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18 Team-Building Companies You Should Know About in 2020

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How can team-building companies make your life easier? 

We’re so glad you asked!

Just imagine this is your to-do list. (Or maybe it really is!)

  • Finish evaluation survey 
  • Download payroll report 
  • Format Powerpoint for tomorrow’s presentation 
  • Practice tomorrow’s presentation 
  • Create an office team-building strategy 
  • Complete supply inventory 
  • Reorder low supplies
  • Call vendors for conference 
  • Draft HR communications email 
  • Call top 5 job candidates to set up interview 

What’s the most alarming thing about this? Sure, it’s more stuff than anyone truly has time to do in a day, but we’re homing in on the “create an office team-building strategy” line item. 

Team building is an ongoing process—not just one line-item on a to-do list! 

We’re not blaming you. Clearly, you’re a very busy person. That’s why team-building companies can make your life easier while boosting teamwork at your company. 

Team-building companies can leverage their expertise, experience, and data toward the goal of enhancing teamwork. Plus, many companies focus on team-building exclusively, so they can dedicate serious time to giving team-building the attention it deserves. 

Keep reading to explore the team-building companies that can help you help employees work better together. 


Team-Building Company Spotlights 

These team-building companies leverage expertise, research, and years of hands-on experience toward the goal of helping your team work as cohesively as possible. 



1. The Go Game

Team-building events don’t plan themselves. Too often, the person or team responsible for planning events ends up missing out on the events. They’re running around making sure everything goes smoothly, they’re taking attendance and explaining rules, or they’re sitting quietly in a corner, exhausted from weeks of planning. 

Go Game allows companies to outsource planning team-building events. That way, everyone, and we mean everyone, can focus on having fun.

Use example: You know you want to plan a fun team-building event, something like a scavenger hunt or a game show. You Google how to pull this off and find a hefty list of logistical to-dos and equipment you need. Then you find Go Game, and you realize all your problems are solved. 

Best for: Busy teams who want the flexibility to engage in team-building any place and any time they want. 

Bragg points

  • Brainstorm brand-new event options with Go Game’s expert team 
  • Games incorporate mobile technology and years of production expertise

Why people love them:

These event experts work with you to bring you dream team-building event to life.

Here’s one client gushing about fantastic customer service: 

“Every interaction I had with the staff was outstanding. Everyone was energetic and knowledgeable. . . .”

2. Outback Team Building and Training 

When you want to remodel your office space, you take the work to expert contractors. When you need legal advice, you take your queries to a specialized law firm. So when you want to build a stronger team, why wouldn’t you take your goal to the team-building experts? 

The experts at Outback Team Building have worked with tons of teams and know exactly what yours needs to grow closer and work better together. Approach this company to receive a customized team-building proposal. 

Use Example: You notice that everyone on your team works well together, but you find there’s a special sauce, an alchemy if you will, that’s just missing. You approach Outback Team Building to get a team-building proposal that promises to take teamwork and inspiration to the next level.

Best for: Large, process-oriented teams 

Bragg points 

  • Customized proposals 
  • Flexible activity options 

Why people love them: 

They offer personalized training to boost engagement. 

Here’s a line from one of the company’s case studies

“Typically, training can be met with resistance…but Lyndon always makes it fascinating for our team. He’s extraordinarily dynamic, empathetic, really engaging, and an amazing listener. Each time we have him, he takes the time to understand the audience and direct the training for them. I think that’s really unique and special.”


3. WITS Team Building

The “WITS” in WITS Team Building actually stands for Workplace Interactive Team Building Seminars. Their philosophy puts an emphasis on fun. All their team-building events follow a tried-and-true approach that starts with laughter and ends with lasting memories of bonding,

Use Example: Performance in your unit has been amazing, but lately, you feel like noone is really having fun. You switch things up with team-building events from WITS. The laugher and smiles last for weeks. 

Best for: Solid teams looking for a good time 

Bragg points 

  • One-of-a-kind workshop format 
  • Nationwide service 

Why people love them: 

They get teammates interacting in valuable ways.

Here’s one glowing client testimonial

“I can’t express how great of an opportunity this was for me. It was extremely valuable in not only the content, but the team building and the chance to see the members of our group in person in a team atmosphere.” 



4. Museum Hack 

This company organizes team-building museum tours. And you get way more than just a tour. Museum Hack also plans icebreakers and side activities into your tour. Each activity is customized for the team, so the event will be something that suits your specific group and your company. 

Use Example: Everyone rolls their eyes when you bring up traditional team-building activities. But you know you have a few art and history buffs in residence. You try a team-building museum tour and everyone has a great time. 

Best for: Small, tight-knit teams

Bragg points: 

  • Customized tours 
  • Thoughtful icebreakers 

Why people love them: 

They provide invigorating, laughter-filled activities.  

You can take this customer’s word for it: 

“I’ve been going to the MET over the years and the the tour totally reframed how I saw the museum. The two hours were full of laughter and great games. Overall it left left us feeling inspired, re-charged and invigorated. I’m signing-up for more of these.”


5. The FruitFul Toolbox

This company brings Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviours tools into team-building training to give clients research-based bonding opportunities. 

Use Example: Your team is “anti-fluff.” They always want to see the source, the data behind the assumption, or the specific page number for your quote. You tell them you’ve found a team-building training based on organizational psychology principles. Everyone is on board. 

Best for: Teams filled with analytical people.

 Bragg points: 

  • Certification programs 
  • Robust support 

Why people love them: 

They offer personalized support. one customer said in a case study.

“The Fruitful Team developed and delivered a two-day custom certification program for trainers and HR partners in our organization,” “The team worked with us closely to make sure we were tracking to expectations. I would certainly recommend them to others.”


6. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity may be a nonprofit working to get everyone into a home, but they made it on our list of team-building companies because of their group volunteering opportunities

Habitat will cover all the details for your group volunteering adventure, and your team will bond as they do good deeds together. 

Use Example: Your team is full of idealists, and you want to find team-building events that leave them feeling fulfilled. You sign up for a group business partner volunteer opportunity with Habitat for Humanity, and no one can wait to get together to build housing for those in need.

Best for: Teams full of active, philanthropic employees 

Bragg points: 

  • Pre-planned jobs and tasks that match skill levels 



7. Experiential Learning

An Experiential Learning team kit comes with supplies, facilitator notes, and everything else you need to engage in 16 different activities at your team’s own pace. 

Research-backed methodology goes into each of this company’s training kits, so you know you’re getting the best out-of-the-box solution money can buy. 

Use Example: You’re a self-starter. You typically like to make and plan as many things as possible. However, the free team-building activity PDFs you’ve been finding online don’t quite meet your need. You find these all-in-one kits and love that you now have everything you need to take charge of team building right in the palm of your hand. 

Bragg points: 

  • Participant questionnaires 
  • Detailed facilitator guide 
  • Online database with extension materials 

Why people love them: 

They help people understand what makes a team. said one customer

“We use this on our Emerging Leaders program, a 4 day residential program, which bring together some of the top upcoming leaders from companies such as SAAB, Toyota, BHP, BMW, etc.,” “It has a tremendous dynamic in enabling people to see for themselves how teams work – or don’t! Fantastic tool, well worth it, and more than exceeds value for money.” 


Even More Team-Building Companies 

Can’t get enough team-building companies? We know your kind. (Hint: Because we’re the same kind!) Here are some other team-building companies to explore.



8. Odyssey Teams

  • What they do: Design programs (which they frequently evaluate and modify to maximize success) to help companies build better teams. Programs include Helping Hands, Playhouse Challenge, and Team Mosaic
  • Why people love them: “It is a great cause and a great program and the feedback that we received from the team far and away was that it was the best team building event they have ever participated in,” said one happy customer. “Not to forget the perspective, collaboration, and business aspects that were driven home as well. I heard “life changing” on several occasions! It was the perfect way to start out our meeting and really set the tone for what we wanted to accomplish. We all walked away better for it and I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm from this group as they left a meeting like this getting ready to go back and make a difference in their jobs, and their lives!”


9. Unicef USA

  • What they do: Provide the tools and platform teams need to plan a fundraising event for children while increasing team bonding. 
  • Why people love them: Feel-good bonding meets feel-good volunteering? What’s not to love? 


10. Six Seconds

  • What they do: Offer emotional intelligence training that enhances employees’ ability to collaborate. Training happens on an individual level, but everyone gets team-sized results. 
  • Why people love them: Building emotional intelligence benefits multiple areas of life, even beyond teamwork. 


11. American Red Cross 

  • What they do: Provide critical humanitarian services for disaster recovery. Their volunteer opportunities (in everything from disaster response to fundraising) organically promote team building  
  • Why people love them: Helping others in times of disaster brings people together like nothing else. 


12. Asemblr

  • What they do: Connect teams with a curated list of high-end experiences for team-building and lasting memories. 
  • Why people love them: Exciting activities in (sometimes) exotic locations bring team-building events to the vacation level. 



13. TeamBonding

  • What they do: Talk to clients about their team-building goals and build customized experiences. They even handle all the planning details. 
  • Why people love them: “We had a wonderful experience in our Do Good Bus,” says one customer. “It was very rewarding out of the routine to help others that have a need. The group at the horse rescue we worked at was also very kind and grateful of our help. The entire TeamBonding group was professional. Made my job as a planner that much easier and I was able to join the experience instead of having to help facilitate it.” 


14. American Hiking Society

  • What they do: Among other things, this group sponsors volunteer vacations that would make perfect team-building for outdoorsy groups. 
  • Why people love them: Outdoorsy athleticism and team bonding make an irresistible combination. 


15. Facet 5

  • What they do: Provide research-based personality profiles teams can use to understand each other and work better together. 
  • Why people love them: The individual-up approach to strong teams gives employees something to take away for the long term. 


16. Map Consulting

  • What they do: Provide comprehensive training experiences that give leaders and team members everything they need to improve long-term teamwork skills. 
  • Why people love them: “As a result of MAP’s follow-up after the program, with me and my boss, progress on balancing my personal production with time for developing other producers on my team is accelerating,” says one happy customer. “What’s more, my boss is much better informed for more effective, on-going coaching with me. Everybody wins!”


17. Firefly Team Events

  • What they do: Provide an extensive list of turnkey team-building experiences and “create-your-own” event options that lead to lots of fun and lots of bonding. 
  • Why people love them: Extensive choices help companies get something designed just for them. 


18. Work Ethic

  • What they do: Offer coaching and assessments designed to help groups of individuals working to bring out the unified team within. 
  • Why people love them: Leaving a training with applicable knowledge equals a team-building gift that keeps giving. 


Outside-the-Box: Alternatives to Team-Building Companies



Give these alternative team-building company ideas a try when you want to mix things up or target different skill-areas under the blanket of team unity. 

  • Contact a local psychologists
    • Psychologists, especially behavioral psychologists, know why we do the things we do, and they’re always on the hunt to learn more. Consider inviting psychology researchers in your area to do a teamwork exercise with your group. They can get fodder for potentially publishable research, and you can get personalized insights. 
    • If you’re not interested in participating in research, then you could contact local psychologists or therapists to see if they have ever considered working with office teams. 


  • Find a retired drill instructor 
      • Military drill instructors know a thing or two about getting multiple people to work as a unit. Maybe you don’t want to do a team bootcamp, but you could approach this person with some team goals and ask them to create light exercises and activities to bring your group closer. 


  • Retired athletic coaches 
    • Athletic coaches also know a thing or two about getting multiple people to work as a unit. Ask retired coaches if they would be interested in creating a mixed program of athletics, games, and old-fashioned bonding exercises. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of team building companies. Let us know what you think the comment section below!

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