, morale, and the sense that the giftee is appreciated.

Why we love it: The Inspire Box comes with a variety of snacks like protein puffs, bean chips, ginger chews, drinkware, and productivity tools, which allow anyone who receives this box to make the most out of their workday!

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to find it: Holiday “Inspire” Box


  2   Barbox


What is in this holiday gift box? This 4-in-1 rustic wood mini bar toolset is a portable bartending kit. With a decorative box and a glass storage rack display, the Barbox also happens to look the part.

Why we love it: The Barbox is a 17-piece kit that comes with a bar mat, a 25 oz cocktail shaker, a cutting board, two-sided jiggers, a strainer, a muddler, and much, much more. This fun holiday gift set is a perfect option for Christmas parties, holiday office parties, and any occasion you’re looking to elevate the excitement.

Price: $99+

Where to find it: Barbox


  3   Hot Cocoa Pack

What is in this holiday gift box? While the Hot Cocoa Pack is a great holiday gift box idea for any occasion, it’s especially enjoyable during Christmas time and the winter season. This cozy, sweet gift is perfect for cuddling up under a blanket and watching movies!

Why we love it: This holiday gift box is an excellent way to send employees off for the holidays and let them know you care. The Hot Cocoa Pack includes greeting cards, a speckled cup, a cocoa sante 10 oz. hot chocolate canister, and a custom mailer box.

Price: $38.25

Where to find it: Hot Cocoa Pack


  4   Hygge Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Hygge Box is another great holiday gift idea for those who deserve a taste of the good life. This perfect-for Christmas gift box includes a pair of cotton wool knit socks, a speckled stainless steel campfire mug, an unscented block candle, a vegan leather travel journal, a pack of hand-crafted salted caramels, a wooden ornament, a tea kit with a variety of teas, and a personalized card.

Why we love it: Can you picture kicking back and having a holiday movie marathon? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another holiday, the Hygge Box will add a dose of self-care for the lucky recipient.

Price: $42

Where to find it: Hygge Box


  5   California Wine Mixer Gift Box

What is in this holiday gift box? Between refreshing sauvignon blanc, pale gold chardonnay, jammy yet mellow rose, sweet yet earthy pinot noir, savory-then-fruity syrah, and much more, your clients will feel like they’ve been literally wined and dined — in part because they have after getting this wine tasting box.

Why we love it: Nothing says holiday quite like a fancy wine tasting — and even better — it comes in a box! This California-tasting flight leads the giftee on a tour of the vineyards of California with the bold and bubbly flavors of the Golden State.

Price: $65

Where to find it: California Wine Mixer Gift Box


  6   New Puppy Box 

What is in this holiday gift box? The New Puppy Box includes a squeaky plush toy, an all-natural biscuit, a personalized bandana, a pet waste dispenser, a collapsible silicone dog bowl, and a tennis ball to play fetch with the goodest good boy or girl in the world.

Why we love it: This pet gift box is perfect for fur babies and gives the option of personalization so you can add their pet’s name and customize the font, as well as, determine the size of the bandana.

Price: $40.50

Where to find it: New Puppy Box


  7   Fitness Gift Box

What is in this holiday gift box? Depending on which size you choose, the Fitness Gift Box features a wide variety of items including mixed supplement samples or protein snacks, a sweat rag, hydrating face masks, mineral bath soaks, jump rope, protein powder, candles, water bottles, cooling fitness towels, and other fitness items.

Why we love it: The Fitness Gift Box is the perfect corporate gift box to help your employees, clients, and team members reach their New Year’s Resolutions.

Price: $23+

Where to find it: Fitness Gift Box


  8   Family Game Night

What is in this holiday gift box? Family Game Night comes with a small-batch caramel cheddar popcorn mix, a 1,000-piece eco-friendly family puzzle, a deck of playing cards made from recycled materials, and bite-size butter cookies.

Why we love it: This family-themed gift box is ideal for bonding with loved ones; however, Family Game Night can also be used as a team building gift box to bring coworkers closer together. Family Game Night also makes for a great baby shower gift for anyone with a growing family!

Price: $55

Where to find it: Family Game Night


  9   Concierge Custom Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Concierge Custom Box is the fully customized solution snacking solution put together with the assistance of HR experts.

Why we love it: This made-for-you employee experience solution is ideal for teams of 50 people or more. The Concierge is the perfect way to simply show you care. While it’s built with employees in mind, your clients will appreciate it just as much.

Price: See Caroo for custom pricing

Where to find it: Concierge Custom Box


  10   Guide to Whiskey

What is in this holiday gift box? The Guide to Whiskey is befitting of its name. Whether you’re a sipper or an on-the-rocks superfan, this A-Z whiskey guide can take your knowledge up a level or two.

Why we love it: The Guide to Whiskey teaches everything from proper storage, to whiskey differentiation, the do’s and don’t’s of pairings, and much more in this hardcover masterpiece. This alcohol-based gift also happens to make a great Father’s Day gift!

Price: $55

Where to find it: Guide to Whiskey


  11   Merry Christmas Spa Day

What is in this holiday gift box? Merry Christmas Spa Day features an organic bath bomb, organic bath salt, organic handmade soap made from all-natural ingredients such as geranium and grapefruit, a personalized greeting card, and a 100% preservative-free soy candle with apple cinnamon, amber and lavender, blackberry vanilla, blue sage and sea salt, lilac blossoms, lemon eucalyptus, lavender vanilla, lemongrass and lavender, firewood, fresh citrus grove, and Christmas scent profiles.

Why we love it: Merry Christmas Spa Day is an aroma-filled olfactory adventure made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils. All year long, your employees and clients have been working hard and now this is the chance to enjoy well-earned R&R thanks to you playing Santa. They’ll be more than happy to find this deluxe spa gift box under the Christmas tree.

Price: $29.95

Where to find it: Merry Christmas Spa Day


  12   Package of Cozy

What is in this holiday gift box? The Package of Cozy comes with hand-decorated wood coasters, a blind date with a book, a teacup, a package of exotic teas, bath salts, fragrant floral candles, a bundle of ground coffee, a satchel of rose petals, and a vial of something whimsical.

Why we love it: This self-care package for employees and coworkers provides a much-needed salve for the day-to-day stresses.

Price: $45

Where to find it: Package of Cozy


  13   Concentrate Coffee Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Concentrate Coffee Box features a cold brew iced coffee maker, a concrete desk set, and Bolivar Bitters.

Why we love it: A large-format carafe can brew 4-6 glasses of coffee or tea at once, which can last up to two weeks for slower drinkers. The desk set is perfect for the work-from-home crowd. And last but not least, the Bittercube is a dash of herbal and floral bitters to liven up coffee and cocktails alike.

Price: $55

Where to find it: Concentrate Coffee Box


  14   The Jubilee Pack

What is in this holiday gift box? The Jubilee Pack comes with greeting cards, a stemless tumbler, sour belt candy, holographic stickers, and other celebratory items for jubilant occasions!

Why we love it: Celebrating both big and small wins is essential for keeping the momentum and the good vibes going. The Jubilee Pack is just the holiday gift box for that.

Price: $40.44

Where to find it: The Jubilee Pack


  15   Pie Crust Cookies

What is in this holiday gift box? Pie Crust Cookies are the ultimate gift box for cookie lovers! This holiday cookie gift box comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate pie crust, apple pie crust, triple berry pie crust, and pecan pie crust.

Why we love it: Pecan Pie Crust Cookies give employees and clients something sweet and outrageously delicious to munch and crunch on for a long while, which ultimately means they’ll feel appreciated. Additionally, you could get this super sweet gift for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

Price: $40

Where to find it: Pie Crust Cookies


  16   Red Wine Gift Box

What is in this holiday gift box? This variety box of red wines ranges from jammy to the dry and fruity. Your vino lovers will never get tired of receiving this fun Bacchanalian holiday gift box.

Why we love it: The Red Wine Gift Box is the scarlet gift that keeps on giving. The maceration process of fermenting crushed grapes — skin and all — is what gives red wine its sophisticated flavor. Clients and teammates will thoroughly enjoy this luxury gift box. Besides, what other drink goes better with chestnuts roasted on an open fire?

Price: $45

Where to find it: Red Wine Gift Box


  17   Gourmet Bakery Gift Box

What is in this holiday gift box? Holiday parties aren’t complete without the Gourmet Bakery Gift Box. This assortment features lemon whoopee pie, chocolate whoopee pie, three brownies, a lemon cake, two crumb cakes, and a half-pound of regulach.

Why we love it: This reusable, elegant basket of baked goods is ideal for work promotions, anniversaries, employee appreciation day, maternity and paternity leave, and other holidays.

Price: $89.99

Where to find it: Gourmet Bakery Gift Box


  18   Amplify Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Amplify Box is packed with delicious, highly nutritious snacks; productivity tools; and stress-relieving goodies!

Why we love it: The Amplify Box supports black-founded, women-founded, and POC-founded brands by donating 5% of proceeds to nonprofits for positive change.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to find it: Amplify Box


  19   Grill Masters Club

What is in this holiday gift box? The Grill Masters Club comes with four grill master-approved BBQ products every month. Your soon-to-be grill master recipient will get spices, wood chips, sauces, rubs, grilling equipment, and much more to help them own the pit with authority.

Why we love it: This barbecue kit is the perfect gift for those classic cookout holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and July the Fourth! Every BBQ goodie included in the monthly subscription box is hand-selected by certified pitmasters to ensure smoky delicious grilling mastery.

Price: $24.99 / mo

Where to find it: Grill Masters Club


  20   Indulgent Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Indulgent Box includes a rosemary sea salt caramel cylinder, local raw honey, sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzel twists, an artisan-made hand-blown glass wine stopper, and a sea salt and toffee-infused chocolate bar.

Why we love it: In addition to all of the wonderful flavors, the Indulgent Box donates a portion of its profits to individuals with disabilities, youth overcoming traumatic gun violence experiences, and more.

Price: $64

Where to find it: Indulgent Box


  21   Holiday Staycation To Italy

What is in this holiday gift box? A trip to Italy? Si, si, si! For the sake of art and food and history, a Holiday Staycation To Italy is a must. This staycation gift box comes with travel postcards, wine charms, a Venetian mask soap bar, a fast talk Italian phrasebook from Lonely Planet, handmade pasta, spices, and many other items for both in and out of the kitchen. A wonderful addition to any virtual holiday party plans you may have this upcoming winter.

Why we love it: Your clients will love this virtual vacation gift box set because it’ll save them the time of needing to pack and fly across the ocean. Now they can indulge in the magic of Italy from their homes.

Price: $57.95

Where to find it: Holiday Staycation To Italy


  22   Icebreaker Box

What is in this holiday gift box? The Icebreaker Box is the perfect gift for onboarding new employees or for welcoming a new team member to the company. The largest of these Icebreaker Boxes comes with 150 nutritious snacks from a wide variety of super clean health food brands.

Why we love it: In addition to delicious snacks, many of these Icebreaker Boxes also feature team building activities and productivity tools to help employees thrive in the new world of flexible workplaces.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to find it: Icebreaker Box


  23   At-Home Pickle Kit

At Home Pickle Kit


What is in this holiday gift box? The At-Home Pickle Kit turns regular cucumbers into a vinegary treat. With an air-locked glass jar, a fermentation weight, and Celtic sea salt, the recipient of this foodie gift will be able to transform the cucumbers in salty brine.

Why we love it: In addition to the needed materials, the At-Home Pickle Kit also comes with recipes and step-by-step instructions for not only cucumbers but the keys to pickling any vegetable!

Price: $40

Where to find it: At-Home Pickle Kit


  24   Coffee And Vintage Book Club

What is in this holiday gift box? Bookishly’s Coffee & Vintage Book Club delivers a pre-loved vintage book and incredible ground coffee every month.

Why we love it: Coffee and book reading go hand-in-hand. In fact, this hobby is centuries-old for good reason. Coffee energizes your clients and coworkers as they become absolutely immersed in the story! On a related note, Coffee and Vintage is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Price: $13.89

Where to find it: Coffee And Vintage Book Club

Want to improve your employee appreciation program this year?


People Also Ask These Questions About Holiday Gift Boxes

Q: What should I put in a holiday gift box for my employees?

  • A holiday gift box for employees should contain items that make your employees feel valued and respected and will make their lives easier.

Q: Are there good holiday gift baskets to send to clients?

  • Yes, there are many good holiday gift baskets to send to clients. If you can find a custom client gifting solution, that’s even better.

Q: What generally goes into a holiday gift box for work?

  • A holiday gift box for work generally contains drinkware, snacks, productivity tools, and fun activities that the recipient can enjoy with coworkers, friends, and family.

Q: Should I send a Christmas gift box to each one of my employees?

  • Yes, employee appreciation and care are one of the most important factors for employee retention and wellbeing. A Christmas gift box is an easy way to demonstrate appreciation and care.

Q: What are some unique gift box ideas for the holiday season this year?

  • Some unique gift box ideas for the holiday season this year are any custom gift boxes, any themed gift boxes (such as an international theme), and luxury gift boxes.

Q: How much should I spend on each holiday gift box for my customers and clients?

  • The cost of the holiday gift box for customers and clients is not as important as what it contains and how it makes them feel. One of the smartest decisions you can make when it comes to determining how much to spend on each holiday gift box is to evaluate how important each client or customer is and to think about the return on investment.

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