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⭐ Wellness Wednesday Wonders: Crafting a Vibrant Workplace with 7 Tips for Success & 11 Inspiring Activities

By January 9, 2024 March 19th, 2024

If “hump day” at the office is still just another day at work, you’re doing Wednesdays wrong.

It would be a dream if every Wednesday was centered around self-care, positive thinking, and improving one’s overall health and well-being.

Who said it can’t be?!

Welcome to the ultimate Wellness Wednesday guide, your weekly resource for taking a pause from life’s busyness and focusing on activities, ideas, and practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

The Assist

Let’s get into the purpose and health benefits of practicing Wellness Wednesday at work.

What is Wellness Wednesday? 

Wellness wednesday

Wellness Wednesday started as a social media marketing trend but has gained popularity throughout Corporate America in recent years. At the office, it’s like a midweek recharge station, injecting some much-needed energy and self-care vibes into the workweek hustle. It’s a dedicated day each week when company leaders collectively agree to press the pause button on deadlines and spreadsheets and instead, focus on recharging their employees’ mental and physical batteries. 

Think of it as a workplace pact to swap out stress for serenity. Colleagues come together to participate in activities that address their mental well-being, physical health, and even financial wellness (because let’s face it… managing personal finances can be stressful too). It’s not your average “hump day” – it’s a chance for coworkers to bond over their wellness journeys.

Wellness Wednesday at work is a fantastic way of promoting a happy and healthy workforce. And with 52 Wednesdays in 2024, you’ll have 52 chances to apply these tips and tricks.

Ready to promote healthy habits, level up the self-care vibe, and nurture a healthy work-life balance across your workforce? Let’s go!


7 Tips For Creating A Successful Wellness Wednesday 

The Assist

We’re spilling all the tea on creating a Wellness Wednesday that’s not just good, but downright awesome. From easy-breezy activities to fostering some serious team spirit, these 7 tips will help you whip up a Wellness Wednesday plan that everyone will be talking about.

1. Creating a Wellness Culture 😁

In a 2023 study, less than 25% of employees surveyed said they felt that their employer supported their personal health and well-being. And sadly, this number is 50% less than what was reported before so this trend isn’t exactly going in the right direction. But it’s not a runaway train with a busted brake cable – this can be corrected.

To effectively nurture a culture of wellness at work, it’s important to make employee health a main focus, even amidst the daily grind. Fostering a culture of employee wellness is all about creating a work environment where employees feel supported in their overall health journey. It’s not just a trend, it’s a vibe, and it’s about making sure everyone in the office feels like the best version of themselves, one day of the week at a time.


2. Offer Diverse Wellness Activities ✌️

Spicing up work with a variety of wellness activities is like adding a burst of color to an otherwise greige office canvas. It’s more about celebrating our differences and offering a mix of activities, from midday meditation to virtual cooking classes. This diverse wellness menu ensures there’s something for everyone, turning the workplace into a vibrant potluck of good vibes.

Whether it’s a walking meeting, a lunchtime dance party, or a healthy eating workshop, embracing this smorgasbord of wellness activities creates a workplace culture where health isn’t a one-size-fits-all Happy Meal. It’s an open invitation for everyone to explore what makes them feel good, fostering a community that celebrates the diverse ways each individual finds a bit of “fresh air” in their workdays.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Check out our latest newsletter – Human Crapital – written for you HR pros trying to keep it all together.


3. Maintain a Consistent Schedule 📅

Establishing a reliable schedule for Wellness Wednesday at work means having a standing weekly date with your overall well-being – a predictable commitment that aligns your team members with a shared focus on self-care. It becomes a workplace tradition, providing a structured routine that everyone can not only embrace but look forward to. Adhering to a consistent Wellness Wednesday schedule fosters a sense of anticipation and makes physical, mental, and emotional health awareness an integral part of your collective work routine.


4. Accessible Location 📍

Location, location, location! The most important part of planning your Wellness Wednesday program is ensuring that everyone can attend. Whether it’s a cozy corner in the break room, an open area with a view, or a virtual space for remote team members, securing a convenient location sends a message that well-being is within everyone’s reach.

An accessible location isn’t just about physical proximity –  it’s about creating an inclusive space for your employees to fully embrace their mental health and emotional well-being. The goal is to make Wellness Wednesday activities as hassle-free as grabbing a cup of coffee, ensuring that everyone – no matter their role or workspace – can participate in the well-being festivities. Turn Wellness Wednesday into a workplace ritual that’s as familiar and accessible as the copy machine.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Start the New Year off right by eeeeaaaaassssing into your Wellness Wednesday routines.


5. Get Leadership Support

Convincing the bigwigs to embrace Wellness Wednesdays at work is a bit like scoring your friend’s Netflix password – it takes some charm and a solid pitch. Highlight the benefits, share real examples of effective wellness programs in other companies, drop subtle hints during meetings, or propose a midday stretch break to plant the seed.

Leadership support isn’t just about rubber-stamping the idea – getting them actively involved is the golden ticket. Encourage the bosses to lead by example, perhaps by joining a virtual meditation session or sharing their healthy lifestyle habits. When the higher-ups not only approve but actively participate, it sends a powerful message – Wellness Wednesday isn’t just an HR initiative – it’s being woven into the fabric of the company culture. Transforming the suits into yoga pant enthusiasts happens one Wellness Wednesday at a time.


6. Incorporate Flexibility 🧘

Flexibility is essential for making Wellness Wednesdays at work a hit. It’s like having a playlist that caters to everyone’s musical taste – some crave a power-packed workout, while others lean towards the zen life. By incorporating flexibility, the Wellness Wednesday menu becomes a smorgasbord of well-being options, from quick desk stretches for the busy bees to virtual cooking classes for culinary enthusiasts.

Think of it as a choose-your-own-wellness-goals-adventure. Whether someone vibes with a midday mindfulness break or prefers a virtual team hike, offering a mix of activities creates a diverse Wellness Wednesday, giving everyone the freedom to curate their own unique well-being experience.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying.” Your employee wellness plan is definitely worth trying.


7. Regularly Evaluate and Adjust

Keeping Wellness Wednesdays fresh involves ongoing fine-tuning. Regular check-ins are crucial – gather feedback to identify what wellness activities hit the right notes and which might need a remix. Being attuned to the collective vibe means staying ready to switch up the routine, whether that’s more desk yoga or less virtual meditation.

Wellness Wednesday isn’t one-size-fits-all, and team preferences may shift. Perhaps there’s a sudden interest in starting a lunchtime book club or a spontaneous urge for a team-wide step challenge. Regular evaluations and adjustments ensure the wellness lineup stays current and in sync with evolving team preferences.


Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Activities 

Ready to kick your Wellness Wednesday game up a notch?

We’ve got your back with 11 fresh and fun wellness ideas and activities to add a touch of self-care and stress management to your employees’ midweek routine. From desk-friendly stretches to virtual adventures, get ready to turn your hump day into a well-being wonderland!

1. Morning Mindfulness Session 🙏

Transform your Wednesday mornings at work into a zen zone with some refreshing mindfulness sessions. Kickstart the day with a virtual gathering for a calm and mind-centering session with The Assist’s Wellness Wednesday Newsletter. These morning sessions are the ultimate midweek mental boost but can easily extend to other healthy reading habits. The Assist also publishes an OG Tuesday Newsletter, Thirsty Thursday, and The Weekender editions as well. So, grab your virtual cushion, dial in, and let’s make every day an extension of Wellness Wednesday!

the assist become a better professional


2. Healthy Snack Workshops 🥕

Spice up your workday with a tasty twist by hosting healthy snack workshops for Wellness Wednesday! Imagine a virtual kitchen rendezvous where colleagues share quick, nutritious snack recipes that won’t just fuel their bodies but also satisfy their taste buds. Whip up a protein-packed smoothie, craft a colorful fruit salad, or master the art of guilt-free energy bites – at work! These workshops turn Wednesdays into a flavorful voyage to better snacking habits.


3. Virtual Fitness Class 💃

For a Wellness Wednesday at work that gets the team moving and grooving, why not dive into some physical activity? No need to change out of your comfy work-from-home attire. Just gather your colleagues on the virtual floor for a fun and empowering fitness webinar. Whether it’s a virtual dance party, a yoga class, or a quick HIIT workout, breaking a sweat together virtually adds some rhythm to everyone’s midweek routine, turning your typical Wednesday into a pulse-raising, team-building, hump day energizer!


4. Wellness Challenge 😴

Elevate your employees’ workweek with a touch of office rivalry via some simple but fun wellness challenges. Employees can come together – either in person or virtually – to tackle wellness-boosting competitions like turning daily strolls into a stand against heart disease with a step contest. Or making a collective effort to get hydrated with an 8-cup-a-day H2O challenge. Think of it as “competitive wellness” – these activities inject a healthy and enjoyable element of fun and motivation into your employees’ weekly routine. A bit of friendly competition can make healthier habits feel like a team sport!

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Physical activity isn’t just good for the body –  it’s an adrenaline-fueled brain booster too!


5. Digital Detox Challenge 📱

Why not break free from the daily digital deluge and embrace a digital detox for Wellness Wednesday? Just imagine… a day when notifications take a back seat, and screens are swapped out for face-to-face interactions. Whether it’s a lunchtime walk sans the smartphone or a meeting where laptops stay closed, a digital detox on Wellness Wednesday can be the perfect recharge, offering a break from the incessant alerts and making a few more midweek moments feel a bit more unplugged. Hit pause on the screens and create some analog connections for a change!


6. Outdoor Walking Group 🚶

Bring the great outdoors into the mix with some refreshing outdoor walking breaks. Instead of the usual stationary grind, your employees can step outside for a stroll, soak up some Vitamin D, and let the fresh air do what it does. It’s a simple way to shake off the midweek blues, get those steps in, and turn ordinary Wednesdays into a wellness-infused outdoor adventure.


7. Mindful Lunch Breaks 🎒

Switch up your employees’ midweek lunch routine with much-needed mindful breaks. Simple things like being able to savor their lunch without rushing and stepping away from the screens for a breath of fresh air can make all the difference. Some will opt for a peaceful lunch for one in the park, while others may prefer a virtual lunchtime mindfulness session with their colleagues. Either way, these intentional breaks can add a touch of serenity to your employees’ day, turning their lunch hour into a well-deserved mid-day pause.


8. DIY Stress Balls Station 🎾

Add a creative and playful touch to your midweek routine by setting up a DIY stress ball station. A table filled with balloons, flour, and originality, where your employees can craft their personalized stress relievers. They can squeeze away the midweek tension or simply indulge in a moment of creative distraction – either way, DIY stress balls are a hands-on way to unwind and add a bit of whimsy to your employees’ Wednesdays.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Perfection is simply an unattainable myth so focusing on effort instead of being perfect can help relieve stress and ease some of the pressure your employees place on themselves.


9. Workplace Massage Day 💆

Transform your employees’ midweek routine into a mini spa day by offering massages to help relax and unlock those knotted shoulders. Set up a designated area with massage chairs and maybe some calming essential oils for a professional masseur/masseuse to cast their phalange sorcery. A 15-minute shoulder and neck rub can be a game-changer!


10. Art Therapy Session 🎨

Infuse your Wellness Wednesdays with serenity and creativity by offering art therapy sessions. Invite your employees to immerse themselves in creative self-expression, whether it’s painting, dance, pottery, music, or some other form of artistic release. Art therapy has been proven to relieve stress and support our mental health and these sessions provide employees with a midweek cathartic escape. Seize this opportunity to offer your employees a weekly expressive experience they’ll look forward to.


11. Gratitude Journaling Workshop 📓

A gratitude journaling workshop lets your employees engage in relaxing writing sessions where they can come together weekly – armed with pens and positivity – to dive deeper into the art of gratitude. Everyone’s journey is different and so is their ability to express themselves. Jotting down their small victories and some positive affirmations turns Wellness Wednesday into a haven of gratuitous positivity.


People Also Ask These Questions About Wellness Wednesday

Q: How can organizations implement Wellness Wednesday initiatives for employees?

  • A: Organizations can implement Wellness Wednesday initiatives for employees by assessing what kind of programs their employees would like to see (aka would participate in), then establishing a consistent schedule and offering a variety of options to their workforce. If one option doesn’t get much attention, simply pivot and try another. Rinse and repeat.

Q: How can one participate in a Wellness Wednesday challenge?

  • A: One can participate in a Wellness Wednesday challenge by simply issuing the challenge! There’s no structure or official rules to Wellness Wednesday so if you or your employees come up with an idea that’s in alignment with your wellness intentions, it’s just a matter of communicating the challenge and the details to the rest of the employees.

Q: What are the benefits of incorporating Wellness Wednesday into a weekly routine?

  • A: Some benefits of incorporating Wellness Wednesday into a weekly routine are improved mental well-being, enhanced team bonding, and a boost in overall job satisfaction. Plus, it’s a simple yet effective strategy to keep everyone motivated and energized, ensuring a happier and healthier workplace.

Q: What role does employee feedback play in shaping the Wellness Wednesday program?

  • A: Employee feedback is the heartbeat of your Wellness Wednesday program. It’s like having continuous improvement conversations with your employees, which helps to fine-tune the activities and ensure you’re offering options to attract everyone.

Q: How can companies measure the success and impact of their Wellness Wednesday initiatives?

  • A: Companies can measure the success and impact of their Wellness Wednesday initiatives by tuning in to the collective vibes of the team. Regular surveys, feedback sessions, or a simple suggestion box can be your wellness barometers, helping you to understand what’s working and what needs a tweak.

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