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🔎 12 Virtual Murder Mystery Games For Team Building In 2024

By February 19, 2024 April 19th, 2024

Who doesn’t love a good whodunnit? The murder, the characters, the clues, the twists and turns, and of course, the revelation of the killer at the end – murder mysteries have it all!

And if you’re searching for the perfect team-building activity for work, virtual murder mystery events are a spine-tinglingly fun way to encourage team collaboration and critical thinking.

I constantly remind people that crime isn’t solved by technology; it’s solved by people. – Patricia Cornwell Click To Tweet

Of course, technology helps, but mysteries are solved by people through the collection of evidence, interviewing suspects, and deductive reasoning. Using that framework to create an online murder mystery game allows your team to flex their amateur detective skills and work together to crack the case.

Whether you’re looking to host your own virtual or hybrid murder mystery event or looking to hire an outside company to host, murder mystery games help foster teamwork and a sense of camaraderie amongst the participants.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite virtual team building murder mystery events and how you can get started!

Virtual Murder Mystery Games, Activities & Ideas for Team Building

 1  Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party

Whether you’re searching for virtual event ideas or hybrid team-building event options, hosting a Murder Mystery Party with Confetti is the perfect fit!

Attendees simply join the Zoom link and the Confetti team will handle the rest. A group of professional actors will bring to life a riveting investigation by providing attendees with clues and riddles to unveil the truth behind a grizzly murder.

The adventure begins with an introduction to the experience, after which teams are then sent off into breakout rooms where they can interrogate the live actors, gather clues, and finally rejoin the main Zoom room to share who they think committed the crime.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that Confetti’s Murder Mystery Party provides the organizer with the option to select the murder backdrop of their choice. Options include Murder at River Crossing, Murder in La La Land, The Ryan Case of 1873, and Wrestle Rally ‘86.

Each option even has a fun trailer to help you decide which is the best fit for your team. Regardless of which adventure is selected, team building through sleuthing has never been so fun!

👉 Try this out! Customize your Confetti experience by providing the names of special guests you’d like to be included as part of the storyline.

🚀 Start here: Sign up for Confetti for FREE to customize your next murder mystery party


 2  Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Partner with Outback Team Building to host a phenomenal Virtual Clue Murder Mystery experience for your employees! Using your preferred video conferencing software and Outback’s proprietary app, your Outback facilitator will provide attendees with clues and case files that will help uncover the mystery of who murdered Neil Davidson.

This virtual murder mystery activity is an awesome way for your team to tap into their problem-solving skills and collaborate to successfully solve the case.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this team building activity encourages attendees to think critically and work together towards a common goal. We also love that Outback’s app provides a seamless experience from start to finish!

👉 Try this out! If you’d rather take the reins yourself, try the self-hosted option in which Outback provides you with a detailed instruction guide and 80 Virtual Clue Murder Mystery challenges.

🚀 Start here: Virtual Clue Murder Mystery


 3  Murder On The Mystery Express

Murder On The Mystery Express

Brought to you by the team-building pros at The Go Game, Murder on the Mystery Express is an escape room-style race against the clock in which attendees must work together to solve puzzles and uncover the murderer before time runs out.

The Go Game host will lead participants through a series of train cars that can only be unlocked by solving a challenge, encouraging everyone to work together as quickly as possible to make it to the engine room!

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this particular team-building activity is a timed effort that adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge for attendees!

👉 Try this out! Pair this activity with a snack or cocktail that would be served on a train ride.

🚀 Start here: Murder On The Mystery Express 


 4  Mean Queens Murder Mystery

Mean Queens Murder Mystery is another amazing online group game brought to you by the Confetti team!

In this mystery experience, a professional actor brings to life a story of a campus murder on Halloween. Participants will have the opportunity to interrogate several subjects, all of whom are performed by one talented actor. After sifting through the evidence gathered, attendees will provide an educated guess as to who they think is responsible for the dead co-ed.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this team building exercise is played in one virtual room, rather than in breakout rooms, making it the perfect fit for smaller teams.

👉 Try this out! Invite attendees to rock their alma mater or favorite college gear to get into character!

🚀 Start here: Sign up for Confetti to plan Mean Queens Murder Mystery


 5  Virtual Hollywood Murder Mystery

Virtual Hollywood Murder Mystery

From the experts at Outback Team Building, the Virtual Hollywood Murder Mystery experience will bring out the amateur detective in every participant! In this mystery, an actress has been found dead in her hotel room, and it’s up to your team to sift through the case files and photo evidence and interrogate potential suspects in hopes of tracking down the culprit.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love this activity for team building because it allows participants to put on their thinking caps and come up with plausible theories using their deductive skills.

👉 Try this out! Bring extra excitement into play by asking your team to dress up in their best classic Hollywood glam style!

🚀 Start here: Virtual Hollywood Murder Mystery 


 6  Werewolf


Werewolf, a character-based participation game led by Confetti, is an awesome opportunity for your team to work together and protect their village from a deadly, havoc-wreaking werewolf. In this game, one participant is selected by the host to be the Werewolf.

All other participants are then either provided with the identity of a villager or a villager with superpowers that will help them gather information and uncover the truth. In each round of gameplay, the villagers will vote on who they believe the werewolf is, and the werewolf will select one villager to kill.

The villagers must collaborate and think critically to unmask the werewolf before the third and final round of play.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this team-building exercise can be played again and again because the two games are the same! Participants never know if they’ll be the werewolf, a villager, or a villager with special powers, which keeps the experience fresh and exciting every time.

👉 Try this out! Werewolf is also the perfect virtual game night activity to play with family and friends, not just your coworkers.

🚀 Start here: Werewolf 


 7  Whodunnit


Whodunnit is a mobile app that brings a classic whodunnit murder mystery scenario right into the hands of participants. Simply have your attendees download the app, assign everyone a character to play, and let the sleuthing begin!

Through mingling with other players, obtaining clues, and making logical deductions, participants are tasked with identifying who among them committed murder.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: This exercise comes in a convenient iOS app format, making it a traditional whodunnit with a 21st-century spin.

👉 Try this out! Encourage your team to embrace their inner thespian by diving deep into their assigned character’s backstory and even dressing up for the occasion! Another fun way to personalize the experience is to have everyone change their Zoom background to match the chosen Whodunnit murder mystery theme.

🚀 Start here: Whodunnit


 8  DIY Detective Adventure

If you’d rather not partner with a team-building company, you can organize a fun virtual murder mystery game alone! Hosting a DIY Detective Adventure puts the storytelling power in your hands. For this activity, create your very own murder mystery storyline and assign team members to portray the various characters involved.

Participants can then hop on a Zoom call or your preferred video conferencing tool to present clues, obtain alibis, and eventually uncover the truth behind the murder plot.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this online team-building activity can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be! Depending on the timing and resources available, you can create a straightforward storyline or one filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

👉 Try this out! You know your team members best, right? When assigning characters for participants to play, try matching role assignments with team members’ personalities and strengths.

🚀 Start here: Start by deciding if you’d like to include a fun theme, such as a 1920s speakeasy, for your DIY Detective Adventure.


 9  Interactive Movie Night Murder Mystery

Hosting an interactive movie night murder mystery is another awesome idea for a virtual team-building game! For this activity, select a murder mystery movie that participants haven’t seen and then gather everyone, either virtually or IRL, to watch the movie in real time together. Throughout the film, pause at crucial moments to chat through theories and clues and hopefully solve the mystery before the film concludes.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love this activity for team building because it works great for smaller teams looking for a fun yet intriguing team bonding experience.

👉 Try this out! If hosting an in-person event, consider creating a fun office activity by renting a projector and popcorn machine to bring the magic of movies into the workplace.

🚀 Start here: Start by selecting a few film options and narrow down your final selection based on team feedback.


 10  Murder Mystery Podcast Series

Murder mysteries and true crime podcasts are more popular than ever before! Think of this activity as a spine-tingling twist on your classic office book club. Instead of a book, select a murder mystery podcast series for your team to listen to and then come together periodically to discuss the clues revealed in each podcast episode.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this activity provides team members with a forum to share their thoughts, construct theories, and bond over a common interest.

👉 Try this out! Consider selecting a podcast series that has a related film adaptation or documentary that the team can watch together as an added bonus.

🚀 Start here: Start by deciding which murder mystery podcast series you want to explore with your team.


 11  Hollywood Homicide

In Hollywood Homicide, Hollywood glam meets murder mystery whodunnit resulting in an unforgettable online team bonding experience. For this activity, create a murder mystery set in the golden age of Hollywood where participants play assigned roles ranging from famous actors, directors, and other film industry titans.

When a murder occurs at one of their glamorous Hollywood parties, it’s up to attendees to gather clues and track down the killer.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love that this activity brings classic Hollywood to life by incorporating famous actors into the plot.

👉 Try this out! Try incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt into your Hollywood Homicide activity!

🚀 Start here: Start by creating a list of famous classic Hollywood actors and directors and a list of classic films from which you could potentially draw movie trivia hints and clues.


 12  Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Hosting a virtual murder mystery dinner party is a tasty and exciting way to bring your team together! In this murder mystery activity, clues and discussions are paired with themed snacks and drinks to create a multi-sensory experience.

Task each participant with preparing a delectable treat and dressing in character to get into the spirit of the activity.

❤️ Why we love this for team building: We love this activity for team building because it encourages team members to bring their unique flair to the table.

👉 Try this out!: Create a themed cocktail or mocktail for the evening and send the ingredients directly to all participants.

🚀 Start here: Start by deciding the key moments in your murder mystery plot and identifying opportunities to incorporate themed snacks and drinks.


How to Host A Successful Virtual Murder Mystery Party for Team Building

✅ Step 1 – Decide if you want to organize and host a virtual murder mystery party on your own or if you’d rather partner with a professional team-building company.

✅ Step 2 – If leveraging an outside company, be sure to do your research and find an option that best fits your budget and needs.

✅ Step 3 – If you opt to lead the activity yourself, then either download a murder mystery tutorial or create your murder mystery storyline. In preparation, ensure you understand the flow of events, assign parts, and select the killer’s identity.

✅ Step 4 – Send out event invitations and include a detailed description of the experience, including a clear outline of expectations for the participants.

✅ Step 5 – Have fun! If you’re hosting the session, lead with energy and enthusiasm. If an outside party is hosting, enjoy the virtual murder mystery experience they’ve crafted!

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Murder Mystery for Team Building

Q: What are the benefits of hosting a virtual murder mystery for team building?

  • A: The benefits of hosting a virtual murder mystery for team building include encouraging collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creating connections. If you’re looking for employee engagement ideas, a virtual murder mystery activity is an awesome option!

Q: How do virtual murder mystery games improve team communication and collaboration?

  • A: Virtual murder mystery games improve team communication and collaboration because they function as a fun problem-solving activity for teams. Teams must work together to decode clues collaboratively and use their deductive skills to solve the mystery.

Q: What is needed to organize a virtual murder mystery team-building activity?

  • A: To organize a virtual murder mystery team-building event, you’ll need to either partner with a team-building company or host your event by creating a murder mystery storyline, assigning parts, and creating clues or riddles. You can even use a murder mystery box to help facilitate the activity as well.

Q: Can large teams participate in virtual murder mystery games, and how are they managed?

  • A: Yes, virtual murder mystery games are a perfect team-building activity for large groups. For larger groups, participants are typically pre-assigned a team for the activity and will conduct the bulk of their murder mystery journey in smaller, breakout rooms.

Q: How long do virtual murder mystery events typically last?

  • A: Virtual murder mystery events typically last between 1 to 2 hours.

Q: Are virtual murder mystery games suitable for teams that work remotely?

  • A: Yes, virtual murder mystery games are suitable for remote teams and help bolster remote employee engagement. Most murder mystery games can be conducted exclusively online via video conferencing platforms.

Q: How customizable are virtual murder mystery games for corporate teams?

  • A: Virtual murder mystery games are customizable for corporate teams. For example, you can incorporate the names of company leaders into the script or interweave company facts in clues or riddles.

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