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20 Best Work Ecards For Coworkers And Colleagues That Make The Workplace More Fun In 2024

By June 24, 2022 May 1st, 2023

It’s fair to say that the words “fun” and “work” don’t always go together when it comes to our jobs or our overall work environment.

It’s a job… if it was meant to be fun, it would be a hobby, right?

WRONG! (insert game show fail sound effect)

Best Work Ecards For Employees & Coworkers

Injecting some fun into your colleague‘s workday is no longer comparable to passing a note in Jr. High without getting caught.

You can still send a personalized message, but the fear of punishment is gone. Appreciation in the workplace is a movement that’s catching on and the fun factor is a major component.

When you consider that “82% of employees believe that praise and recognition help them improve their job performance,” sending fun ecards to coworkers is actually a continuously cycling investment in your business.

By making the workplace a more fun and appreciative environment, you’re also reinforcing the company’s core values, improving employee performance, and feeding a recognition-rich culture.

There’s really just no good reason not to make fun ecards at work a part of your recognition program. So with all this in mind, what are you waiting for? Read on for some great examples and simple ways to get started on adding more fun to your colleague’s day (insert game show win sound effect)!

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What is a group card for work?

A group ecard for your colleagues is a super creative and mindful way of conveying a collective message from the whole team. Ecards can be personalized for so many occasions, whether it’s a job promotion, retirement, birthday, work anniversary, or even just a simple “thank you.” They’re thoughtful, environmentally friendly, easily circulated for signatures, and guaranteed to brighten your coworker’s day.

How to send an ecard at work

  1   Determine when to send the ecard

Get the dates (some minor recon work may be necessary for this step). Do you know your colleague’s birthday? How about their work anniversary? Promotions, thank yous, and other reasons to show appreciation will certainly arise but having these basic milestones on the calendar is a great place to start.

  2   Find the right ecard

There are a ton of group ecards services so do your homework and choose the card you like the most for the occasion you’re celebrating. Consider the message and how it may resonate with your colleague. Maybe choose something they’ll like so much, they’ll want to keep it long after they leave the company.

  3   Ask people to sign it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or scattered remotely, just ASK people. Ask them if you run into them in the office. Email everyone letting them know it would mean a lot if they sign the ecard. Slack people if that’s quicker and easier or ask them when you have meetings together. Just ASK them.

  4   Final reminder for everyone when you expect to send it to them

Last call on signatures! Send out a final wrap-up message in case some people haven’t signed yet. Be clear on when you plan to send it so they can be sure to connect with you in time.

  5   Ecard is sent on the day/time that you had planned

Being on time isn’t just for meetings and dinner dates. Timing is everything so be sure to collect your signatures and click the send button when you told everyone you would.

  6   Pair the ecard with a thoughtful gift or sweet treat

A perfect pairing can really boost your gratitude game. Partnering your ingeniously funny work ecard with a delectable treat or a gratitude-packed gift amplifies the message you want to send.

Pro-Tip: Pair your ecard with a dedicated Employee Birthday Box or Work Anniversary Box from Caroo. They set you up with everything so that the day you send your ecard they receive a customized gift box full of treats!

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Workplace Ecards for Coworkers and Colleagues

Employee Appreciation Ecard

The best time to send an employee appreciation ecard is either at the end of a long project or after a performance review. This gesture of recognition will go a long way towards motivating employees to continue working towards their goals.

1) Thank You From The Team Work Ecard


This employee appreciation thank you ecard is perfect to send a junior employee to let them know their hard work is appreciated.

This employee appreciation ecard pairs with: Sips + Snacks Box

2) World Class Mentor Ecard


This ecard is great to send to a manager who directly supports employee growth and development. Someone who works hard to encourage employees and pushes them to meet their goals.

This employee appreciation ecard pairs with: Thank You Chocolate

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Work Anniversary Ecards

Work anniversaries are a time to celebrate your coworkers’ loyalty and invaluable contributions to the company over the years. Anniversaries roll around each year so the best time to send these ecards is easy – every year, for every employee, so they really understand how much their service means to you and the organization overall. The work anniversary ecards in this list are designed to help celebrate an important milestone in your colleague’s career.

3) The Nicest Coworker Anniversary Ecard


This work anniversary ecard is perfect for celebrating those extra special coworkers who really make working together year after year so much fun.

This work anniversary ecard pairs with: Cookies + Chocolate Sauce

4) First Work Anniversary Ecard


Making it through the first year is HUGE and this ecard is perfect for celebrating your newer coworker’s first of many work anniversaries to come.

This work anniversary ecard pairs with: Celebration Bouquet


Coworker Birthday Ecards

Coworker birthday ecards are the perfect way to celebrate a colleague’s special day, near or far. Birthdays are a personal milestone and these ecards deliver a perfectly personal birthday wish from everyone on the team.

5) Cue The Confetti Ecard


Confetti typically means a celebration so this coworker birthday ecard is perfect for celebrating the best colleague on the team.

This coworker birthday ecard pairs with: Happy Birthday Oreos

6) Happy Birthday From All Over the World Ecard


This ecard is ideal for making a trip “around the world” for signatures by your global team members.

This coworker birthday ecard pairs with: Happy Birthday Socks

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Work From Home Ecards

Working remotely means having to stay connected in new and innovative ways. A work from home ecard reassures remote employees that outta sight does NOT mean outta mind.

7) You Keep Things Running Ecard


Perfect for that outstanding leader who ensures everyone on their team is fully supported and performing well while working from home

This work from home ecard pairs with: Amplify Snacks + Goods Box

8) The Glue That Holds Our Team Together Ecard

Glue That Holds Our Team Together Ecard

The best colleagues strive to make sure their team is cohesive and this ecard lets them know you see and appreciate them.

This work from home ecard pairs with: Wine & Chocolate Pairing


Funny Ecards About Work

Let’s be honest… work can be stressful! Sending a funny ecard about work when things are feeling heavy can definitely lighten the mood with a little comic relief.

9) This Year Has Been Bananas Ecard

This Year Has Been Bananas Ecard

This funny ecard about work is best to send at the completion of a big project or even at the end of a big growth year.

This funny work ecard pairs with: Bath + Body Extravagance

10) Done With Adulting Ecard

Done With Adulting Ecard

An extra-appropriate ecard for that coworker who’s always the responsible one of the group and deserves a little recognition for keeping everyone else in line.

This funny work ecard pairs with: Mindfulness Box


Welcome To The Team Ecard For New Employees

New employees are full of curiosity, ambition…and nervousness. These ecards are an excellent addition to their onboarding process and a stellar way to welcome them to their new team.

11) One Team One Dream Ecard


They may be new but this team ecard for new employees lets them know they’re a valued part of the team from day one.

This new employee ecard pairs with: Dream Team Chocolate

12) Vegas-Style Welcome Ecard

Vegas-Style Welcome Ecard

This fabulous welcome to the team ecard brings the fun (not funk) to your new employee experience.

This new employee ecard pairs with: Mini Happy Hour Gift


Retirement Ecards

Retirement may be the end of an era, it’s also the start of a new and exciting one. These retirement ecards and pairings send your dedicated employee off in style and celebration.

13) Personalized Chalkboard Ecard


The ideal retirement ecard for the employee whose service can’t be appropriately appreciated without a personal touch.

This retirement ecard pairs with: Liquor Chocolates

14) Celebration of Relaxation Ecard

Celebration of Relaxation Ecard

This ecard was made for the employee whose main objective after retirement is to finally just relaaaaaax.

This retirement ecard pairs with: Lavender Relaxation Kit


Farewell Ecards From Group

Some will leave for outside opportunities, others for career advancement within the company. These farewell ecards from a group are a thoughtful way to send them off on their new path with the best of wishes. Even though they may be going away, they’ll have this digital keepsake with them forever.

15) Watercooler Star Ecard


An ecard that shows the employee how much they’ll be missed and how much they contributed to office dynamics as the watercooler star!

This farewell ecard pairs with: Farewell Brownies

16) Say Yes To New Adventure Ecard

Say Yes To New Adventure Ecard

If your departing employee is leaving for a career change, this farewell ecard shows support for their new calling from the whole team.

This farewell ecard pairs with: Wanderlust Candle


Thank You Ecards For Colleagues

Possibly two of the most impactful yet underused words in business – “thank you.” Showing gratitude to colleagues doesn’t require the perfect time nor a big milestone occasion so these thank you ecards are perfect ALL the time.

17) Thanks a Latte Ecard

There are a latte of reasons to say thank you to your coworkers and this ecard doesn’t take a latte of work to do so.


This thank you ecard pairs with: Hot + Cold Coffee Bundle

18) Nacho Average Colleague Ecard

Nacho Average Colleague Ecard

The perfectly punny thank you card for that colleague who stands out from the rest.

This thank you ecard pairs with: Truffle Hot Sauce


Congratulations Ecards For Job Promotion

A coworker’s job promotion is certainly celebratory. A congratulations card from the team can mean a lot as they continue crushing their goals. Make sure they know their old squad will miss them but also supports their ongoing career goals.

19) Your New Team Is Going To Love You More Than Coffee Ecard

Your New Team Is Going To Love You More Than Coffee Ecard

When they’re nervous about their new team, this congratulations card brings a little boost of confidence and support.

This congratulations ecard pairs with: 15 Snacks + Essentials Box

20) Taco Bout a Cause For Celebration Ecard

Taco Bout a Cause For Celebration Ecard

Taco is a perfectly unique ecard for congratulating your newly promoted coworker!

This congratulations ecard pairs with: Celebration Socks Giftset



Workplace ecards for your colleagues deliver fun and recognition straight to their inbox. The first greeting card is believed to date all the way back to 1477. A mere 517 years later, ecards hit the internet in 1994. American Greetings and Hallmark may have cornered the paper cards market, but digital cards, animated ecards, and professional ecard services are redefining the act of card giving.

Some of the funniest office humor comes in the forms of cartoon memes with funny quotes and creative gifs, but we can’t get those features from cards in a lick-n-stick envelope. The great news is, you can send ecards to coworkers for so many reasons and they come packed with five major benefits. They’re:

  • crafty and creative
  • easy on the environmental impact (like… zero impact)
  • great for SO many occasions (or no occasion at all)
  • cost effective – some even offer free ecards
  • personal and FUN!

People Also Ask These Questions About Work Ecards

Q: How do I create a group card for the office?

Q: Can I send a funny work card?

  • A: You can send a funny work card to your colleague, just be sure it’s not offensive or inappropriate for the workplace.

Q: Are there free work ecards for the office?

  • A: There are free work ecards for the office and we’ve given you some super helpful links in the article above to check out.

Q: What are the best ecards for coworkers?

  • A: The best ecards for coworkers are those that clearly communicate what you’re celebrating and are signed by their whole team.

Q: How do I send a work card with multiple signatures?

  • A: You can send a work ecard with multiple signatures by clicking the links in the article above to choose the best ecard then begin virtually circulating for signatures.

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