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💡11 Best Brainstorming Templates to Generate Better Ideas Faster in 2024

By January 5, 2024 May 8th, 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, having ideas quickly is essential for any business’s success.

To come up with creative and effective solutions in the shortest amount of time, you need a good brainstorming process. This is where brainstorming templates come in!

Brainstorming templates are proven to help teams generate better ideas faster and can be easily adapted to different types of projects and challenges.

A study conducted by Forbes Insights found that companies that use brainstorming templates are 53% more likely to make progress faster than their competitors. Share on X

Generating great ideas for projects or campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging. To help streamline this process we’ve rounded up the best brainstorming templates that can assist you in generating ideas more quickly and efficiently.

From powerful campaign planning templates to Disney’s creative strategy template, these tools will empower teams with the right mindset and methodologies needed to come up with innovative solutions.

So let’s get started on turning your creative ideas into reality. Read on to discover which brainstorming template is right for you!

In a hurry? Check out some of our favorite brainstorming templates:

Reverse Brainstorming 💡 Reverse engineer your success Reverse Template
Content Planning 👩🏽‍💻 Create a content calendar that works for you Content Planning
Business Brainstorming 💼 Think outside the box Business Plan
Disney Creative Strategy 💭 Let your imagination run wild Disney Strategy
Creative Processes ⚡️ Let your ideas flow freely Creative Template


What Is a Brainstorming Template?

Brainstorming templates are tools that provide structure and guidance for creative teams to come up with innovative ideas.

These templates come in various forms such as questionnaires, mind maps, charts, or diagrams, and help team members better organize their thoughts while sharing knowledge. They also facilitate collaboration between teams by actively encouraging stakeholders to participate in the discussion and contribute their individual perspectives.

Benefits of Brainstorming Templates

There are many benefits to using a brainstorming template when working on a project or campaign. It helps to save time, focus discussions, and encourage idea generation through collaboration.

Here are some of the key advantages of using a brainstorming template:

✅ Benefit 1 – Brainstorming templates provide a structure for organizing creative ideas and help team members to generate more productive conversations.

✅  Benefit 2 – They can help focus conversations on specific topics and objectives with predetermined questions that are pertinent to the task at hand.

✅  Benefit 3 – Brainstorming templates can help teams come up with better solutions as each member is encouraged to provide his/her own unique perspective on how to solve a problem.

✅  Benefit 4 – They enable visual mapping which makes it easier to track progress over time, allowing teams to quickly identify which ideas are working and which should be discarded.

✅  Benefit 5 – Brainstorming templates can help teams to stay organized, productive, and motivated as they work together towards their common goal.


Best Brainstorming Templates

1. Squad Brainstorm Template by ClickUp

The Squad Brainstorm template is a framework for conducting brainstorming sessions within smaller teams or squads. It encourages open dialogue by providing a structured approach to idea generation. The template guides participants through defining the problem or goal, sharing ideas, and evaluating potential solutions.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This teamwork template breaks down complex challenges into manageable parts and fosters creativity through collective thinking.

🚀 Start here: Squad Brainstorm Template by ClickUp


2. Brainwriting Template by Miro

The Brainwriting Template allows teams (no matter where they’re located) to brainstorm without ever having to leave their desks. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping sticky notes onto a virtual board and then using those notes to generate ideas. The board is split into columns so everyone can see each other’s thoughts.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This brainstorming technique eliminates mundane workflows while fostering creativity and visual collaboration across distributed team members and colleagues alike. You can have your remote teams working together in no time with this one-of-a-kind template.

🚀 Start here: Brainwriting Template by Miro


3. Content Planning Template by

The Content Planning template is designed to streamline the process of planning and organizing content creation. It provides a visual representation of content ideas, allowing teams to map out topics, assign tasks, and set deadlines.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This template enables team collaboration and communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It also facilitates efficient content planning, improves team coordination, and provides a centralized platform for idea sharing.

🚀 Start here: Content Planning Template by


4. Reverse Brainstorming Template by Miro

The Reverse Brainstorming Template is a unique approach to problem-solving that involves reversing the traditional brainstorming process. Instead of generating ideas to solve a problem, this template prompts participants to generate ideas on how to worsen or exacerbate the problem. By exploring the opposite direction, teams can identify potential root causes or uncover unconventional solutions.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This creative technique encourages thinking from different perspectives, stimulates creativity through unconventional approaches, and helps look at the big-picture and uncover hidden insights.

🚀 Start here: Reverse Brainstorming Template by Miro


5. Powerful Campaign Planning Template by

The Powerful Campaign Planning Template is specifically designed for planning and executing marketing campaigns. It provides a comprehensive framework for organizing tasks, tracking progress, and collaborating with team members. The template allows teams to define campaign objectives, outline strategies, assign responsibilities, and monitor performance.

🚨  Why this is a good brainstorming template: This brainstorming and workflow template streamlines campaign planning, improves communication and coordination, and ensures that all campaign elements are considered.

🚀 Start here: Powerful Campaign Planning Template by


6. Business Brainstorming Template by ClickUp

With this nifty tool, you can explore, categorize, and develop new business ideas in a truly innovative way. This brainstorming template helps users separate ideas into four distinct categories: What you love, What you know, What the world needs, and What people will pay for. This is a great resource and facilitator for employers and business managers who want to identify which areas might need extra attention or which products could be developed next.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This affinity diagram is an engaging and interesting way to bring together colleagues and coworkers in a meaningful group exercise. You’ll also be able to quickly see which direction an idea needs to take and where it would best fit in order to maximize profitability or customer satisfaction. It’s time for everyone to get their brain juices flowing with this awesome brainstorming template.

🚀 Start here: Business Brainstorming Template by ClickUp


7. Meeting Reflection Template by Miro

The Meeting Reflection Template provides an effective way for employers, employees, and colleagues alike to save time and access important information for future reference. This easy-to-use template is the perfect tool to help your team go deeper on a subject and gain a better understanding of the goals it needs to meet.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: With Meeting Reflection Template, quickly document key observations from any meeting and explore how teammates might use them to drive professional development. Easily share new and big ideas about a client’s business or an internal business initiative, including problem-solving techniques.

🚀 Start here: Meeting Reflection Template by Miro


8. Creative Processes Template by

The Creative Processes template is designed to support the creative workflow and ideation process. It provides a visual representation of the creative pipeline, allowing teams to track and manage tasks, deadlines, and deliverables.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: The template enables team members to brainstorm ideas and ensure a smooth creative process and project planning from idea generation to execution. It enhances creative workflow, improves team coordination, and provides a structured framework for managing projects.

🚀 Start here: Creative Processes Template by


9. Idea Funnel Backlog Template by Miro

The Idea Funnel Backlog template is a tool for managing and organizing a backlog of ideas. It provides a systematic approach for capturing, categorizing, and prioritizing ideas. This template allows teams to evaluate and refine ideas based on their feasibility and impact, ensuring that the most promising concepts are given attention.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: It is a good brainstorming template because it streamlines idea management, prevents valuable ideas from getting lost, and supports effective decision-making.

🚀 Start here: Idea Funnel Backlog Template by Miro


10. Let’s Brainstorm Template by ClickUp

The Let’s Brainstorm template is a simple and user-friendly tool for conducting brainstorming sessions. It provides a virtual whiteboard where the whole team can freely contribute their ideas in a collaborative environment. The template encourages free thinking and creativity, allowing participants to build upon each other’s ideas.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This template fosters an open and inclusive brainstorming environment, promotes spontaneous idea generation, and encourages active participation.

🚀 Start here: Let’s Brainstorm Template by ClickUp


11. Disney Creative Strategy Template by Miro

The Disney Creative Strategy Template is inspired by Walt Disney’s creative process and offers a structured approach to idea development. It divides the brainstorming process into distinct phases: dreaming, realistic evaluation, planning, and identifying potential obstacles that may arise once an action plan has been established. Participants explore creative ideas without limitations, evaluate their feasibility and viability, and develop actionable plans.

🚨 Why this is a good brainstorming template: This template combines imaginative thinking with practical considerations, provides a clear framework for idea development, and encourages a balance between creativity and strategic planning.

🚀 Start here: Disney Creative Strategy Template by Miro

People Also Ask These Questions About Brainstorming Templates

Q: How do I choose the right brainstorming template for my team?

  • A:  The best way to choose the right brainstorming template for your team is to determine what type of project you are working on and the specific objectives that need to be addressed. Once you have a clear idea of these factors, it will be easier to pick out a template that directly addresses your needs.

Q: Can I modify existing brainstorming templates or create my own?

  • A: Yes, it’s possible to modify existing templates, as well as create your own custom ones by combining different elements from multiple templates. However, make sure you keep the core structure of the template intact so that everyone involved can follow along with ease.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when using a brainstorming template?

  • A: Common mistakes to avoid when using a brainstorming template include failing to determine and focus on the project’s core objectives, not actively involving all team members in the brainstorming process, and not setting clear ground rules for discussions. It is also important to make sure that you are adequately prepared for each meeting by conducting preliminary research and gathering relevant materials beforehand.

Q: How do I evaluate the success of a brainstorming session that uses a template?

  • A: Evaluating the success of a brainstorming session that uses a template requires measuring the team’s progress in terms of ideas generated and tasks completed. You can also assess whether or not the team was able to focus their conversations on the predetermined objectives and if there was an adequate amount of collaboration between members.

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