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🚀 12 Best Employee Engagement Games To Boost Team Spirit In 2024

By February 19, 2024 February 22nd, 2024

It’s time to turn an ordinary workday into an adventure that’s both thrilling and bonding.

You can transform mundane virtual meetings into thrilling adventures where teams go on quests, solve puzzles, and conquer challenges together.

Employee engagement ideas and team-building games are fun, powerful tools meticulously designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among remote or hybrid teams.


Dive into the diverse array of employee engagement games and remote-friendly activities. From immersive virtual adventures, such as virtual escape rooms and virtual murder mysteries, to interactive challenges, such as board games, Two Truths and a Lie, show and tell, Pictionary, and karaoke, there’s a world of opportunities and fun activities waiting to be explored.

Discover how these innovative game ideas and experiences can transform team dynamics and make work effective and enjoyable for staff members.

Start exploring today to achieve a happy workplace!

Benefits of Employee Engagement Games

🚀 Benefit 1

Boost team morale and productivity by fostering a sense of unity through shared victories and laughter-filled adventures, especially among the winning team.

🧠 Benefit 2

Enhance problem-solving skills as teams collaborate to unravel puzzles and overcome challenges in a dynamic and engaging environment.

📈 Benefit 3

Improve communication by promoting active listening, clear articulation of ideas, and effective collaboration during gameplay.

⏰ Benefit 4

Increase productivity as employees recharge their energy and motivation through enjoyable and stimulating activities, resulting in heightened focus and efficiency.

💡Benefit 5

Spark creativity and innovation as teams explore unconventional solutions and brainstorm ideas in a relaxed and playful setting, inspiring out-of-the-box thinking.


Best Employee Engagement Games for Teams

  1   City Chase: The Scavenger Hunt

This innovative virtual team building game sends your team out to complete fast-paced challenges in a local metropolis. In this thrilling adventure, teams race against time to complete challenges and solve puzzles to take home the crown.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: This activity is fun because it offers exciting and challenging tasks in one day of team-building madness. It also allows teams to explore a local city and check out some new spots they have never been to.

👉 Try this out! Challenge your team to complete the scavenger hunt in a fun way by exploring the city!


  2   Classic Trivia


Classic Trivia is a great virtual multiplayer game that can be played even with small groups. It tests players’ knowledge in various categories, such as history, pop culture, and general knowledge. Players compete in teams to answer questions and earn points while having fun and learning new facts. It can also be played online to break the team meeting routine.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: Classic Trivia fosters teamwork and camaraderie. Teams can improve communication and collaboration skills by working together to answer questions. Additionally, the friendly competition aspect of the game can boost morale and create a sense of bonding among team members.

👉 Try this out! Dive into a captivating round of Classic Trivia and ignite your team’s enthusiasm!


  3   Mindfulness Bingo


Mindfulness Bingo is a remote team activity that combines mindfulness meditation with a classic game.

Team members are given a bingo card containing mindfulness activities, such as taking deep breaths or practicing gratitude. As they complete each activity, they mark it off on their card and work towards getting a bingo. This easy-to-download template courtesy of the employee engagement tool, Bonusly, is perfect for distributed teams who want to participate in a wellness-inspired work activity.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: This game helps teams to slow down, destress, and practice self-care, leading to improved well-being and a sense of connection. By completing the activities, team members can bond over shared experiences and support each other in their mindfulness journey.

👉 Try this out! Take a break from work and engage in some mindful self-care with your team through this fun office game of Mindfulness Bingo!


  4   Icebreaker Template

Icebreaker Template is a virtual tool providing interactive icebreaker activities for teams to kickstart meetings or team-building sessions. These activities aim to break the ice, build connections, and spark conversations among team members.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: Using the Icebreaker Template can help remote teams overcome the awkwardness and barriers of virtual communication by promoting open and authentic interactions. Sharing personal anecdotes and getting to know each other, helps team members build trust and strengthen relationships, ultimately boosting team spirit.

👉 Try this out! Get your team talking with the help of Icebreaker Template’s creative icebreaker activities!


  5   Original Game Show

The Original Game Show is a virtual game show experience that combines the excitement and energy of classic game shows with the convenience and accessibility of remote teams. Teams compete in various challenges, such as trivia questions and physical tasks, to earn points and be crowned as the ultimate champions.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: The exhilarating and competitive spirit of The Original Game Show fosters team bonding and cultivates a sense of unity as participants collaborate towards a shared objective. Its interactive and varied challenges encourage creativity and enhance communication.

👉 Try this out! Transform your virtual meetings into an epic game show experience with The Original Game Show, and watch your team spirit soar to new heights!


  6   Random Acts of Kindness


Random Acts of Kindness is a virtual team-building activity that encourages teams to spread kindness and positivity through small but meaningful gestures. Team members are given a list of kind acts to complete, with the option to personalize and add their own ideas.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: This employee engagement game is unique and effective because it combines fun and entertainment with valuable skills development, promoting teamwork, communication, problem-solving, creativity, and well-being among team members.

👉 Try this out! Spread kindness and build a stronger team with the help of Random Acts of Kindness!


  7   Plug & Play Mixer

Plug & Play Mixer is a hybrid team building game that combines fun challenges and icebreaker activities with a focus on skill development. The challenges are customizable, allowing teams to choose the skills they want to work on.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: This employee engagement game is perfect for remote teams who want to have fun while also developing valuable skills. The customizable challenges make it suitable for teams of all sizes and with different goals, promoting inclusivity and personal growth.

👉 Try this out! Level up your team’s skills while having a blast with Plug & Play Mixer, the perfect virtual game for team bonding!


  8   Water Cooler Trivia


Water Cooler Trivia is an online trivia game that brings the fun and competitive spirit of pub quizzes to remote teams. Team members compete in various categories, such as pop culture, history, and general knowledge, to earn points and be crowned as trivia champions.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: The friendly competition and shared excitement of Water Cooler Trivia can help create a sense of community among remote teams. The diverse categories also allow team members to showcase their knowledge and skills, promoting teamwork and healthy competition.

👉 Try this out! Spice up your virtual meetings with Water Cooler Trivia and watch as your team bonds over shared interests and a love for trivia!


  9   Virtual Coworker Feud


Virtual Coworker Feud is an online adaptation of the popular game show Family Feud, where teams compete for points by guessing the top answers to survey questions. The game can be customized to include company-specific questions and topics.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: This virtual family Feud activity is an excellent method for uniting remote teams through a delightful and interactive experience. The ability to tailor questions adds a personal touch and fosters inclusivity, whereas the genial rivalry enhances teamwork and communication abilities.

👉 Try this out! Bring the fun and excitement of Family Feud to your virtual team with Virtual Coworker Feud and see how it boosts employee engagement and collaboration!


  10   Employee Wellness Challenge

An employee wellness challenge is an online team building activity that promotes physical and mental well-being among remote employees. Teams compete in various challenges, such as step counts and healthy habits, to earn points and improve their health.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: By prioritizing employee wellness, the Employee Wellness Challenge can foster a sense of care and support within remote teams. The friendly competition also encourages team members to motivate and hold each other accountable, strengthening team bonds and promoting overall well-being.

👉 Try this out! Take care of your employees’ holistic health with Employee Wellness Challenge – the perfect virtual activity for supporting team spirit and promoting a healthy work-life balance!


  11   GeoGuessr


GeoGuessr is a virtual team-building game that takes teams on an adventure around the world. Using Google Street View, teams must guess their location on a map to earn points and navigate different challenges.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: GeoGuessr lets remote teams explore the world and learn about different cultures. The game’s interactive nature also adds excitement and fun to virtual meetings.

👉 Try this out! Explore the globe from your desktop with GeoGuessr and see your team come together!


  12   QuizBreaker

Quizbreaker Dashboard

QuizBreaker is a virtual team-building activity that combines icebreaker questions and trivia to build stronger connections among remote teams. The customizable questions allow teams to learn more about each other while bonding and competing for points.

❤️ Why we love this employee engagement game: By encouraging team members to get to know each other more deeply, QuizBreaker can promote empathy and understanding within remote teams. The game’s competitive element also fosters healthy competition and encourages collaboration.

👉 Try this out! Break the ice and build stronger connections within your remote team with QuizBreaker — the perfect combination of fun, learning, and teamwork!

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Engagement Games

Q: What are the key elements of successful employee engagement games?

  • A: The key elements of successful employee engagement games include fun and interactive gameplay, opportunities for skill-building and personal growth, customization options, and a focus on team development and well-being. By incorporating these elements into virtual activities, remote teams can benefit from improved communication, collaboration, creativity, and team spirit.

Q: How can remote teams effectively participate in employee engagement games?

  • A: Remote teams can participate in employee engagement games by utilizing virtual platforms and tools, communicating openly and regularly with team members, setting clear goals and expectations, and actively engaging in the activities. It’s also crucial for team leaders to foster a positive and inclusive environment to encourage participation and enjoyment.

Q: What are some common challenges in implementing employee engagement games?

  • A: Some common challenges in implementing employee engagement games include finding suitable activities for remote teams, addressing time zone differences and scheduling conflicts, ensuring active participation and inclusivity among team members, and measuring the effectiveness of the games. However, with proper planning and communication, these challenges can be overcome to reap the numerous benefits of employee engagement games!

Q: How do employee engagement games impact overall company culture?

  • A: Employee engagement games can have a significant impact on overall company culture by promoting a positive and inclusive work environment, fostering team bonding and collaboration, encouraging personal growth and development, and boosting employee morale and satisfaction. With regular participation in these activities, companies can cultivate a strong and thriving culture that supports their employees’ well-being and success.

Q: Can employee engagement games be tailored to fit different team sizes and types?

  • A: Yes, employee engagement games can be customized and adapted to fit different team sizes and types, including remote teams. With various activities and platforms available, companies can choose the best options for their specific team dynamics and goals. From small teams to large groups, there is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from in employee engagement games!

Q: How often should companies introduce new employee engagement games?

  • A: The frequency of introducing new employee engagement games may vary depending on the company and team’s needs. However, it’s essential to regularly assess current activities’ effectiveness and engagement levels and implement new ones when necessary to keep things fresh and exciting for team members.

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