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14 Best Tools To Engage Remote Employees (Ideas & Apps For Managing Your Distributed Team)

By March 25, 2024 May 15th, 2024

Remote work has transformed how you and your team interact and collaborate.

Gone are the days of popping by their office for a chat or marking up a whiteboard to brainstorm with the whole team in a single conference room.

However, ‘new’ isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, with some of the tools available to engage remote employees, your workforce could be happier and more efficient than ever.


Choosing the right tools for your team—whether they assist with office recognition, project management, or team communication—will quickly lead to real results. Don’t fight the future.

Learn to adapt to remote work culture with these tools to engage remote employees at your company.

1) Bonusly

Boosting office recognition is a breeze with Bonusly.


Bonusly is a management tool that uses real-time recognition to create a culture of appreciation in your office, no matter where your team members are based.

Bonusly gives your employees the chance to publicly shout out and gift their coworkers, showing a real show of support. This makes a sense of accomplishment in the office come from all directions, instead of just down from the managing or executive level.

Notable Features:

➩ A social media board where any team member can recognize and reward the hard work of their team members.

➩ A point-based system that allows employees to buy experiences, gifts and company swag.

How this tool engages remote employees: Being out of the office can leave your remote team feeling like their hard work is unnoticed or unappreciated. With Bonusly, remote employees will see the effect of their hard work… and benefit from it!


Courtesy of Bonusly

Pricing: There are multiple pricing plans—the core plan charges $2.70 per user per month, while the Pro plan charges $4.50 per user per month.

Try it out here: Bonusly


2) Deel

Deel simplifies the complexities of hiring and paying remote employees across the globe.


It’s a comprehensive platform that manages contracts, tax compliance, and payments for international teams, making it an essential tool for companies looking to embrace the global talent pool without the administrative headache.

How this tool engages remote employees: Companies use Deel to onboard remote employees or contractors efficiently, ensuring that all legal and contractual obligations are met in accordance with the local laws of the employee’s country.


Courtesy of Deel

The platform also facilitates smooth and secure salary payments in a wide range of currencies, offering a seamless experience for both employers and employees. With Deel, managing a global team becomes less daunting and more streamlined. You can expect to enjoy a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.



No matter the day of the week, will keep your team on top of project management—no matter where they call home. is a project management tool that can keep your individual team or whole office on-task and working toward a common goal. With customizable boards, brainstorming templates, assignable jobs, and easy-to-use trackers, will put your entire company’s workflow in one place.

Notable Features:

➩ A slew of dashboards to track all your workflow and projects.

➩ Automation of basic tasks to save you time and hassle.

How this tool engages remote employees: is like the giant office whiteboard, but way cooler and all online. Remote employees will be able to stay tuned in to their work and how it fits into the scope of the whole team.


Pricing: There’s a range of pricing options, ranging from a free version (which is for personal use) to $16 a month per user.

Try it out here:


4) Slack

This software lets you pick up the Slack with stellar employee communication.

Slack is a communication and collaboration tool that connects your whole team.

A self-billed ‘digital HQ,’ Slack facilitates one-on-one conversations and team-wide channels to create fluid, organized communication. Slack is also great for virtual icebreakers, giving your team comedic polls or prompts to get coworkers feeling friendly over the messaging service.

Notable Features:

➩ Instant messaging to keep your team connected.

➩ Nameable channels for specific teams or projects to keep your office organized.

How this tool engages remote employees: With Slack, remote employees have access to the whole team. This communication flow keeps everyone on the same page and working together well.

Pricing: Slack has three pricing tiers—Free, Pro, and Business+. Pro is $6.67 per user per month, while Business+ is $12.50 per user per month.

Try it out here: Slack


5) Nectar

Make employee milestones and celebrations extra sweet with Nectar.


Nectar is a software focused on employee retention. As part of that mission, Nectar hosts a platform for social recognition, rewards, awards and more.

One way Nectar helps keep your best talent around is by highlighting employee milestones and special celebrations. By automatically adding anniversaries, birthdays and milestones to your calendar, you’ll never miss a chance to show your coworkers their value.

Notable Features:

➩ Nectar automatically adds birthdays and anniversaries to your calendar.

➩ A social intranet based on recognition and gifting.

How this tool engages remote employees: Nectar allows remote employees to stay in touch with the rest of the office’s accomplishments, while feeling the love when their own birthday or anniversary rolls around.


Courtesy of Nectar

Pricing: There are three tiers of pricing—Free, which is free, Standard, which is $2.50 a month per employee, and Plus, which is $3.75 a month per employee.

Try it out here: Nectar


6) Leapsome

Your office will leap forward with Leapsome!

Leapsome is a collaboration software all about developing your team members and assisting them in their growth. Leapsome is a platform focused on ‘people enablement,’ with a software tool that grows talent, creates a sense of belonging and drives engagement.

Leapsome’s emphasis on personal performance is highlighted by its great performance review and goal-setting features.

Notable Features:

➩ A robust performance review system, with self-assessment, manager feedback and peer review.

➩ A goal tracking system to keep your team on the same page and working together toward a common goal.

How this tool engages remote employees: Leapsome gives your remote employees a chance to grow and learn, even if they never get direct face-to-face time with anyone on the team.

Courtesy of Leapsome

Pricing: Pricing scales based on your company and what services you need. The service starts at $6 per employee per month.

Try it out here: Leapsome


7) Caroo

Give meaningful gifts to anyone, anywhere with Caroo.

Caroo is a gifting and appreciation tool that streamlines and automates office gifting. You can show you care with Caroo’s catalog full of epic gifts, which is full of the latest tech, incredible experiences and special branded merchandise. Plus, Caroo takes all the stress and hassle out of office gifting, allowing you to send recurring gifts to as many employees as you need, all over the globe.

Notable Features:

➩ The entire gifting experience is housed in one place, allowing you to create rosters, send gifts, track deliveries and create invoices—all from the Caroo Platform.

➩ Remote workers can use the CustomSwaps feature to create their own ideal gift, ensuring they receive something they’ll really value.

How this tool engages remote employees: Your remote team will feel appreciated and engaged with thoughtful Caroo gifts, keeping them tuned into the office culture.

Pricing: For Caroo pricing, you can either choose the Essential plan, where you only pay for the gifts you send, or the Pro plan, which starts at $200 annually but greatly expands your capabilities on the Caroo platform while eliminating certain fees.

Try it out here: Caroo


8) Empuls

There’s nothing impulsive about using Empuls.

Empuls is an all-in-one employee engagement software, making it an ideal remote work platform.

One place Empuls stands out is its fantastic survey system, which makes it a breeze to gather insight, improve your company culture and increase your employee happiness. By listening to your team, diagnosing the issue and acting upon it, you’ll keep your office adapting to your current team and its needs.

Notable Features:

➩ Create easily designable, fully customizable employee surveys.

➩ Full integration of some of the most prominent workplace tools, like Teams and Slack.

How this tool engages remote employees: When you’re remote, it often feels like you’re partitioned away from the rest of the team. Empuls knocks down those walls, giving every employee a chance to be heard.


Courtesy of Empuls

Pricing: There are multiple pricing tiers for Empuls—for the Starter program, you’ll pay $2.00 a month per employee. For the Proficient program, you’ll pay $3.60 a month per employee.

Try it out here: Empuls


9) SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow turns the mundane task of gathering feedback into an engaging experience for remote employees.

With its user-friendly interface and interactive design, it encourages higher response rates and deeper insights, making it an invaluable tool for understanding and enhancing the remote work experience.

How this tool engages remote employees: This platform allows managers to create and send out customizable surveys that can range from employee satisfaction and engagement to specific project feedback.


Courtesy of SurveySparrow

The conversational style of the surveys feels more like a chat than a questionnaire, encouraging honest and thoughtful responses. Results can be analyzed in real-time, allowing for swift actions and decisions to improve remote team dynamics and satisfaction.


10) WorkTango

What’s that sound? It’s WorkTango, improving your remote employees’ peer-to-peer feedback!


WorkTango is a 360-degree engagement software with a litany of useful tools for remote or hybrid offices. One of WorkTango’s standout components is its peer-to-peer feedback.

WorkTango offers options like one-on-one check-ins, department reviews, and customizable surveys. This open communication and transparency creates an office willing to grow and innovate together.

Notable Features:

➩ An office-wide social media built around peer feedback and team growth.

➩ Customizable surveys and questionnaires to learn exactly what you need from your workforce.

How this tool engages remote employees: With WorkTango, remote employees will feel like they can pop their heads in any office door and ask for advice, giving them the chance to grow and feel comfortable within your office culture.


Courtesy of WorkTango

Pricing: WorkTango has multiple pricing tiers—Growth, for companies of less than 250 employees, charges $5 per employee per month. Standard, for companies of 250 to 1000 employees, is $4.25 an employee per month.

Try it out here: WorkTango


11) Awardco

Make recognition meaningful with Awardco.


Awardco is an employee recognition and engagement software that transforms peer recognition and rewards.

With Awardco, employees receive recognition from their peers for a job well done and personal or work anniversaries. This recognition leads to points that can be spent on substantial, meaningful rewards.

Notable Features:

➩ Automated recognition and rewards for work milestones and personal achievements (birthdays count!).

➩ A robust catalog of rewards that employees can choose from and enjoy.

How this tool engages remote employees: Remote employees will feel appreciated and included in the office culture with Awardco’s digital platform and great rewards.


Courtesy of Awardco

Pricing: Awardco requests that interest parties reach out for pricing—your costs will be determined by the size and structure of your company.

Try it out here: Awardco


12) ClearCompany

Make your company’s values clear from day one with ClearCompany.


ClearCompany was created to help you hire, train, and keep talent in a competitive job market. The value of your company is only as high as the strength of your individual team members, which is why software like ClearCompany are so useful. With superior onboarding and training, you’ll save time while still creating productive, engaged team members from day one.

Notable Features:

➩ A mobile-friendly onboarding software that’ll get your new hires ready with all their necessary forms, background checks and team introductions.

➩ Goal setting for new hires allows you to create manageable benchmarks with frequent check-ins to help your new team members adjust.

How this tool engages remote employees: Starting a new job can be stressful and intimidating. Starting a new job remotely is even harder. ClearCompany efficiently gets your remote new hires onboarded while highlighting the company’s values.


Courtesy of ClearCompany

Pricing: Request a quote for pricing today.

Try it out here: ClearCompany


13) Runa

You gift, your team gifts, we all gift with Runa.


Runa is a gifting software that makes giving meaningful remote employee perks and gifts as easy as possible—all without taking away the personal factor of gift giving.

This online platform allows you to instantly send gift cards to your team, either for individual achievements or as a team-wide thank you. With the world’s largest collection of gift cards and automated sending, Runa lives up to its name.

Notable Features:

➩ Runa has global coverage, allowing you to send a gift to anyone in the world with the confidence that they’ll receive it and be able to use it.

➩ Trackable redemption and employee engagement so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

How this tool engages remote employees: Even if they’re on the opposite side of the globe, your employees will feel appreciated and part of the team with Runa gift cards.


Courtesy of Runa

Pricing: With Runa, you only pay for the gifts you send!

Try it out here: Runa


14) Bambee

With the help of your dedicated HR Manager, Bambee puts your HR on autopilot to streamline your HR.


Bambee is an HR tool that helps run, streamline and automate all aspects of your human resources department. This allows your HR team to focus on the actual humans and not get bogged down in paperwork.

Plus, your employees can easily get the information they need when they need it through the Bambee platform.

Bambee is also great for remote employee onboarding, which gets your new hires up to speed and part of the team from day one, no matter how far they work from the actual headquarters.

Notable Features:

➩ HR audits and policy updates that keep your business compliant and running smoothly, allowing your team to focus on work.

➩ Bambee onboarding ensures your new employees are quickly and efficiently made to feel like part of the team.

How this tool engages remote employees: The HR department is often how your remote employees remain plugged into your company—with Bambee, your remote employees’ HR experience will always be smooth and accommodating.


Courtesy of Bambee

Pricing: Pricing for Bambee starts at $99 a month for companies with 4 employees or less with a $500 set-up fee. This can rise to $299 a month for companies with 20-49 employees with a $1000 set-up fee. Any company larger than 50 employees has a custom payment plan.

Try it out here: Bambee

People Also Ask These Questions About Tools To Engage Remote Employees

Read on for the answer to a bunch of frequently asked questions about remote employee engagement tools.

Q: What are remote employee engagement tools?

  • Remote employee engagement tools are software platforms and services designed to help your remote or hybrid team better communicate, collaborate and recognize one another.

Q: What are the benefits of providing software platforms to remote employees?

  • The benefits of providing software platforms to remote employees are it keeps them connected to the team at large and allows for more efficient work and more meaningful recognition.

Q: What are some important remote employee tools?

  • There are a variety of important remote employee tools, including those that enhance recognition, gifting, HR management, office communication, project management and more.

Q: How do I know if my remote employees are using the tools I am providing them?

  • Most remote software tools have built-in tracking and analytics. This allows you to keep tabs on what tools are effective for your team and which are not.

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