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🏅5 Best Sendoso Alternatives to Upgrade Your Corporate Gifting Game [2024]

By June 17, 2024 July 12th, 2024

Article Overview: Looking to level up your corporate gifting game? If Sendoso isn’t quite hitting the mark for your sales and marketing teams, don’t sweat – this article will help you find fantastic alternatives that support a smoother corporate gifting process and make a bigger impact on your users and recipients.

Exploring Sendoso alternatives opens up a world of possibilities for your employees, clients, and customers alike.

Each of the popular gifting programs we’re spotlighting here offers something special, ensuring your corporate gifts leave a long-lasting impression with minimal hassle.

Oh… you’ve been a diehard Sendoso user for years? Understood! But, while we certainly appreciate your customer loyalty, does this mean you have to stay one?

Maybe you’ve grown tired of Sendoso’s (plentiful) fees, or the consistent inconsistencies in shipping estimates versus the actual charges that apply. Or perhaps your international gifting has picked up and you need a more diverse range of gift options to choose from. We got you!

We’re diving into the best alternatives to Sendoso that will eliminate these concerns and help you wow your clients and employees – near and far – with ease.

Are you ready to explore options that offer amazing features, better customization, and even more ways to make a lasting impression? Time to dig into some fabulous Sendoso alternatives and find your new favorite corporate gifting platform for spreading appreciation across your contact list!

But first things first…

Jump to the section for a deeper dive into the top Sendoso alternatives:

What is Sendoso?

Sendoso is a rather popular corporate gifting and direct mail platform that helps businesses send personalized gifts, branded swag, and unforgettable experiences to clients, prospects, and employees.

Sendoso makes it easy to create memorable moments that build business relationships and boost engagement, both inside and outside of your organization.

Whether you need to impress a potential client, celebrate your team, or re-engage with a drifting customer, this gifting service offers a wide range of options to make your corporate gifting experiences meaningful and memorable.


Best Sendoso Alternatives

1. Goody


Goody is a user-friendly corporate gifting platform that makes it super easy to send fun and thoughtful gifts to your employees, clients, customers – pretty much anyone, anywhere. With a wide variety of trendy and convenient options, Goody ensures your giftees will love their surprises without you having to stress over the details.

❤️ Why we love this Sendoso alternative: We love Goody as a Sendoso alternative because it combines simplicity with a fantastic selection of modern gifts and luxury experiences. Goody makes it a breeze to brighten anyone’s day with none of the usual hassle.

👉 Learn more

Check out the awesome selection of goodies on Goody’s Pride Month menu and make the summer of 2024 the best one yet!

🏅 Stand-out features:

  • Bulk Gifting – When you need to send gifts to the whole team or even the entire company, Goody makes it easy to manage multiple recipients. Simply upload a CSV of names and email addresses and they’ll handle the rest.
  • Brand Values – Goody intentionally curates gifts from socially impacting companies like LGBTQ+ supporters, as well as many minority and female-founded brands.
  • Fur Friends – It’s no secret that people love their pets and Goody offers an entire page of tasty treats and toys to help spoil your recipients’ furbabies.

🏆 Our top Goody picks:

a. Gift of Choice


Just as it sounds – your employees can choose any gift within the predetermined price range, or even add their own funds to snag something a little bigger.

b. Branded One Dozen Cookie Assortment

These addictive Cravory cookies come in a custom-branded gift box, loudly and proudly boasting your company logo.

c. JBL Go 3 Eco Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

With this rechargeable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, your employees can take their favorite podcasts or beats anywhere and enjoy them for five straight hours.

👉 Customer story:

“I love that when I send out gifts 1) it’s easy to find gifts 2) it’s easy for the recipient to swap out the gift if there is a better option more suited for them 3) it ships the products to them!” — Kathryn R. 

2. Stadium


Stadium is a great go-to for premium, personalized corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression. With a focus on quality and customization, it’s the perfect gifting platform for making your clients, employees, colleagues, and potential partners feel genuinely valued.

❤️ Why we love this Sendoso alternative: We love Stadium as a Sendoso alternative because its top-notch, customizable gifts make it easy to find items that make an impact and show your recipients how much you truly appreciate them. The quality and attention to detail ensure that every giftee feels rewarded and respected.

👉 Learn more

Get started for FREE today and see how Stadium gifts can positively shift the culture of your organization.

🏅 Stand-out features:

  • Custom Domain – Your company can receive its own unique domain where your recipients can browse your custom-curated catalog of physical gifts.
  • Peer-to-Peer Program – Promote 360° recognition with an effective peer-to-peer program that allows your employees to consistently recognize their colleagues for their mini-wins as well as their major milestones.
  • Stadium Wallet – You can preload your Wallet so there are always funds available, and earn free money in the process.

🏆 Our top Stadium picks:

a. Custom Corporate Gift Shop

This is your company’s very own store that you can stock with strategically curated products and branded merchandise, giving your shoppers plenty of options to choose from.

b. Automated Gifting Campaigns

These Campaigns are the secret to never overlooking another big moment in your employee lifecycle.

Automating milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries allows you to focus your attention on your business while letting your recipients know how much their big moment means to you too.

c. SnackMagic

SnackMagic LinkedIn Post

Take the time to thoughtfully hand select each bag, bar, and bottle they’ll receive in their snack box, or go with one of the fantastic theme boxes.

You can choose from fun options like breakfast, happy hour, wellness, and movie-themed snacks. Or check out the health-conscious boxes or value-based selections from women or minority-owned brands.

👉 Customer story:

“I love that I can allocate an amount of funds for everyone on my team and they get to choose exactly what they want for their own tastes! I also like that it supports people in various countries outside of US and Canada. For those not interested in snacks, they can choose from a number of other non-food options.” — Aaron D. 

3. is the ultimate online swag store for high-quality, customizable promotional products that really make your brand stand out. With a huge selection of trendy and practical items, makes it easy to customize gifts and create memorable branded swag that people will actually use.

❤️ Why we love this Sendoso alternative: We love as a Sendoso alternative because it offers an unbelievable variety of modern, customizable products that make your branding and gifting stand out in the sea of “stuff.”

The platform is super user-friendly, making it easy to find and design the perfect swag for any recipient and occasion. And the high-quality items ensure that your gifts are always unique and appreciated.

👉 Learn more

When you’re ready to impress with unforgettable gifts, check out and see how easy it is to make your clients and employees feel like one in a million.

🏅 Stand-out features:

  • Inventory Management – No need to clean out an old closet to store your goods – manages all your inventory, then brands and ships on demand. You can even activate the auto-replenish feature and ensure that you never run out of the most wanted gear in your swag shop.
  • Global Reach – Your gifts don’t need a passport to leave the country. can ship directly to clients and remote employees across the globe with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Automations – Why fuss with manual spreadsheets and calendar reminders to keep track of all “the things?” With, you can easily set up automations to handle the gifts for all your milestones, meeting follow-ups, virtual events, onboarding, and more.

🏆 Our top picks:

a. Swag in a Box

Shop from’s catalog of high-quality merchandise and create your own custom swag box, or choose from one of the uniquely themed or cost-conscious options they’ve already curated for you.

Your recipient will unbox a variety of branded goodies they can either wear or use, all crisply marred with your brand identity in mind.

b. 12 Oz. Cork Camper Mug


The Cork Camper Mug is double-walled and vacuum-insulated, so their coffee stays hot in the mornings and the rocks don’t dilute their whiskey in the evenings. It even comes in a variety of matte shades to match your giftee’s vibe.

c. Timbuk2 Eco Parkside 2.0 Backpack

This branded backpack makes a perfectly subtle and sensible option for an employee recognition gift, milestone reward, parting gift, and even welcoming this season’s interns. With plenty of pockets to secure all their necessities, it’s a great gift for the commute to anywhere.

👉 Customer story: is making the entire swag designing & buying process seamless. It took barely a minute to buy sweatshirts for our entire team, and they are the most popular swag we’ve ever had in the office.” — Ryan Krebs 

4. was created to help business owners and HR professionals manage and scale their employee appreciation efforts without spending hours maintaining manual records.

They focus on providing helpful information and digital gifting ideas for improving employee and customer engagement, while also offering high-quality gift experiences from a wide variety of vetted brands, guaranteed to delight customers, clients, and employees.

❤️ Why we love this Sendoso alternative: We love as a Sendoso alternative because it was designed based on gratitude. The founder’s grandfather once told him “Don’t take things for granted.

Being grateful is a state of mind,” and this remains the foundation of the platform. Boost your engagement by teaming up with the platform built on gratitude and genuine human values.

👉 Learn more

🏅 Stand-out features:

  • The Gift of Choice—Your recipient can browse the virtual aisles of your company store to find the gift that appeals most to them. What better way to ensure your gifts make a big impact and a lasting impression than letting them choose their own gifts (or gift cards)?
  • Personal Values Menu— offers a large selection of products from Black, LGBTQ, Veteran, Latino, AAPI, Indigenous, and Women-Owned brands. You can also shop for products that are Fairtrade Certified, produced with sustainable ingredients and processes, and those made in the USA.
  • Creative Services – You don’t have to do it all! Take a step back and let the creative team handle all the design and aesthetic-related details for your brand, then stock your virtual shelves with all the goods and gear that resonate best with your organizational vibe.

🏆 Our top picks:

a. Virtual Swag Closet

Your company store isn’t just for gifts. Your clients, customers, and employees can shop for the latest top-tier branded swag all year long from your Employee Swag Closet.

b. eGifting has designed collections of carefully curated products, perfect for a variety of milestones and momentous occasions. You can choose items from the à la carte list yourself or set a spending limit and allow your recipient to build their own cart.

c. Team Gifting

Sending gifts to hundreds or even thousands of recipients sounds like an all-day data entry marathon, but not with All you need is a list of names and email addresses to upload and they’ll take it from there.

👉 Customer story:

“Flexible, affordable, high quality products, responsive, superior customer service. They are the BEST..” — Kim User; SVP Global Client Services at IntouchCX 

5. Bonusly

Bonusly Platform

Bonusly is all about celebrating achievements, big or small, and boosting morale with personalized, meaningful rewards. It’s a fun and easy-to-use employee recognition platform that lets you reward your team members with points they can redeem for awesome gifts and experiences.

❤️ Why we love this Sendoso alternative: We love Bonusly as a Sendoso alternative because its points-based reward system adds a fun twist to employee recognition. It’s perfect for boosting morale and making every team member feel valued with personalized gifts and experiences, and it easily integrates with your existing tech stack, sliding seamlessly into your daily workflow.

👉 Learn more

🏅 Stand-out features:

  • Cash-Out Option – Of course, your recipients can always spend their points immediately or squirrel them away and let them add up to spend on a bigger reward. But with Bonusly, they can also transfer those points to their Paypal account or a Visa or Mastercard option, and turn them into cold, hard cash.
  • Custom Rewards – Branded gear doesn’t always hit the mark when rewarding employees – this is when your custom rewards make the starting lineup. Dish out some intangible rewards like additional time off or a one-on-one lunch with the President of the company to show your employees you’re listening.
  • Resource Hub – Bonusly stores all the templates and intelligent analytics your teams could ask for related to campaign performance, cultivating effective managers, building relationships, improving engagement, and boosting employee morale. It’s full of valuable insights and data-tracking tools to help your employees work smarter (and happier), not harder.

🏆 Our top Bonusly picks:

a. Peer-to-Peer Recognition


While it’s true that a simple “thank you” goes a long way, it goes even further when paired with points that turn into dollars. Give your employees the power to empower each other by recognizing their peers with points!

b. Employee Rewards

Bonusly shark tank rewards

Bonusly offers employee rewards from over 1200 brands, including some big names in fashion, food, and travel. Your employees can spend their rewards points on gift cards for places they really want, like Airbnb, Sephora, and H&M.

c. Automated Milestones

Bonusly will store all your employee milestones and dish out rewards that always fit and are always on time. It’s like the Instant Pot of perks because you can just ‘set it and forget it!’

👉 Customer story:

“It encourages everyone to contribute constructively and cultivates an atmosphere of gratitude. Because there is something for everyone in the rewards catalog, employees are motivated to work hard and enthusiastic about receiving bonuses.” — Haritha P.



Now that we’ve given you a little more dirt on these five fabulous options, you can see that there are some super attractive alternatives for Sendoso just waiting to be explored.

With a little research and a clear understanding of your company’s needs, you can easily find unique gifts for your customers, clients, and employees without sacrificing quality or cost.

People Also Ask These Questions About Sendoso Alternatives

Q: What makes for a good alternative to Sendoso for corporate gifts?

  • A: A few things that make for a good alternative to Sendoso for corporate gifts are platforms that offer a variety of gift options, simplified logistics, marketing campaigns, seamless integration with existing systems, and a user-friendly gifting process.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Sendoso alternative?

  • A: The benefits of using a Sendoso alternative may vary from one company to another. For one, finding an alternative gifting platform may result in cost savings, while for another, it could mean having a selection of products that better resonate with their brand.

Q: How do I choose the best Sendoso alternative?

  • A: To choose the best Sendoso alternative, start by doing a little research on what your company really needs. From there, this article has some great leads to narrow down the Googleverse options and help you make an informed decision so you can find the right platform to meet all your corporate gifting needs and promote business growth.

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