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✅ 9 Best Employee Engagement Survey Templates To Enhance Workplace Satisfaction in 2024

By November 3, 2023 May 9th, 2024

Are you tired of seeing disengaged employees dragging their feet through the workday, causing productivity to plummet and morale to suffer?

If so, it’s time to ignite a spark of motivation and enthusiasm within your workforce!

Employee engagement is crucial for organizational success. One way to measure this is using an employee engagement survey questions which measure engagement levels, increase integrations, and gather feedback.

This survey identifies areas for improvement, promoting wellness and fostering team collaboration.

In a hurry? Take a look at some of our favorite employee engagement survey templates:

Employee Engagement Template 💡 Ensure a positive work environment Try
Employee Pulse Check Template 🚀  Elevate your employee engagement strategy Try Smartsheet
Happiness Door 😀  Revolutionize the way you gather feedback Learn Miro
Engagement Survey ✅  Improve the engagement levels of your workforce Learn ClickUp
Employee Well-Being Survey ⚡️ Measure various aspects of employee wellness Learn

Employee engagement survey templates serve as a powerful tool for organizations to gather feedback from employee experience, discover any issues or concerns, and improve their overall work environment.

They can also be customized according to the specific needs of an organization, making them a valuable resource for measuring employee satisfaction and improving engagement.

Employee engagement surveys are an essential tool for organizations to understand their employees' needs and improve workplace culture. Share on X

We’ve compiled a list of the best employee engagement survey templates to help you revitalize your workplace and achieve exceptional results.

Buckle up, because a more engaged and productive workforce is just a click away!

Best Employee Engagement Survey Templates

  1   Employee Engagement

✅ Available on: ClickUp

Clickup’s Employee Engagement Survey Template is meticulously designed to transform your HR operations into a well-oiled machine. Offering a wide array of features, including detailed employee profiles, seamless onboarding, insightful performance reviews, and engaging surveys, it is a one-stop solution that caters to all your employee engagement needs.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: This template offers a wide range of features that cover various aspects of employee engagement. From creating detailed employee profiles to streamlining the onboarding process, conducting insightful performance reviews, and administering engaging surveys, it’s a versatile tool that covers all the bases.

👉 Learn more about this template


  2   Employee Pulse Check Template

✅ Available on: Smartsheet

The Employee Pulse Check Template by Smartsheet is a powerful tool designed to elevate your employee engagement strategy to new heights. With this template, you can easily create employee pulse surveys that serve as a barometer for your organization’s morale and collect valuable insights from your team.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: This template offers a variety of pre-made survey questions and customizable options. It also allows for easy collaboration and sharing of data, making it a convenient tool for collecting and analyzing employee feedback. Additionally, the results can be viewed in real-time, providing insights into engagement levels at any given moment.

👉 Learn more about this template


  3   Happiness Door

✅ Available on: Miro

Miro’s Happiness Door is not your typical survey tool. It’s a dynamic platform designed to revolutionize the way you gather feedback, making it an exceptional choice for enhancing employee engagement and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: What sets this template apart is its versatility. It goes beyond the conventional post-meeting survey, offering an interactive and visually engaging experience. Whether it’s after presentations, training sessions, business meetings, or social interactions, this tool allows your employees to provide quick, actionable feedback effortlessly.

👉 Learn more about this template


  4   Employee Engagement Survey

Available on:’s Employee Engagement Survey is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your workplace’s vibrancy and productivity. With this innovative survey template, you can effortlessly harness the power of employee feedback, all conveniently collected in one centralized hub.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: 🎯 This template offers a user-friendly interface and allows for customizable questions to fit the specific needs of your organization. It also provides real-time analytics, making it easy to track and measure engagement levels.

👉 Learn more about this template


  5   Employee Well-Being Survey

✅ Available on:’s Employee Well-Being Survey template is designed to assist you in measuring various aspects of employee wellness throughout your organization. By gathering insights into the state of employee wellness at your company, you can make data-driven decisions about your next great well-being initiative. Use this valuable template to enhance employee well-being and create a positive and thriving work environment.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: This template offers the ability to streamline your HR operations, leading to heightened efficiency and substantial resource conservation. It empowers you to collect vital data concerning employee well-being, thereby facilitating the identification of areas in need of attention and enhancement.

👉 Learn more about this template


  6   Employee Satisfaction Form

✅ Available on: Smartsheet

Smartsheet’s Employee Satisfaction Form is designed to help organizations gather comprehensive feedback on employee satisfaction. It includes a variety of questions and rating scales to accurately measure different aspects of job satisfaction, work-life balance, and overall engagement.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: With its well-structured rating scales, this template ensures accurate measurement of various facets of job satisfaction and engagement. It enables organizations to identify areas of strength and pinpoint areas requiring improvement. This information can then be used to make strategic decisions and implement initiatives that promote employee well-being and increase engagement.

👉 Learn more about this template


  7   Employee Engagement Mapping Matrix

✅ Available on: Miro

Miro’s Employee Engagement Mapping Matrix is designed to help organizations visualize the level of engagement among their employees. By mapping out the different factors that contribute to employee engagement, organizations can identify any gaps and take action to improve overall engagement levels.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: This matrix allows organizations to easily track and analyze the various drivers of employee engagement, such as recognition, communication, and career development. It provides a clear picture of the current state of engagement within the organization and highlights areas for improvement.

👉 Learn more about this template


  8   Engagement Survey

✅ Available on: ClickUp

ClickUp’s Employee Engagement Survey Template is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to gauge and improve the well-being and engagement levels of their workforce. This thoughtfully designed survey encompasses a wide range of questions and rating scales, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of various aspects of employee satisfaction and engagement.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: From assessing job satisfaction to scrutinizing work-life balance, this survey ensures that no stone is left unturned in understanding the dynamics within your organization.

👉 Learn more about this template


  9   Employee Engagement Template

✅ Available on:

This template provides a structured approach for organizations to improve employee engagement over time. With clear tasks and goals, managers can easily monitor progress and make adjustments to ensure a positive work environment. This template allows business owners to track and monitor employee engagement levels. Moreover, assign tasks, set goals, and track progress toward improving overall employee satisfaction and well-being.

🏅Why this is a good employee engagement survey template: This template enables you to assign tasks and set clear goals aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction. This feature allows managers and HR teams to take proactive steps toward creating a positive work environment. By assigning tasks and setting objectives, organizations can ensure that specific actions are taken to address any issues affecting employee engagement.

👉 Learn more about this template

What Is an Employee Engagement Survey Template?

An employee engagement survey template is a survey tool that consists of a set of pre-designed questions and surveys used to measure the level of employee motivation and engagement within an organization. It provides a standardized structure for gathering feedback from employees on various aspects related to their job satisfaction, motivation, and overall well-being in the workplace.


Benefits of Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Using employee engagement survey templates can have numerous benefits for all team members ultimately resulting in a positive work environment, better employee performance, and increased professional development. So, it is important for organizations to regularly use these surveys (whether employee satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey) and take action based on the survey responses to gain actionable insights, foster a culture of engagement, team collaboration, and communication within the workplace.

Here are five benefits to using an employee engagement survey template:

📊 Objective Measurement: The use of a standardized template ensures that the same questions are asked to all employees, providing an objective measurement of their engagement levels to meet the company goals.

🗣 Improved Communication: Through surveys, employees get a chance to voice their opinions and concerns in a safe and anonymous manner, promoting open communication within the organization and resulting in development opportunities.

🤝Team Collaboration: Employee engagement surveys can also foster team collaboration by encouraging employees to share their thoughts and ideas with one another. They can even result in better customer satisfaction.

🧘🏻 Increased Employee Wellness: By addressing issues and concerns raised in the surveys, organizations can create a healthier and more positive work environment, leading to improved employee well-being (especially new employees who might be timid) as well as increased employee retention.

💡 Informed Decision Making: The data collected from surveys can provide valuable insights for decision-making processes related to employee engagement strategies and initiatives resulting in better teamwork.


Mistakes to Avoid With Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Employee engagement survey templates are powerful tools for understanding and improving the satisfaction and motivation of your workforce. However, to make the most of these templates and gain accurate insights, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can undermine the effectiveness of the surveys. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

❗️Lack of Clarity in Survey Objectives

Avoid conducting surveys without a clear and specific objective. Know what you want to achieve with the survey, whether it’s to identify areas of improvement, measure the impact of recent changes, or gauge overall employee satisfaction.

❗️Using Generic or Outdated Templates

Using generic or outdated survey templates may not capture the specific issues and concerns relevant to your organization. Customize the questions to align with your company’s culture, values, and goals.

❗️Ignoring Survey Frequency

Conducting surveys too frequently or too infrequently can be counterproductive. Too frequent surveys can lead to survey fatigue, while infrequent surveys may miss important trends. Find a balance that suits your organization’s needs.

❗️Overloading Surveys with Questions

Lengthy surveys with an excessive number of questions can discourage participation and lead to incomplete responses. Keep your surveys concise and focused on the most critical areas of interest.

❗️Failing to Ensure Anonymity

Employees may be hesitant to provide honest feedback if they fear their responses can be traced back to them. Ensure anonymity to encourage candid responses and build trust.

❗️Neglecting to Communicate Survey Purpose

Employees should understand why the survey is being conducted and how their feedback will be used. Clear communication about the survey’s purpose and its potential impact is crucial.

❗️Not Acting on Survey Results

Conducting surveys without following up with action can damage employee trust and engagement. Develop an action plan based on survey results and communicate progress to employees.

❗️Missing Opportunities for Open-Ended Feedback

While multiple-choice questions are useful, don’t forget to include open-ended questions to allow employees to provide detailed feedback and suggestions.

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Q: What are the key components of an effective employee engagement survey template?

  • A: An effective employee engagement survey template should include a variety of questions and rating scales to accurately measure different aspects of job satisfaction, work-life balance, and overall engagement. It should also provide clear insights into potential areas for improvement and allow for data-driven decision-making to enhance employee well-being. Additionally, a good template should be easily customizable to fit the specific needs and goals of an organization.

Q: Are there pre-designed employee engagement survey templates available?

  • A: Yes, there are various pre-designed employee engagement survey templates available online from different providers such as Smartsheet, Miro, ClickUp, and These templates can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of an organization and provide a structured method for gathering feedback and tracking progress towards improving employee engagement levels. Moreover, many HR software platforms also offer pre-designed employee engagement surveys that can be administered and analyzed within the system.

Q: How often should we conduct employee engagement surveys?

  • A: The frequency of conducting employee engagement surveys may vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. Generally, it is recommended to conduct a survey at least once a year to track trends and changes in employee satisfaction and engagement levels. However, some organizations may choose to conduct surveys more frequently, such as every six months or quarterly, to gather more timely feedback and measure the impact of initiatives.

Q: What are the best practices for analyzing and interpreting the results of an engagement survey?

  • A: When analyzing and interpreting engagement survey results, it is important to understand the survey questions and overall trends in the data. Comparing results to previous surveys or industry benchmarks can provide valuable insights. Involving employees in the review process promotes transparency. Taking action based on survey results and communicating changes shows that employee feedback is valued and fosters a culture of improvement and open communication.

Q: Can we customize an employee engagement survey template to suit our organization’s unique needs?

  • A: Employee engagement survey templates can be customized to meet the unique needs and goals of an organization. This customization allows organizations to gather feedback on specific areas or initiatives they want to focus on. It is important to carefully consider key elements for an effective survey and involve employees in the customization process for relevance and meaning.

Q: What questions should be included in an employee engagement survey to measure satisfaction and motivation?

  • A: It is important to include a mix of multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions to gather a comprehensive understanding of employee satisfaction and motivation levels. Additionally, organizations may want to tailor questions specifically related to their industry or company culture. Ultimately, the key is to ask meaningful and relevant questions that will provide valuable insights for improving employee engagement levels.

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