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✅ 10 Best Training Management Software for Employees in 2024

By September 1, 2023 September 25th, 2023 No Comments

Imagine, if you will, the tightrope walker.

Without the right training, a step too soon or too late could spell disaster.

Now, transpose this to the business arena: companies, big and small, need the perfect balance to train their teams.

Training and development of employees is an integral part of any successful business. With the right training software, you can manage your training programs efficiently and effectively.

Training management software can improve your organization’s ability to manage, track, and analyze training activities for employees.

In a hurry? Take a look at some of our favorite employee training and recruiting management software:

BambooHR 🚨 Automatic alerts, in-system messaging, and easy-to-gather input from stakeholders Visit BambooHR
Lever 🧲 Attract, hire, and onboard top talent to your organization Visit Pinpoint
Willo 🎥 Use video interviews to make smarter decisions & screen qualified candidates Visit Willo
Greenhouse 👩🏽‍💻 The hiring operating system for people-first companies Visit Greenhouse
ClearCompany 🙋🏻‍♀️ Hire more top talent aligned with your company’s culture and vision ClearCompany
👉 Compare more HR-vetted and approved options here

The need for training software solutions is steadily increasing as more companies recognize the value of employee upskilling and want to make the most of digital technology.
Employee retention rates can increase by up to 60% when companies utilize effective training management software. Click To Tweet

If you’ve been on the hunt for that magical mix of efficiency, innovation, and flair in training management, your quest might just be over!

We’ve compiled a list of the best training management software to ensure that all employees are adequately trained and have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles to the best of their abilities.

So, buckle up, because the world of training management is about to get more fascinating, seamless, and as easy as pie with the power of these software tools.


What Is a Training Management Software?

Training management software is a versatile digital tool designed to streamline and optimize the planning, execution, and tracking of training programs within an organization. It serves as a central hub for all learning-related activities, from scheduling courses and enrolling learners, to assigning training material and tracking progress. Essentially, it’s like a virtual classroom where learners can meet, interact, learn, practice, and finally undergo quizzes or assessments to check their learning outcomes.

This software isn’t just for managing internal employee training. It is often designed to handle both internal and external training needs, catering to a wide spectrum of education requirements including customer training sessions, partner education, and more.

Some of its critical features include managing and scheduling classroom-based training, administration of e-learning courses, handling logistics, records and documentation tracking, and in some cases even e-commerce functionalities for selling online courses.

Proponents of training management software praise it for its ability to improve efficiency, reduce pricing costs, provide better visibility around training performance, and ultimately, foster a culture of continuous learning.


Benefits of Using Training Management Software


💡Automatic Updating

Training management software simplifies the process of staying up to date with the latest regulatory requirements. By automating training processes, companies can ensure that their employees are always working with the most current information.

📈 Efficient Learning

Training Management software enables you to efficiently track, assess, and monitor the progress of employees with real-time data. This makes it easier for managers to make informed decisions about allocations and promotions.

👥 Easy Tracking

With training management software, managers can easily track and monitor employee progress. They can quickly see which employees have completed their training and quickly identify those who need additional guidance or more detailed instruction.

💰 Reduced Costs

Training management software reduces costs by automating the processes associated with managing training programs. By eliminating manual tasks associated with tracking training, you can reduce labor costs associated with training and development.

📆 Simplified Scheduling

Training management software streamlines the process of scheduling training courses and monitoring attendee progress. With this software, companies can effortlessly arrange and oversee virtual classes, webinars, and instructor-led sessions. It minimizes the administrative burden while ensuring effective training delivery.


Best Training Management Software & Systems

 1  Deel

🥇 Best for: Superb Hiring and International Payment Solutions

Deel simplifies and automates the entire global payroll and HR operations. It’s the ultimate solution for companies looking to hire and manage talent worldwide while avoiding costly mistakes in compliance requirements. With its powerful platform, you can easily manage onboarding, time tracking, compensation planning, benefits administration, compliance training, payroll processing, and tax filing — all in one place.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Cut down onboarding time to just 5 minutes, eliminating errors and redundancy through Deel’s unified process. This platform allows you to gain a comprehensive view of employer costs, headcount, and churn, empowering you to make informed decisions. Provide your entire team with a consistent and exceptional experience that will propel your organization forward!

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 🌍 Seamless hiring of international employees.
  • 💼 Reducing HR’s workload with automated compliance.
  • 💵 Convenient and low-cost international payments.

“Through Deel, we’ve been able to hire more than 150 people so far, and we have also relocated more than 10 employees to countries like the UAE and Switzerland.”— Luka Besling, HR Manager at Revolut

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 2  Pinpoint

🥇 Best for: Managing & streamlining employee onboarding process


Pinpoint is a cloud-based employee management tool that focuses on automating complex workflow processes. It helps managers and HR teams reduce administrative burdens, and streamline recruitment, onboarding, and training processes. The software also provides built-in reporting dashboards to track progress over time.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Pinpoint supercharges your productivity by managing documents, tracking training, checking the e-learning content, and automating processes which all save a maddeningly huge amount of work hours.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 🚀 Streamlined workflow automation
  • 📊 Real-time feedback and reports
  • 🔐 Centralized Document Management

“Having applicants coming through and responded to within seconds, interviewed within days, and onboarded in the same period was just fantastic. Without Pinpoint, we wouldn’t have had the senior people in place to build our teams in the regions that we wanted to.” – John Brownhill; Co-Founder at Food4Heroes

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 3  ClearCompany

🥇 Best for: Tailored HR Solutions

ClearCompany is an HR platform that helps business leaders align their organization’s goals with those of their employees. Its suite of solutions includes applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, culture insights, and employee engagement surveys. It also provides custom-built tools to help companies build a strong team while nurturing a positive work environment.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Clear Company makes it easy to build a team of high-performing employees who share your company’s values and goals. Its intuitive dashboard helps managers keep track of employee performance, while its analytics provide actionable insights into how to best motivate and retain top talent.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  •  🚀 High-powered and robust talent acquisition tools
  • 🎯 Trackable goals that align your team with the company’s mission
  • 💡 Actionable insights from collected data to sharpen your hiring process

“I feel like ClearCompany is a ‘best kept secret’among talent management/recruiting software platform. I appreciate how easy to use the system is.” — Brianna Vaughan, EVP of operations at Avana Companies

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 4  BambooHR

🥇 Best for: Streamlining HR operations with top-notch technology


From recruitment to retention, BambooHR triumphs at simplifying the life of HR professionals. It’s a one-stop-shop solution revamping Human Resource management to a whole new level. It offers a seamless, all-inclusive experience that eliminates inefficiencies. It helps streamline people operations with automated functions, tasks, and integrations, all managed in one place. In addition, it optimizes workflows at every employee lifecycle stage and keeps your organization running smoothly.

✅ Why we love this training management software: It is a game-changer when it comes to saving time in your hiring process, performance management, employee information, and time tracking. With its comprehensive features like timecards, time off tracking, onboarding process, and hiring ability, BambooHR offers unmatched customization options.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 👥 Single database for all employee data
  • 🗂️ Effortless applicant tracking and onboarding process
  • 📈 Rich performance management capabilities

“It’s always scary changing software as you’re afraid you’ll lose data and you think there will be a time adjustment to figure out the software. With BambooHR, there was no adjustment period. Once the onboarding period was over we were up and running really fast.”— Neil Sharma, General Manager at Boston Bioproducts

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 5  Recruitee

🥇 Best for: Streamlining your talent acquisition process

RecruiteeRecruitee offers a comprehensive platform for managing your recruitment and onboarding process. It provides automated workflows, an intuitive application tracking system, and powerful analytics to help you recruit the best talent from anywhere in the world. Recruitee also makes training employees easy by allowing managers to create custom learning paths and track the progress of each individual.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Recruitee makes it easy to create and manage employee training programs. With its powerful analytics, you can quickly identify the areas of improvement and track progress along the way. It also offers an intuitive application tracking system that helps save time by automating decision-making processes and simplifying administrative tasks. You can even customize onboarding processes for new hires according to their particular role

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 🎯 Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface
  • 🚀 Powerful analytics
  • 🌐 Multi-language capabilities

“Recruitee brings a lot of value, not only in the candidate experience but also to us as users. It’s really improved our way of working.” — Polina Kourakou , HR Manager Greece at Marks and Spencer

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 6  Leapsome

🥇 Best for: Employee Engagement and Performance Management

Leapsome is a powerful software that revolutionizes how businesses handle employee engagement, performance management, and skill development. It’s a one-stop shop for nurturing your team’s skills and productivity.

✅ Why we love this training management software: This LMS software actionable feedback and foster continuous learning and development in the workplace. You can save time with Leapsome’s reusable review templates and timelines. You can also customize performance reviews, project reviews, 360-degree reviews, and leadership reviews. Moreover, you can leverage employee and team members’ data for reviews and decentralized annual review cycles.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 😀 Comprehensive Employee Feedback: Receive 360-degree feedback and manage performance reviews seamlessly.
  • 🚀 Automated learning content
  • 🔁 Customizable learning experiences

“We see the People team as a partner team rather than an admin team. We want to focus on our employees and not on processes. With Leapsome, we have automated the manual work around feedback and career development so that we can spend our time with our people: understanding their needs, guiding them through their very own DCMN lifecycle, and helping them find purpose in what they do.” — Theresa Jasaraj, Senior Manager of Personal Relations at DCMN

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 7  Eloomi

🥇 Best for: Engaging and user-friendly LMS platform

Eloomi is not your average LMS platform. This learning platform is the go-to solution that transforms in-house training into an engaging and exciting experience. It is an incredibly user-friendly, highly scalable learning and development platform designed to empower companies worldwide in training, developing, and nurturing their people, teams, and culture.

✅ Why we love this training management software: This training platform delivers a potent mix of powerful efficiency in training and staff development with a user-friendly interface. Eloomi provides customer support with an outstanding learning experience beyond the live workshops. It’s a platform that offers a wide range of online courses and learning opportunities. One of the standout features of Eloomi is its excellent gamification elements, which serve as a powerful motivation for users. Overall, Eloomi is an excellent platform for online learning, course management, and training modules.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 🔥 Simplified content creation – Easy-to-use system to prepare, share, and track training courses.
  • 💼 Performance Management – Align individual and company goals through tracking software.
  • 📱 Mobile App Learning – Learn whenever, wherever with its mobile accessibility.

“Our employees found this a much better way to complete their training.” — Tammy Jaqua, HRIS Manager at Mountain High

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 8  Greenhouse

🥇 Best for: Strategic hiring and onboarding excellence

Greenhouse is a game-changing platform that seamlessly integrates recruitment processes with a talent-focused approach, driving business growth and success. With its cutting-edge hiring software, it empowers companies on the rise to streamline their hiring and onboarding processes, while fostering engaging interactions for candidates and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Greenhouse offers an array of features that help businesses create a culture of engagement and collaboration. It has automated workflows that streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to find top talent. It also provides robust analytics so you can track team performance and gain insight into employee engagement over time. The software makes it simple to set goals, review progress, and reward employees for their accomplishments.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 📊 Powerful talent analytics
  • 👨🏻‍💻 Versatile interview processes
  • 🚀 Comprehensive onboarding support

“We needed a tool that could support us through our growth while providing data to make better hiring decisions so we could get closer to our mission faster. And of course, we wanted to give all our candidates and users a good experience.” — Jana Smidt, Recruitment Lead at Wise

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 9  Connecteam

🥇 Best for: Bridging the communication gap within mobile and remote teams

Connecteam empowers teams to connect, communicate, and operate efficiently with its customizable functionalities. It goes beyond expectations by providing an enjoyable user experience through a seamless and intuitive interface. Additionally, Connecteam offers excellent support quality, ensuring prompt and efficient assistance. The hassle-free setup process simplifies the initial steps, making it a breeze to get started.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Connecteam allows you to automate and integrate workflows into one platform, giving you the flexibility to add custom features according to your specific requirements. With its range of features, such as team scheduling, task management, performance tracking, employee onboarding and recognition programs – all managed in one place – you will have everything you need to get the job done.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 📲 In-app employee training
  • 💬 Real-time team communication
  • ⏱️ Easy time tracking

“Connecteam has helped our business tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. All my staff can access the info anywhere and they can connect with each other at any time.” — Adelle J, CEO

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 10  Trakstar

🥇 Best for: Simplifying the performance review process

Trakstar is your go-to software solution, bringing flair to the conventional performance review process. This employee training management software helps streamline the training, offers a fair analysis, and improves employee engagement; ultimately benefiting your organization by reporting features. What truly sets Trakstar apart is its flexibility to seamlessly align with your organization’s performance appraisal process. The software can be easily adapted to fit your unique needs.

✅ Why we love this training management software: Trakstar gives power to both managers and employees by enabling a 360-degree feedback system that is unbiased, real-time, and engaging. It is an incredibly user-friendly platform with a plethora of features and interactive feedback. It also has the ability to take notes on tasks at any time, which can be shared with managers.

🏆 Standout Features: 

  • 📚 Course creation
  • 🏁 Goal-setting and tracking
  • ✅  Auto-enrollment

“We were looking for an option with an immediate impact to improve our operations internship evaluation process and Trakstar more than delivered. Trakstar was a key success enabler helping us to identify and promote the best intern talent for our Amazon operations business lane.” – Michelle M., Validated Reviewer

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People Also Ask These Questions About Training Management Software

Q: What are the most important features of training management software?

  • A: There are a number of key features to consider when looking for the right training management software for your organization. First, look for a program that offers customizable workflows and templates, allowing you to adjust processes according to your specific needs. Automation tools such as enrollment and progress tracking help streamline operations and save time. Additionally, make sure the software is compatible with multiple devices so that employees can use it on the go. Finally, look for features that enable you to evaluate and measure training results such as sentiment analysis, surveys, and analytics. These will help you keep track of progress and ensure that your training plans are effective.

Q: What is the difference between training management software and learning management?

  • A: Training management software focuses on planning and administering employee training programs while learning management systems provide tools for tracking and managing employee learning activities. Training management software helps to streamline the process of training employees by providing a centralized platform to store training data, content, and reports. On the other hand, learning management systems allow organizations to create a library of online content that can be easily accessed by all learners. Additionally, they provide tools for tracking and managing employee learning activities such as assigning courses and tests, as well as evaluating progress and performance. While training management software is more focused on planning and executing employee training programs, learning management systems are better suited for larger organizations with multiple learning programs in place. Both types of solutions have their own unique benefits but can ultimately help businesses improve engagement and motivation among employees.

Q: Can training management software be customized to fit our organization’s needs?

  • A: Yes, most training management software solutions offer customizable features that enable companies to tailor their program and processes according to their specific needs. Companies can customize workflows, templates, and automated tools such as enrollment tracking in order to streamline operations. Additionally, they can set reminders for employees to complete their training, track progress with real-time feedback, and generate reports for quick decision-making. By customizing their training management software, companies can ensure that all their employees are getting the most out of the program.

Q: Can training management software handle both in-person and online training programs?

  • A: Yes, training management software solutions offer the ability to manage both in-person and online training programs. With automated tools such as enrollment tracking, progress monitoring, and reporting capabilities, learning management solutions can help streamline operations for both types of programs. Moreover, they ensure that all employees are given equal opportunities to access training content regardless of their location or device used. Furthermore, training management software solutions are equipped with features such as audio and video streaming to facilitate virtual learning activities. By using these tools, organizations can create engaging experiences for their online learners while still providing the same level of instruction as they would in person. This ensures that employees receive a consistent experience across both formats without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Ultimately, training management software is the perfect tool to help organizations provide an optimal learning experience for their employees.

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