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13 Best HR Software for Small Business To Support Human Resources Professionals In 2024

By December 14, 2023 April 1st, 2024

In the modern age of business, the role of human resources has undeniably evolved.

HR professionals aren’t merely managing hiring and firing in 2024, but they are strategic partners crucial for the sustainable growth of organizations.

In a hurry? These are some of our favorite human resources software tools for small businesses:

Greenhouse 🧲  Attract and hire the best talent Visit Greenhouse
Willo 🎥  Screen candidates with video interviews Visit Willo
WorkTango 🏆 Create a culture of recognition via digital rewards Visit WorkTango
Deel 💼  Hire and onboard employees in 150 countries Visit Deel
BambooHR 🌍 HR management software that brings it all together Visit Bamboo
👉 Compare more HR-vetted and approved options here


“The value of a business is a function of how well the financial and intellectual capital are managed by human capital. You’d better get the human capital part right.” —Dave Bookbinder, Author of The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals Click To Tweet

As businesses scale, especially small enterprises, ensuring that HR processes remain streamlined, efficient, and impactful is pivotal. Hence, having effective HR software becomes a game-changer.

HR Software for Small Business

Whether you’re looking to optimize recruitment, manage employee benefits, or keep up with compliance, a solution is tailored for you.

Dive into our curated list of the thirteen best HR software for small businesses this year and find the perfect fit for your organization. Read further to explore the software that can revolutionize your HR operations.

Top Human Resource Software Tools For Small Businesses

The HR tools in this list will help grow teams in a variety of ways. From organization and productivity to compliance and payroll — these small business HR software systems are a business owner’s best friend when it comes to running an efficient organization where employees are properly supported, valued, paid on time, trained effectively, and communicated to regularly.

1) BambooHR

Best for: Businesses that need an all-inclusive HR solution, from hiring to offboarding.


👉 See BambooHR in Action!

BambooHR centralizes all core HR tasks and employee information, from recruitment to performance reviews. The software simplifies HR operations with its intuitive interface, reducing paperwork and manual processes. Its robust reporting ensures businesses stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Notable Features:

Why this is the ideal HR software for small businesses: BambooHR brings enterprise-level features in a package tailored to the business needs and budgets of organizations.

“I love how easy Bamboo HR is to use. As a small organization that does not have dedicated HR, it makes it easy for everyone from the administrators to managers to the employees to use.”—G2 review

Streamline your HR operations effortlessly with BambooHR.


2) Deel

Best for: Global businesses seeking streamlined international hiring and compliance.


👉 See Deel in Action!

Deel simplifies the complex international hiring process by ensuring compliance with local laws. It automates contracts and payouts in over 120 currencies, smoothing global expansion for businesses. Its seamless user-friendly interface guarantees efficient HR processes, making it a fitting tool to run HR for small businesses.

Notable HR Features:

  • Automated contract creation for global hires
  • Real-time compliance updates for 150+ countries, perfect for HR outsourcing
  • Multi-currency payouts

Why small businesses love this HR software: Deel offers an all-in-one platform for international hiring, saving time and ensuring legal peace of mind.

“Deel is crucial to the management of our offshore team. It’s refreshing to know that we have compliance documents auto-populated for each country, and that takes the worry off our plate.”—Capterra review

Deel is your go-to platform for compliant and effortless international hiring.


3) Paychex

Best for: Businesses of all sizes looking for a one-stop payroll solution inclusive of in-house expertise.


👉 See Paychex in Action!

Paychex is a comprehensive solution that offers HR, Benefits, and Payroll in one place. Worth mentioning is the specialist expertise available at Paychex. You can have experts review and advise on your unique HR needs and challenges.

Notable Features:

  • Easily set up and run payroll online with just a few clicks.
  • Automatically calculate, pay, and file payroll taxes.
  • Self-service capability for employees.

Why small businesses love this HR software solution: Paychex is best known for its payroll suite, which has helped many businesses streamline their payroll workflows and ensure compliance.

“Paychex Flex has cut the time we spend processing payroll requests in half, if not more. Giving employees the ability to make most changes on their own allows our Payroll Admin to focus on other parts of the business that require more attention.” – Capterra

If you’re looking for a payroll solution that does it all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Paychex.


4) Papaya Global

Best for: Overseas hiring and seamless scaling.


👉 See Papaya in Action!

Papaya Global serves businesses with a minimum of 250 employees that are keen to drive growth. The company’s platform can help you hire, manage, and pay a global workforce from over 160 countries and counting!

Notable Features:

  • Self-service employee app available globally for employees to view payslips and track their attendance.
  • EOR (Employee of Record) services, including dedicated local experts and 100% compliance.
  • Aside from hiring, Papaya Global can also help you move and relocate staff while managing the visa/immigration process end-to-end.

Why small businesses love this HR software solution: Papaya Global is ideal for ambitious small businesses with a minimum of 250 employees targeting a global employee base eager to scale.

“Our overall experience has been very positive and Papaya is a platform we regularly recommend to other HR teams.”– Capterra

Looking to hire globally to optimize costs but don’t want the hassle of visas, management, payment, or compliance? Look no further than Papaya Global.


5) Recruitee

Best for: And companies aiming to optimize their recruitment process.


👉 See Recruitee in Action!

Recruitee stands out as a collaborative hiring platform, making talent acquisition a team effort. With tools to streamline every stage of recruitment, it ensures businesses attract and hire the right talent.

Notable Features:

  • Collaborative hiring workflows to organize job postings and offer letters
  • Branded career sites
  • Advanced recruitment analytics including skill competency analysis

Why both startups and enterprise companies love this HR software: Recruitee transforms recruitment into a team-driven process, ensuring quicker, more effective hires and fostering team alignment from the get-go.

“Recruitee stands as a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) crafted to simplify and streamline the recruitment process. As a regular user of Recruitee, I’ve found it to be an indispensable tool in our day-to-day recruitment work. The ease of use helps us maintain a clear overview of all applications and candidates, and optimize our processes.”—G2 review 

With Recruitee, make every hire count.


6) Rippling

Best for: Businesses looking for integrated workforce management solutions.


👉 See Rippling in Action!

Rippling serves as a unified platform where HR meets IT. Beyond traditional HR tasks, it assists in managing employees’ payroll, software, and paid time-off request approvals. Integration across departments ensures consistency and reduces administrative overhead.

Notable Features:

  • Unified cloud-based HR and IT system for secure employee records and timesheets
  • Automated employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Centralized employee data dashboard

Why small businesses love this HR software: Rippling offers a dual advantage, addressing both HR and IT needs and streamlining processes across the board.

“Overall the product is easy to use and deploy. For a smaller company, being able to deploy an HRIS that also ties in the basic IT and security functions related to off-boarding and onboarding new employees is a huge benefit.” — G2 review

Make HR and IT collaboration seamless with Rippling.


7) ADP

Best for: Customizable small business HR and Payroll solutions.


👉 See ADP in Action!

With ADP, you can shop for just the HR tools you need in the form of a platform, technology, or even human expertise. ADP also provides PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services, meaning they’ll lease and manage employees to handle all your time-consuming and laborious HR tasks.

Notable Features:

  • Choose and pay for just the HR tools from a choice of payroll, time and attendance, talent management, benefits, HR outsourcing and PEO, and specialist HR expertise.
  • ADP online digital marketplace where you can purchase just the HR solutions you need.
  • Easily integrate ADP with other popular business software you’re already using.

Why small businesses love this HR software solution: ADP offers a great deal of flexibility, so you’re not paying for packages with software you don’t really use.

“I do not have to download multiple software for each task because ADP Payroll Services itself provides so many options. It makes our job really easy because I do not have to do anything manually.” – G2

If you’re a cost-conscious small business looking for flexible HR software solutions, give ADP a try today!



Best for: Teams looking for a highly customizable work operating system.

👉 See in Action! is more than just a human resources management software; it’s a flexible platform that can be tailored to fit any department’s needs. For HR, it brings automation, time tracking, and visual project management together.

Notable Features:

  • Drag-and-drop HR workflows
  • Mobile app and integration capabilities with other management tools
  • Visual progress tracking

Why small businesses love this HR software solution:’s adaptability means it can grow and change with the company, making it an enduring solution irrespective of evolving HR demands.

“I like because this task manager allows me to work collaboratively with my team. It gives you all the tools so you can organize your projects, making known the tasks that have to be done weekly.”—Capterra review is where flexibility meets productivity in HR.


9) Remote

Best for: Companies aiming for compliant global hiring, tax filing, and payroll processing.

👉 See Remote in Action!

Remote ensures businesses can hire globally while navigating the maze of international labor laws. Their platform simplifies international HR tasks, from managing contracts to benefit providers.

Notable Features:

  • Global payroll management
  • Tax compliance in multiple countries
  • Intellectual property and invention assignment agreements

A robust HR platform for small businesses: removes the complexities of international hiring. It’s software that enables small businesses to expand their talent pool globally with ease.

“Remote is easy to onboard, have a clear web UI where you can find things like your files and payrolls easily. They are also quick to respond to any queries and have been nothing but swift and helpful in my engagements so far.”—G2 review 

Expand your business horizons fearlessly with Remote.


10) Bob

Best for: Modern companies looking for a culture-driven HR platform.

👉 See Bob in Action!

Bob, or HiBob, is an HR tool that puts company culture at the forefront. By blending administrative functions with employee engagement features, it fosters a positive workplace environment.

Notable Features:

  • Culture-driven onboarding process
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Customizable incentives for employee motivation

Why Bob makes a great small business HR system: Bob’s unique approach promotes company culture and engagement and acts as an employee retention tool, vital for organizations aiming to retain top talent and foster a collaborative environment.

“Unlike other HRIS companies I’ve worked with in the past, the Bob platform is incredibly flexible. I’m able to set up customized onboarding flows, employee fields, and reports for every instance. Surprises come up in HR a lot and HiBob can go with the flow.”—Capterra review

With Bob, nurture a workplace that employees cherish.


11) OnPay

Best for: Businesses in need of a robust yet simple payroll solution for lean HR teams.


👉 See OnPay in Action!

OnPay provides an uncomplicated, all-in-one payroll, HR, and benefits platform. Designed specifically with small businesses in mind, it guarantees a smooth user experience and comprehensive customer support.

Notable Features:

  • Automated payroll tax calculations
  • HR templates and document management
  • Benefits synchronization with payroll

Why we love this HR small business software: OnPay’s uncomplicated interface, combined with its powerful features, ensures people operation tasks are hassle-free, letting business owners focus on growth.

“Onboarding our new employee was made very simple. Our specialist was very helpful and patient with me for our first payroll run. Pricing was easy and fair. They made a daunting task simple.”—G2 review

Streamlining payroll has never been easier with OnPay.


12) Bambee

Best for: Businesses seeking affordable HR consultancy and compliance solutions.


👉 See Bambee in Action!

Bambee pairs businesses with a dedicated HR manager who guides them through the intricacies of compliance and employee relations. This ensures that even without an in-house HR expert, businesses remain compliant.

Notable Features:

  • Dedicated HR managers for personalized guidance
  • Custom policy creation and implementation
  • Regular compliance audits

Why this is one of the best HR software for small businesses: Bambee offers the human resource management expertise of dedicated professionals without the cost of a full-time hire, bridging the gap for small businesses.

“We use Bambee for HR services it is easy and quick to onboard employees, issue and track discipline.”—Capterra review

Bambee ensures that expert HR support and guidance about the full employee lifecycle is accessible to all SMBs.


13) Oyster

Best for: Distributed teams seeking hassle-free international employment.


👉 See Oyster in Action!

Oyster simplifies international employment, covering contracts, global payroll, and benefits such as health insurance. It’s the ideal solution for businesses aiming to build a global team without the associated complexities.

Notable HR Management Features:

  • Comprehensive global payroll
  • Local compliance automation
  • Benefits management across countries

Why this is the ideal HR software for small businesses: Oyster’s platform is a one-stop-shop for all international employment needs, eliminating barriers to global growth.

“Oyster, so far, has delivered professional services accompanied by a great knowledge base about the laws and the caveats of the country I was needed to be employed from. The onboarding for new hires has been a very pleasant experience also thanks to the kindness of the agents.”—G2 review

With Oyster, the world is your talent pool.

People Also Ask These Questions About HR Software For Small Business

Q: Do small business owners need HR?

  • A: Yes – while small businesses might operate on leaner teams, their HR needs are no less important. Human Resources ensures that businesses comply with labor laws, foster a positive work culture, manage talent effectively, and address employee concerns. Additionally, as small businesses grow, recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration complexities also increase. Having a dedicated HR function or personnel helps small business owners navigate these complexities, ensuring smooth operations and reducing potential liabilities.

Q: What are the benefits of using human resources software for my small business?

  • A: Human resources software provides numerous advantages for small businesses. Firstly, it automates administrative tasks like payroll services and attendance, saving valuable time. Secondly, it streamlines recruitment, onboarding, and employee performance management evaluations. This software often provides analytics and reporting, enabling businesses to make data-driven HR decisions. Additionally, HR software makes compliance with labor laws more manageable, reducing risks. Finally, these platforms often enhance employee experience, allowing for employee self-service portals, transparent performance reviews, and efficient communication channels.

Q: Why do small businesses need HR software?

  • A: Small businesses need HR software to stay efficient, compliant, and competitive. With limited resources, small businesses can’t afford inefficiencies in HR processes. HR software ensures streamlined operations, minimizing errors and redundancies. It helps maintain compliance with labor regulations, which can change frequently and have profound implications if not adhered to. Furthermore, as the talent landscape becomes more competitive, HR software aids in efficient talent management—ensuring businesses can attract, retain, and develop the best talent. HR software has become an indispensable tool, allowing small businesses to scale smoothly and maintain a happy, productive workforce.

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