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10 Best People Management Software Platforms For 2024

By February 15, 2024 February 20th, 2024

What if you could unlock the full potential of your team with just a few clicks?

People management software is transforming that ‘what if’ into reality for businesses around the globe.
In an era characterized by dynamic work structures, including the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, the demand for streamlined HR processes has never been more critical. That’s precisely why we tailored this guide to help you pick the right tools to enhance team productivity, foster employee engagement, and elevate overall workplace efficiency.

Join us on a journey to explore the transformative potential of these solutions, unlocking the path to a more agile, connected, and productive workforce.

What Is People Management Software?

People management software is a digital solution designed to help you speed up and optimize diverse aspects of the human resource function within an organization. These HR software solutions are tailored to meet the needs of HR professionals, team leaders, and business managers alike, offering one centralized hub for managing employee-related tasks and processes.

The primary functions of people management software encompass a wide range of HR activities, contributing to increased efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.

Note you might find people management software under different terms such as human resource management software (HRMS) or human capital management (HCM) platform. Most tools will cater to similar use cases but, as they’re evolving, will gradually introduce new functionality, sometimes expanding beyond HR alone.

Best People Management Software Tools

  1   BambooHR


👉 See BambooHR in Action!

BambooHR is one of the most popular human resource management tools that cater to the entire employee lifecycle. You’ll find the tool will help you from hiring and onboarding to maintaining and improving the employee experience.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: We enjoy this HRIS tool because it simply lets you address every HR-related need you have. The complexity of the platform means you can safely rely on this as you’re only go-to solution for all people management efforts.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Employee Database Software: Helps you manage sensitive data in one secure database to end double-entry errors and multiple updates.
  • Employee Wellbeing: Listen to your employees and get their feedback to give them a voice and improve engagement.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Create a memorable hiring experience to create a positive first impression and get your entire team involved in the hiring process.


  2   ClearCompany

👉 See ClearCompany in Action!

ClearCompany is a talent management software company that provides solutions for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, task management, and workforce planning. Its main goal is to help HR managers focus on one employee at a time to maximize their talent and reap the results as a team. You’ll find this user-friendly HR solution offers a blend of features that cater to planning, culture, goal setting, OKRs, and execution.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: This solution is a great choice for leaders who need the tools to plan for skill development. ClearCompany empowers them to proactively strategize for the future by establishing targeted headcount goals aligned with their objectives.

Furthermore, this people management software allows different departments [e.g. finance, HR teams, and recruiters] to collaboratively explore various scenarios and predict potential staffing gaps before they impact overall outcomes.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Applicant Tracking: Post job openings and manage candidate applications to improve efficiency in sourcing, screening, and hiring top talent.
  • Onboarding Automation: Make sure that new hires can quickly integrate into the organization and reduce administrative burdens to enhance the overall employee experience.
  • Analytics: Monitor the results and outcomes of your talent initiatives, getting valuable insights into organizational trends and demographics.


  3   Deel


👉 See Deel in Action!

Like other payroll tools, Deel provides global employee payroll as well as a range of features to help you engage, train, and reward your team. Its promise? Faster onboarding and easy compliance across the world.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Planning on building a global team? Don’t have the resources to handle tiring tasks such as managing contracts or running background checks? Deel might just be the right pick for you. This platform handles every administrative task that might otherwise be time-consuming or costly.

For instance, it provides the tools you need for creating, managing, and storing contracts digitally. This can help your organization maintain compliance and have a centralized repository for all contractual agreements.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Employer of Record: Hires employees on your behalf and lets you quickly onboard employees in over 100 countries without the extra costs or admin time requirements.
  • Equip: Buy, ship, and manage office equipment [e.g. chairs, laptops, headphones] your team needs anywhere in the world.
  • Shield: Defend your company from fines that a contractor misclassification could incur.


  4   Leapsome

👉 See Leapsome in Action!

Leapsome delivers on its promise to bring people enablement to your tech stack. If most of the other human resources management software on this list focuses on compliance and administrative tasks, Leapsome puts productivity, engagement, and development first.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Leapsome stands out as an effective people management software due to its comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate continuous performance management, smoother workflows, employee engagement, and professional development, all within a user-friendly and highly customizable platform.

Its ability to integrate with existing business tools, coupled with data-driven insights, enables organizations to streamline HR processes, align team goals with company objectives, and foster a positive workplace culture.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Goals: Monitor and engage in goal tracking at every organizational level, fostering alignment, accountability, and transparency throughout the entire company.
  • Competency Framework: Establish organization-wide or team-specific competencies to assess employee performance and monitor their progress and growth over time.
  • Learning & Onboarding: Build learning paths, automate training content, and make decisions based on educational results.



👉 See in Action!

Let’s be clear from the start, is primarily a project management solution. However, thanks to its high personalization options, small businesses have been starting to use it for other use cases such as people management, learning management systems, operations, and marketing.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Custom tables, boards, and fields mean you can turn them into any kind of database you need. For example, you can use it to manage recruitment pipelines, onboarding processes, or employee training programs.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Kanban Boards: This is one of the easiest task organization methods for your day-to-day HR activities.
  • Integrations: connects with HR tools such as Jobflows, Givebutter, or CarbonRecruiting.
  • Forms: Gather and track employee requests.


  6   ClickUp


👉 See ClickUp in Action!

ClickUp is an online collaboration solution that helps with time tracking, goal monitoring, knowledge management, and more. Among its top use cases, you can use ClickUp for human resource management, recruitment, onboarding, and talent management.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Its customizable views mean you can use ClickUp for pretty much anything. In its essence though, it acts as a central hub for employee information, facilitating employee-manager communication. As a bonus, if you use its project management module, you can also easily connect it to performance management without needing extra third-party tools.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Goals: Create measurable goals and connect them to tasks employees are working on.
  • Chat: Support real-time collaboration, assign action items, and share files.
  • Time: Track time, share estimates, and run accurate reporting.


  7   Remote

👉 See Remote in Action!

Remote was initially created to help companies work with international talent regardless of location. Now, this platform has greatly expanded, providing a complete system for managing payroll, benefits, and talent across the entire lifecycle.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Remote is a cloud-based option for companies looking to hire remotely all across the globe. Its employer-of-record capabilities and management features ensure you’ve got no barriers when wanting to work with the best employees worldwide.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Employer of Record: Hire and manage employees worldwide while staying compliant.
  • Employee Self-Service: Let your people access payslips, clock in for the workday, manage their benefits, request time off, and more.
  • Talent Management: Track employee changes, manage any requests, and handle offboarding.


  8   Crunchr

👉 See Crunchr in Action!

Beyond workforce planning, Crunchr is a people analytics platform. Its main focus remains unifying your data, guiding you through AI-assisted technology, and giving you access to advanced security options.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Crunchr excels when it comes to its analytical capabilities. The tool allows your employees to get their people-related questions answered in seconds to boost retention, guarantee equality and inclusivity, and improve succession planning.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • People Analytics: Use real-time data to make fact-based decisions and get a clear picture of what’s happening within your organization.
  • HR Dashboard: Monitor essential metrics and key performance indicators, creating visually appealing data dashboards.
  • Workforce Planning: Forecast headcount, costs, and similar metrics, plan for supply and demand, and more!


  9   ADP


👉 See ADP in Action!

ADP offers a range of solutions related to payroll processing, workforce management, talent management, and human capital management. ADP’s services cater to businesses of various sizes and industries, helping them streamline their HR processes, manage payroll, onboard new employees, and comply with regulatory requirements.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: ADP is one of the best choices for preventing risks and maintaining compliance with various laws and policies. Their compliance services are some of the best on this list, making the tool a popular choice for large teams where compliance can be time-consuming and prone to more errors.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Employment Verification: Automate the process of fulfilling income, employment, and identity verification requests required by your employees for purposes such as mortgage quotes or loan applications.
  • Time & Attendance: Automatically track time and attendance to maintain payroll accuracy and compliance.
  • Health Compliance: Manage ACA compliance and keep your team healthy.


  10   Zoho


👉 See Zoho in Action!

Zoho is the type of software that extends beyond people management needs. The company provides an extensive range of tools for HR, CRM, Sales, Project management, and countless other use cases.

🏅 Why this is an effective people management software: Looking just at their people management software, Zoho is one of the easiest tools to customize. You simply have to choose the tools you want from their People module. For instance, for a complete people management solution with recruitment capabilities, you’ll want to choose their People and Recruit tools.

⭐️ Standout Features

  • Workerly: Close jobs faster and manage temporary staffing.
  • BackToWork: Track employee wellness and facility readiness when returning to the office.
  • Shifts: Plan shifts and track time.

Benefits of Using People Management Software Tools

The adoption of people management software offers a multitude of benefits for organizations, enhancing various aspects of human resource management and contributing to overall organizational efficiency. Here are some key advantages:

✅ Helping you save time – With the right workforce management software in use, you can reduce manual and time-consuming HR tasks such as employee data entry, payroll processing, payroll management, managing timesheets, PTO, employee benefits, attendance tracking, or performance reviews and assessments.

✅ Making better decisions – Use insightful reports and analytics on workforce trends to enable data-driven decision-making for HR, organizational planning, and employee development.

✅ Boosting employee engagement – Empower your employees with employee engagement tools for accessing and updating their data, managing perks, enabling employee feedback, and requesting time off.

✅ Managing and preventing risks – Run audit trails and stay compliant with labor laws, industry regulations, and other legal requirements, reducing the risk of penalties or legal issues.

✅ Maintaining accurate data access – Make use of a centralized database for employee information, ensuring consistent and accurate data across all HR functions.

Tips for Using People Management Software Systems

To maximize the benefits of people management software and ensure its effective use within an organization, consider the following tips:

1) Provide sufficient and extensive training to its users

Regularly update training materials and dedicate training sessions for HR professionals, managers, and employees to ensure everyone understands how to use the software effectively.

2) Properly integrate the tool with other third-party apps you’re using

Integrate the people management software with other critical systems such as payroll, time and attendance, and finance to ensure seamless data flow and consistency. [Note: This can also be a solid criterion when picking your next office management software.]

3) Get employees to share their thoughts

Encourage users to provide feedback on the software’s usability and effectiveness and use this feedback to identify areas for improvement.

4) Keep your data secured

Provide role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific information.

5) Plan for the future

Make sure the people management platform you’re using can scale with the growth of your organization by assessing whether it can accommodate an expanding workforce and your HR department’s needs.

People Also Ask These Questions About People Management Software

Q: What are the key features of people management software?

  • A: While you’ll want your employee management software to cater to your core use cases, common key features include information management, recruitment tracking, performance management, payroll processing, benefits administration, security controls, and more.

Q: How can people management software improve team productivity?

  • A: People management software automates routine HR tasks such as payroll processing, time tracking, and leave management. This frees up time, allowing you to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. People management software further assists in setting and aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives, ensuring that ensure that employees stay on track and can make necessary adjustments to improve their performance.

Q: What are the common challenges in implementing people management software?

  • A: While the process of implementing people management software is fairly easy, migrating existing employee data to the new system and integrating the people management software with existing systems can be complex and may result in data inconsistencies if not executed properly. Inadequate user training can also impede the effective use of the software while managing sensitive employee data can raise concerns about data security and privacy.

Q: How do people management software support remote work?

  • A: People management software is a must-have solution for remote companies thanks to its ability to unify all data in a place that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. These tools also come with extra communication and employee self-service portals that further add to the benefits of using them remotely or within a hybrid workforce.Note that people management software typically includes robust security measures to protect sensitive employee data. This is especially crucial when employees access the system remotely, ensuring data privacy and compliance with security standards.

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