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168 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed To WOW Your Business Clients & Customers In 2024

By March 15, 2024 July 16th, 2024 91 Comments

corporate gifting ideas

Looking for the best corporate gifts to send clients and customers in 2024? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Favorite Corporate Gifts For Clients And Customers:

We know you’re tired of sending business gifts destined for the dusty corners of desks and closets, so we’ve come up with a list of gender-neutral corporate gift ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to become loved possessions or treasured memories. 

Even better, all the business and client gifts listed below come from trusted corporate gifting companies you’ll want to use throughout the year. Are you ready to become a corporate gifting guru? Keep reading to earn your blackbelt.

Popular Corporate Gifts This Year

If you are looking for a corporate gift that will wow your clients and customers, the items in this list represent some of the most popular gift ideas for this year. From high-end tech to delicious treats with premium ingredients, the ideas in this category are there to make it easy to send out the best corporate gift possible for any occasion. SnackNation is constantly updating this list, so bookmark this guide for more ideas in the future!

    • Why they’ll love it: Employees reaching their one-year work anniversary is a big milestone and worth celebrating! Better than a one-size-fits-all gift, letting them choose their own gift is a highly successful way to engage your employees. 98% of gift recipients have reported they love their gift!.


  • Send Wine & Spirits!
    • Best corporate gift for: Employees & clients who enjoy mixing up a cocktail after work.
    • Why they’ll love it: It makes selecting and shipping alcohol gifts simple! Goody has figured out a one-of-a-kind way to send wine, whiskey and tequila. You set a price, and the recipient can choose any bottle they want from a curated selection – or swap for something non-alcoholic. They even offer virtual party kits for when you want to plan something fun with your remote team!


    • Why they’ll love it: Gifting employees an Apple AirTag with a matching carrying case offers practicality, organization, peace of mind, and reflects your company’s care and commitment to employee well-being. It aligns perfectly with tech trends, promotes brand visibility, and encourages employee engagement!


    • Why they’ll love it: This corporate gift option is perfect for companies who want to show they care about their recipients’ wellbeing. Choose from items such as wellness kits, fitness gear, and healthy snacks that will help your staff or clients stay motivated and feel great!


    • Why they’ll love it: They’ll be thrilled to know you want them to enjoy their life outside of work too! Combine a well-known and trusted retail brand with an on-trend and functional style, and your employees will be itching to put this thing to use with their family and friends. Great for promoting a healthy work-life balance, this Igloo Hard-Sided Cooler makes an excellent employee gift.


    • Why they’ll love it: Gifts tailored to match your look and feel are important to engage new employees from the start. They’ll be excited to be outfitted for their new role! And done are the days of dealing with designers, printers, and vendors to get your logo on a gift. Shave off time and eliminate the back-and-forth with our self-serve customization feature that fits artwork to gifts — all on our platform.


      • Why they’ll love it: A quality wireless speaker is an essential part of anyone’s tech tool kit. From trusted brands like JBL and Bose to trend-forward fabric and wood speakers, browse an array of options to find the perfect speaker for your recipients. 


  • Custom Swag Box
    • Best corporate gift for: Spreading brand awareness via high-quality swag items.
    • Why they’ll love it: This customizable swag box can be filled with several items from the catalog. Choose from apparel, branded tech, promotional items, and so much more.


  • Browse Retail Brand Gifts
    • Best corporate gift for: Employee onboarding gifts, company meetings and sending out as service award gifts
    • Why they’ll love it: Pairing your company name with a well-known quality retail brand is a sure-fire way to engage your employees and help them sport your logo with pride. Using a subtle laser-engraved imprint or stunning embroidered logo, your team will feel valued and be happy to receive these highly appreciated goods.


    • Why they’ll love it: A timely and thoughtful birthday gift is a great way to surprise and delight your employees. With our gift automation system, we’ve made it easy to put this timely task on autopilot. Select the perfect gift (or opt for a collection of gifts for them to choose their own), import employee contacts and birthday dates, and the gifts will go out on time, automatically!


  • Comfy Sock Pack
    • Best corporate gift for: The fact that socks are almost always the perfect corporate gift. One-size fits all, easy to wear, and the perfect thing to slip on after a long day at work.
    • Why they’ll love it: Choose from all sorts of designs! Happy Socks even has holiday-themed socks to kickstart the cold season with some spirit!


  • Gifts That Give Back
    • Best corporate gift for: The company that wants to align their values with their gift giving.
    • Why they’ll love it: By gifting them items that have a charitable giveback aspect, employees will be proud to be a part of your organization.


  • Solo Stove

    • Best corporate gift for: Awards, work anniversary gifts, client thank you
    • Why they’ll love it: Gifting something like “the world’s most famous fire pit” Solo Stove will excite and delight your employees or clients. The Solo Stove was one of the most redeemed corporate gifts last year and continues to be a popular item among recipients. Give them the goods they want!


1. Goody

Goody is an all-in-one platform to run an effective gifting program at work and send premium gifts to employees, clients, customer, and anyone else who deserves something special.

The curation experts at Goody have partnered with a ton of leading brands like Therabody, Levain Bakery, Cravory Cookies, Bombas, Quince, and more — so their rapidly forming collection of corporate gifts will have something for everyone.

Their platform is particularly good for sending gifts to many recipients at the same time.


Selected Client Gifts from Goody:

  • Gift of Choice
    • What they’ll remember: That amazing feeling of logging onto the Goody platform and shopping for that perfect corporate gift that they can select and order right to their doorstep.
    • Wow factor: It simlieifies the entire corporate gifting process by giving the power to the recipient who receives their allocated gifting budget and can select whichever gift speaks to them. Plus, managers can upload addressed and contact information so the entire gifting order can be processed without having to manually add information for each recipient.



  • Cravory Cookies Half Dozen Assortment
    • What they’ll remember: Even non-cookie losers will like these cookies that are just sweet enough to make someone’s day.
    • Wow factor: This cookie gift box comes in a number of delicious assortments including the Best Sellers Mix, the Chocoholics Mix, and even the Flavor of the Month! Includes six freshly baked cookies that are sent directly to the recipient to enjoy during a busy workday, at lunch, or after work for a late-night dessert.

Cookie Box

Selected Customer Gifts from Goody:

  • Luxe Turkish Cotton Bath Robe
    • What they’ll remember: This isn’t your average hotel robe! This lux corporate gift features two front pockets, a cozy shawl collar and a snug waist tie for a comfy fit.
    • Wow factor: For busy professionals, this bathrobe is woven from 100% Turkish cotton and lets your client or customer relax in comfort.



  • Happy Hour Box
    • What they’ll remember: A box filled with happy hour goodies for your customers that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar.
    • Wow factor: Good times. The best corporate gifts ensure good vibes. There is no better way to do that than a happy hour box!



2. Stadium

With Stadium, your organization can set up a custom corporate gift shop to recognize your people, send premium corporate gifts, and customize your company gift shop to your specific needs. Businesses can effortlessly create tailor-made experiences that leave a memorable impact on their recipients.

Through cutting-edge packaging and a curated selection of premium products, they offer an impressive range of items, from high-tech accessories to delectable gourmet snacks and luxurious lifestyle amenities.

Stadium also specializes in customizing bulk orders of branded merchandise ensuring that every item reflects your company’s unique identity. Their ultimate mission is to provide teams of all sizes the opportunity to send unique and unforgettable gifts.

Selected Client Gifts from Stadium: 

  • Crowd Pleasers Snack Box
      • What they’ll remember: The exquisite assortment of delectable snacks. With a delightful blend of sweet treats and savory delights, recipients are guaranteed to revel in the tantalizing variety!
      • Wow factor: Each delectable snack is thoughtfully selected and artfully arranged in an exquisite gift box. Plus, every snack box is delivered with a personalized card that can be customized with your company’s logo.


  • Set up a Custom Corporate Gift Shop
    • What they’ll remember: Shopping through your company’s ever-expanding catalog of gift ideas!
    • Wow factor: Recognize your people by sending points to your branded shop. This setup offers a range of custom gifts for your staff to choose from. Employees will be able to use their points to redeem any item in the shop, from tech accessories to gourmet snacks that they’ve been wanting. There is something for everyone!



  • Digital Gift Cards
    • What they’ll remember: The ease and convenience of being able to pick out their very own favorite item while still providing a personalized touch with your company’s branding.
    • Wow factor: Recipients can shop for almost anything that they need or want with the digital gift card. With a wide selection of over 100 brands, they will undoubtedly discover something perfectly suited to their tastes and needs.



  • Company Swag
    • What they’ll remember: The feeling of having a unique and special item that represents your company’s mission and values.
    • Wow factor: Enhance the experience by incorporating personalized details such as engraved logos and messages. This thoughtful gesture will make a lasting impression, demonstrating the depth of your care for your clients and employees.

Swag Shop


Selected Customer Gifts from Stadium:

  • Women-Owned Businesses Shop
    • What they’ll remember: The fact that you value and support women-owned businesses and the unique and meaningful products they have to offer.
    • Wow factor: This shop offers a thoughtfully curated selection of exceptional and high-quality products, all crafted by inspiring women entrepreneurs. By supporting these businesses, not only you empower them but also celebrate the success of female-owned enterprises.



  • Fancy Cookie Cake
    • What they’ll remember: The fact that something as simple as a cookie cake can bring so much joy! This would be the perfect addition to any corporate gifting occasion!
    • Wow factor: This dessert us visually stunning and its taste is truly exceptional! Crafted from scratch using the finest ingredients, this delectable treat is guaranteed to delight recipients and leave them wanting more.



  • Welcome Swag Box
    • What they’ll remember: Opening up a custom swag box full of branded items they can rock at work or at their home office.
    • Wow factor: A welcome box is the perfect way to show your appreciation and make a lasting impression on recipients. Choose from a wide selection of curated items, and personalize the design with your company’s logo or message. This corporate gift option is sure to wow everyone!



  • Echeverria Rose Succulent
    • What they’ll remember: The fact that this unique corporate gift is both beautiful and sustainable. With its vibrant colors and interesting texture, it’s a showstopper!
    • Wow factor: This succulent is low-maintenance and easy to care for, making it the perfect living gift for people with busy lifestyles. Plus, each one comes in its own handmade coconut shell planter!

Rose Succulent


3. is the world’s largest marketplace for branded merchandise and business gifts. On top of the mind-boggling selection of items, offers advanced swag management, gifting automation and performance tracking capabilities. These include:

  • Sending physical gifts by “eGift” invitation when you don’t know recipients’ mailing addresses
  • Giving recipients an option to choose their favorite gift from curated, theme based eGift collections
  • Automating gift sends based on triggers like occasion, milestone, or other events
  • Managing and allocating gift budgets and permissions
  • Integrating with MarTech platforms including Salesforce and Hubspot

This Year Let Them Choose Their Gift

Selected Client Gifts from 

    • Why they’ll love it: Apple products are the gold-standard in tech gifts. Your recipient is sure to feel appreciated when they receive the high-end gift of AirPods. Making it even more special is the elegant, branded gift packaging which will make their unboxing experience top-notch. Have another Apple product in mind? offers a full assortment for your tech gifting needs.


  • Work From Anywhere Kit
    • Best corporate gift for: Remote employees, traveling sales reps, hybrid workers, employee appreciation gifts.
    • Why they’ll love it: Employees love a flexible workplace! Promoting your commitment to their work-life balance by giving them a fun gift set will be a welcome treat for them. Including all the essentials to work from home, the office, or literally anywhere, your team will love receiving this little pack of goodies.


    • Why they’ll love it: Gifts that put your employee’s well-being front and center are sure to be appreciated. Employees will take note of your attention to their overall health and wellness.


    • Why they’ll love it: Quality cold-weather apparel has a high perceived value, and can be both stylish and very useful. With your branding on it, your employees can show their pride in your company while also staying warm and cozy.


    • Why they’ll love it: Food isn’t just a memorable and rewarding surprise, it’s an experience your employees can share with their families too. It’s a great way to create a thriving company culture.


    • Why they’ll love it: There is something innately good about gathering around a fire. Let your brand be at the forefront of your employee or customer’s minds as they make special memories with their family and friends.


    • Why they’ll love it: The Nutribullet is one of those products that people would love to have, but won’t buy for themselves! So why not gift it to them instead. Simple to use and easy to clean, the Original NutriBullet is the perfect tool for those taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


    • Why they’ll love it: This chocolate gift basket isn’t a basket at all. It’s actually a whimsical hat box! And it’s full of chocolate treats from renowned chef Jacques Torres. They’ll love that they can enjoy this gift with their entire family, making it perfect for welcoming a new employee to the team.


    • Why they’ll love it: For a holiday gift that keeps on giving, blankets are a cozy, comfy and classic choice that will deliver warm wishes in a gift that everyone likes (and actually really wants)!

Want to give your clients these unique gifts? Visit and start shopping. 


Selected Customer Gifts from

    • Why they’ll love it: Perfect for their workstation and designed for both home and office, the Ember Mug does more than simply keep coffee hot. This smart mug will allow them to set an exact drinking temperature, so their coffee is never too hot, or too cold. It then maintains the chosen temperature for up to 80 minutes. Pair this retail brand with your corporate logo to help elevate your company profile.


    • Why they’ll love it: Super soft and plush sherpa fleece on one side and a bright and vibrant imprint on the other side. Best part? There’s no minimum, so you can buy one at a time… as you need them! Send this as a welcome gift with your company logo or branding, and they’re guaranteed to feel part of the team immediately.


  • Custom 3-piece Tech Gift Set
    • Best corporate gift for: Onboarding kit, welcome gifts, conference, and executive meeting gifts, travel sales team gifts
    • Why they’ll love it: This bundle contains three key tech pieces that will help outfit any new employee or conference attendee! Perfect for either travel or right on their desktop, this awesome set includes a wireless speaker with a built-in subwoofer, wireless headphones featuring outside noise reduction and a built-in mic, as well as and whopping 10,400mAh power bank (enough to charge three devices at once!) And all three pieces can be customized with your organization’s full-color artwork, so they’ll be proud to sport them wherever they go!

Want to give your customers these unique gifts? Visit and start shopping.


4. offers a range of customizable products people will actually be excited to get. Their personalization capabilities put old-fashioned monogramming to shame. They also make it exceptionally easy to create a custom swag bag for when you want your corporate gift to pack a punch.

Swag homepage

Selected Client Gifts from

  • Tile Pro *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Finally feeling like they know where all their important things are.
    • Wow factor: Sanity-saving. This device helps track down lost keys and renegade shoes. 



  • Kindle *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Tossing a bunch of heavy books in a bag before realizing they now own a Kindle.
    • Wow factor: Personalization. Everyone’s seen a Kindle before. But a Kindle featuring a custom design or message? Now that’s something special. 


  • Branded Golf Balls *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Hit a hole-in-one with your client by sending them a box of branded golf balls to use on the course.
    • Wow factor: Memorable. This golf ball set is memorable since they will continue to use these each time they hit the links. 



  • Dual Wine Holder *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Packing this stylish tote up for a dinner party and feeling oh-so-classy.
    • Wow factor: Mobility. This is one convenient, discreet, and clink-free way to transport two bottles of wine. 




  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pack *Customized 
      • What they’ll remember: Enjoying a collision of sweet and savory flavors with plenty of crunch.
      • Wow factor: Deliciousness. They’ll love getting three pretzel confections to try at once.


  • Solar Power Bank *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Feeling like everyone’s device-charging hero while waiting on a delayed flight.
    • Wow factor: Power. This bank sports a chic design and a monster power supply. 



  • Amazon Echo *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: The first time they ask Alexa a question.
    • Wow factor: Technology. A voice-control device reminds us all that we’ve arrived at the future.


  • Ashmount Bluetooth Speaker *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: The exhilaration of bringing a speaker into a swimming pool.
    • Wow factor: Hidden talent. They’ll love learning that this isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker, but a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.



  • Reyes Travel Backpack *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: How using this duffel transforms packing from a chore into a memorable experience.
    • Wow factor: Organization. This bag has pockets and panels for almost everything. 



  • Custom Socks *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Smiling when they notice their custom socks peeking out from their pants.
    • Wow factor: Exclusivity. These aren’t just cool socks; they’re customized cool socks. This took time, thought, and effort. 



  • Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Using this notebook to start their first gratitude journal and feeling great about it.
    • Wow factor: Vibrancy. This journal comes in stylish colors that really pop.

Want to give your clients swagged-out gifts? Get started at!

Selected Customer Gifts from

  • Bellroy Transit Backpack *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: All the trips they enjoyed with their favorite backpack in tow.
    • Wow factor: Classiness. This backpack looks professional. 

  • Shaker Set *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: The feeling of relaxing with a nice hand-mixed cocktail after work.
    • Wow factor: Usefulness. They’ll love getting something they actually want to use. 


Custom Premium Wine Box Set


  • Ifidelity Wireless Headphone *Customized 
      • What they’ll remember: Listening to a song they’ve heard a hundred times and discovering a different experience, with clearer instruments and more musical nuances than they’ve ever noticed before.
      • Wow factor: Quality. Noise cancellation, voice control, and crystal-clear audio make this tech gift extraordinary.



  • Ember 10oz Mug *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: The sweet sensation of enjoying hot beverages for hours on-the-go or at the office.
    • Wow factor: Unbelievable. This smart heated mug appears to have finally figured out that age-old problem — how do I keep my coffee warm?

Ember Mug


  • Custom Allbirds *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Explaining (with pride) the design on their shoes over and over again.
    • Wow factor: Exclusivity. They’ll love getting sneakers they could never ever find in a store.


  • Sherpa Blanket *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Moments of snuggling into this super soft and cozy blanket after a brisk day of hiking or skiing.
    • Wow factor: Comfort. They’ll be delighted to discover just how warm and soft this blanket is. 


  • Port Authority Soft Shell Vest *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Staying warm on countless chilly morning and evening runs.
    • Wow factor: Function. This vest’s light material provides several layers worth of cozy warmth.


  • Activity Tracker *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Using their new device to meet a fitness goal they’ve been chasing for years.
    • Wow factor: Impact. How can a tiny little band do so much to help a person get healthy?


  • Wireless Power Bank *Customized 
    • What they’ll remember: Laughing when they realize they’re holding a high-tech power bank and not a piece of wood.
    • Wow factor: Originality. This power bank makes a statement in a natural wood finish instead of the futuristic features of most similar devices.


  • Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker *Customized  
    • What they’ll remember: Busting out their speaker to host an impromptu office dance party.
    • Wow factor: Funk. A mod and modular fabric design adds a healthy dose of style to the gift of portable sound. 



Want to give your customers swagged-out gifts? Get started at!


5. SwagUp

SwagUp makes custom corporate gifts easy, fun, and super simple. The name of the game is convenience, which is why their emphasis on high-quality packages helps them stand out in the corporate gifting arena.


“We’re redefining ourselves in a more sustainable and resilient way. We wanted to put together swag packs, but it was hard to figure out how to pull that off. We’re 100% remote so we don’t have a lot of bandwidth to do this ourselves. We needed something automated and effortless.”

–Vinny Green, Chief Operating Officer at Snopes

With SwagUp, companies will be more than ready for employee welcoming, virtual conferences, client gifting, and any other corporate event or major milestone! SwagUp’s warehousing, fulfillment, and hands-on approach to curation and packaging is the magic behind this frictionless, all-in-one automated gifting solution. For a headache-free way to leave a positive impact on employees and clients, check out a few of SwagUp’s exciting offerings.

Selected Client Gifts Offered By SwagUp:

  • Thank You Pack
    • What they’ll remember: A big thank you in a box.
    • Wow factor: While life can be like a box of chocolate — you never know what you’re gonna get — you know exactly what your clients will get with this carefully curated care package. Speaking of chocolate, they’re pretty much guaranteed to love the Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate, knit socks and other treats, which equate to a massive dose of gratitude.


  • WFA Swag Kit
    • What they’ll remember: A well-rounded work from home package to boost productivity and happiness.
    • Wow factor: This culture-building bundle is custom made for distributed teams with crewnecks, socks, a calf skin journal, and eco-friendly bamboo lunch box working together to add comfort and peace to the day.


  • Elite Pack
    • What they’ll remember: The pack leader of all packs. The Elite Pack combines high caliber swag into one work-ready client gift package.
    • Wow factor: The Elite Pack comes in a majestic wooden box with insert cards, a JBL clip, a hardcover moleskine journal, and a suave French terry bomber jacket.


  • Frequent Flier Pack
    • What they’ll remember: A work from anywhere box packed with functionality and purpose.
    • Wow factor: The recipient of the Frequent Flier Pack will be ready to catch a flight and work miles above the earth. The water bottle, toiletry case, energy chews, earbuds, and charging pad will also have them ready for a working vacation.


  • Care Package
    • What they’ll remember: An energizing, refreshing swag pack that’ll let clients know you care.
    • Wow factor: This work life balance care package comes with a copper tumbler for long-lasting temperature control, a turkish towel and tri-blend tee for comfort, and hot chocolate as a cherry on top.

Learn how to get started with custom corporate gifts that will impress your clients. See done-for-you options that WOW!

Selected Customer Gifts Offered By SwagUp:

  • Tahoe Pack
    • What they’ll remember: The happiest, brightest days of summer in a slick care package.
    • Wow factor: Customers can jam out or journal in the sun with the waterproof Bluetooth speaker — and much more with this weekend getaway pack. These items can be printed with a personalized graphic or your company logo to make this pack a one-of-a-kind care package.


  • Fellowship Pack
    • What they’ll remember: A welcome to the tribe feeling in a box that puts the care in care package.
    • Wow factor: This swag pack for creatives boasts several goodies. For instance, your customers will look as cool in the blue light blocking glasses as their drink will be in the Everywhere Mug.


  • Movie Night
    • What they’ll remember: A perfect night in. Turn the lights down low, light the bamboo soy candle, and get the popcorn popper popping!
    • Wow factor: The Movie Night is more than a gift — you’re giving your customers an experience and a memory they’ll cherish with those they choose to enjoy it with.


  • Low Minimum Pack
    • What they’ll remember: Maximum effort (we’ll keep it a secret how easy it is to simply order and send).
    • Wow factor: For a smaller group of customers, this 25-unit pack comes in a custom mailer box and delivers greeting cards, a cork-tastic Corkicle Tumbler, a high quality jacket, and a Baggu Duck Bag.


  • The Modern Minimalist
    • What they’ll remember: The simple joys. This minimalistic swag box gives customers the essentials for their home office.
    • Wow factor: One of our favorite items in the Modern Minimalist is the low maintenance air plant that gets its moisture straight from the air, while also purifying it.

Learn how to get started with custom corporate gifts that will impress your customers. See done-for-you options that WOW!


6. Caroo

Caroo makes thoughtful corporate gifting easy with premium gift boxes. Instead of giving a stale gift card, delight customers and clients alike with boxes of delicious treats and desirable business gifts.

Caroo Gifts

For every corporate gift delivered, Caroo donates meals (over 17 million so far!) to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America. No wonder companies like Nike, FitBit, Apple, Hulu, and Spotify choose Caroo for their client gifting.

“We were looking for a new way to connect with our partners, and Caroo’s values were right in line with our own! We originally were looking for an idea for holiday gifts for our clients. We reached out to numerous companies, and were in the process of customizing a few tchotchkes, when a colleague of mine brought up Caroo to me. The fact that with every corporate gift we give they feed a family thru feeding America was all I needed to hear – Decision narrowed down. It was an absolute pleasure working with Phil and the whole Caroo team and I would highly recommend them and the product as an amazing and simple no-brainer solution.

–Lisa Emovi, Executive Assistant to the EVP, Digital Sales at Meredith Corporation

With Caroo, companies can easily collect or import addresses, set custom budgets, and resend gifts using a proprietary, easy-to-use technology. That way you can show your clients and customers you appreciate them without spending hours coordinating or worrying about tracking their corporate gifts.

Selected Client Gifts Offered by Caroo:

  • Coffee, Cookies + Candles
    • What they’ll remember: The warm feeling you get when you unbox a care package filled with delicious treats.
    • Wow factor: This unique package combines the best of all worlds: gourmet coffee beans to help recipients kick off their day with a rich and refreshing start, a soy-based candle to fill their space with sweet aromas, and delicious homemade shortbreads for a flavorful snack to enjoy with their cup.


  • Office Essentials
    • What they’ll remember: The fact that everything in this client care package is of the highest quality. Whether it’s artisanal snacks or high-end office supplies — they’ll want to hold on to every single item.
    • Wow factor: Your clients will know you mean business when they receive these quality items and actually be able to use them on a daily basis.



  • Recipient Choice
    • What they’ll remember: Client gifts that are meaningful, memorable, and not so “corporate gifty”.
    • Wow factor: Shopping on the Caroo gifting platform makes it easy to find unique corporate gifts that your employees and clients will love.



  • Smart Water Bottle
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll finally learn just how great it is to drink enough water at work. Not to mention, the quality construction of this water bottle that emits a faint glow when it is time to hydrate.
    • Wow factor: This stainless steel water bottle is also double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.


Want to surprise and delight your clients with gifts like these? Visit Caroo and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts Offered by Caroo:

  • Unplugged Box
    • What they’ll remember: Relaxing at the end of a long day with a box of gifts prepared to help them decompress.
    • Wow factor: This unique customer care package features high-quality items like a metal coffee mug, puzzle, and customizable playing cards.



  • Take a Break
    • What they’ll remember: This luxurious box has everything your customers need to escape during the week. Inside, they’ll find all of the tools for winding down and pausing for a moment.
    • Wow factor:  This client appreciation box comes complete with a stylish wireless charger, a relaxing tin candle, a notebook for taking notes and jotting down ideas, a stress ball for when things get hectic, an insulated tumbler that’s great for keeping drinks hot or cold while on the go, and some delicious tea.

Take A Break

Want to surprise and delight your customers with gifts like these? Visit Caroo and learn how to get started.


7. Elevent

Elevent offers fun beer and beverage-focused experiences with both in-person tours and hybrid virtual events. This brand builds engaging team events around the use of curated event gift boxes and team building kits where employees can enjoy opening up fully-loaded boxes full of premium items, delicious food and beverages, and icebreaker activities, and curated craft beer boxes for exciting individual gifts.


Whether you are trying out a new craft beer or relaxing with a cup of freshly brewed tea, you and your colleagues will have the chance to bond over a shared experience that will contribute to a more positive company culture.

Selected Client Gifts From Elevent

  • Mochi Ice Cream Experience *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: Every guest in this lively hybrid-virtual event learns how to make their own handcrafted ice cream right from home. All of the ingredients to make ice cream (cream included!) are delivered to guests before the event.
    • Wow factor: This fun event isn’t over when the ice cream making is done. Party guests get to use their homemade ice cream to make classic floats with provided craft sodas.


  • Charcuterie Board Experience *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: After this hands-on experience, everyone in your group will know how to make the perfect charcuterie! This virtual event teaches easy and applicable culinary skills to build really impressive charcuterie elements, like cheese lattice and salami roses.
    • Wow factor: The Charcuterie Board Experience is seriously jam-packed with food. Elevent loaded up this event with smoked meats, gourmet cheeses, imported olives, mixed nuts, fig jam, and natural honeycomb. Your jaw will drop when you open your charcuterie box.

Charcuterie Board virtual


  • Tea & Mindfulness Experience *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: If you’re looking to give your guests a relaxation event, this is the gift for you. Guests brew and sample teas from around the world.
    • Wow factor: Every Tea & Mindfulness Experience includes meditation and mindfulness exercises led by an experienced Live Event Host.


  • Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: Spoil your team with this awesome culinary experience from Elevent. Every guest will get a tasting kit full of beer, cheese and gourmet treats delivered to their door ahead of the event.
    • Wow factor: One of Elevent’s beer pros lead guests on a guided pairing of craft beer and artisanal cheeses. Everyone learns how to build a beer and cheese pairing based on flavors, mouthfeel and appearance.


  • Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: This engaging (and elegant) virtual experience teaches every participant how to properly appraise and taste wine like a sommelier. From identifying aromas to describing appearance, this event provides a truly unique wine tasting experience for your guests.
    • Wow factor: The Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience comes with gourmet food to pair with each bottle of wine included in the box. Guests will learn how to perfectly pair wines with cheeses, sourdough crackers, dried fruit and more.


Selected Customer Gifts From Brewvana

  • City Brew Tours Beer Club *eGift eligible
    • What they’ll remember: Because this is a traveling beer box membership, they’ll get regional craft beers from a new city every single month.
    • Wow factor: Brews Less Traveled Beer Club members get access to weekly live stream beer tastings, where they can learn more about the beers they are drinking and chat with the brewers who made them.

Brews Less Traveled


Selected Client Gifts From City Brew Tours

  • Private Brew Tours *Customization available
    • What they’ll remember: These ridiculously fun brewery tours take guests behind the scenes at some of the best breweries in America. Sample craft beers while you learn how breweries make craft beer and enjoy a beer-paired meal on your journey.
    • Wow factor: These experts run craft brewery tours in more than a dozen cities across America. You can also customize your event with custom glassware, and City Brew Tours can run events for very large groups.


Want to surprise and delight your customers with gifts like these? Visit Elevent and learn how to get started.


8. Amazon

Chances are you’ve heard of a little company called Amazon. 

This online super-retailer offers practically anything and everything you can think of, making it a gold mine for corporate gifts. Plus, their legendary shipping practices come in super-handy if you need to do some last-minute shopping.

Amazon Homepage

Selected Client Gifts from Amazon:

  • Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband  
    • What they’ll remember: Using this headband to complete their first truly perfect meditation. 
    • Wow factor: Futuristic. A brain-sensing headband is just about as futuristic as a virtual reality device. 
  • Balance Board Trainer
    • What they’ll remember: Having fun, tightening their core, and maybe pretending to surf. 
    • Wow factor: Minimalism. This little fitness tool fits neatly in a closet, but it facilitates as much solid working out as other equipment. 
  • Byredo Gypsy Water Unisex Fragrance
    • What they’ll remember: Getting goosebumps as they take the first whiff of their new favorite fragrance. 
    • Wow factor: Sensuous. This fragrance captivates the senses with the essence of a woody forest with fresh, bright undertones. 
  • Culinary Sous Vide
    • What they’ll remember: Presenting their first chef-quality meal. 
    • Wow factor: Precision. The high-tech controls make it possible to control cook time and temperature with chef precision. 
  • Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
    • What they’ll remember: Being overjoyed to finally receive a device that will produce barista-style beverages. 
    • Wow factor: Useful. They’ll probably use this device every day—or at least every week. 
  • National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World
    • What they’ll remember: Seeing the world, basically. 
    • Wow factor: Wonder. A truly covetable coffee-table book, this tome delivers breathtaking photographs and fascinating facts. 

Want to give your clients these gifts? Visit Amazon and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts from Amazon:

  • 3D Pin Art Board
    • What they’ll remember: Playing with one of these every chance they got as a kid. 
    • Wow factor: Nostalgia. They won’t believe they finally own one of these. (These boards also up the fun factor of any desk.) 
  • Retro Non-Ticking Desk Clock
    • What they’ll remember: Opening this unique gift and thinking—just for a second—that you stole this from Grandma’s house. 
    • Wow factor: Quiet. This cool clock doesn’t come along with the maddening ticking of other vintage and vintage-inspired models. 
  • Fred and Friends Themed Push Pins
    • What they’ll remember: Wondering what on earth you gave them before realizing they’re holding adorable and practical push pins. 
    • Wow factor: Multitasking. Available in sushi, donut, and pomegranate themes, these push pins liven up a desk space while also storing practical push pins.  
  • Tiny Survival Guide
    • What they’ll remember: The thousand moments they thought they should probably get something like this, just in case. 
    • Wow factor: Preparedness. This card-sized guide boosts preparedness without intense training or drills. 
  • Puzzle Exercise Mat
    • What they’ll remember: Thinking this might be the best gift they ever received when they’re about halfway through a HIIT routine in their living room. 
    • Wow factor: Simplicity. Just changing a floor’s surface can turn any space into a gym space. 
  • Oxford Fabric Backpack
    • What they’ll remember: How they once saw a stylish student wearing a bag just like this. 
    • Wow factor: Timelessness. This bag is perfect for any age, any gender, and any occasion. 
  • Perfect Push-Up Stand
    • What they’ll remember: Feeling like they’ve never truly done a push-up before now.
    • Wow factor: Health. This little gift enables employees to perfect one of the most simple and effective exercises out there. 
  • Lap Harp
    • What they’ll remember: The joy of plucking out their first tune. 
    • Wow factor: Creativity. This simple instrument will have even non-musical people flexing creative muscles they didn’t know they had. 
  • Mancala Game
    • What they’ll remember: How much they used to love this game.
    • Wow factor: Elegance. This game is as fun as any other board game, but it looks way more impressive sitting on a side table.
  • MoMa Abstraction Note Cards
    • What they’ll remember: How thoughtful you are, each time they realize they actually have the perfect stationary for that little note they need to send. 
    • Wow factor: Style. These note cards sport prints of famous modern artwork. 

Want to give your customers these gifts? Visit Amazon and learn how to get started.


9. Packed with Purpose

What kinds of gifts do recipients remember months or years later? It’s not just those that are so delicious you can’t put them down, but those that also make a positive impact on the world.

Packed with Purpose sources every artisanal bite and hand-crafted luxury item in its gift boxes from companies and non-profits that directly impact, educate, or employ the communities they benefit. Companies love sending Packed with Purpose gifts because:

  • Each item is the highest quality and Fair Trade, ethically sourced, or small-batch
  • Recipients connect with and appreciate the positive values your gift displays
  • Each gift box comes with an impact booklet that explains the benefits your gift produces
  • PwP’s Gift Concierge makes it easy to send hundreds of gifts or to add custom branding
  • Supports women- and minority-owned businesses, the environment, youth development

When sending a lot of gifts to separate addresses, Packed with Purpose makes it simple with custom order forms or by building a custom landing page for your order. There, recipients can choose their gifts and add their mailing addresses in one spot.

Whether you’re sending small-batch toffee, hand-carved cutting boards, or a fun cocktail box, this is a great way to do it while also making a positive impact locally and globally.

Selected Client Gifts by Packed with Purpose:

  • Sweet Thanks, Signature
    • What they’ll remember: If your recipients could really treat themselves, it’s these items they’d choose.
    • Wow factor: The chocolate brownie is a total fan favorite that will ruin all other brownies for you.

  • Sweet & Savory Grand Sampler
    • What they’ll remember: Having a blissful indoor picnic in the living room.
    • Wow factor: The award-winning maple cream goat milk caramels

  • Gourmet Gift
    • What they’ll remember: Mornings with a cup of coffee are going to be decadent for a while.
    • Wow factor: The melt-in-your-mouth Russian tea cakes dusted in powdered sugar.

  • Nut-Free Healthy Delights
    • What they’ll remember: That there are exquisite allergy-conscious, nut-free snacks out there.
    • Wow factor: The “warrior bites” are packed with superfoods and incredibly tasty.

  • Back to Work Essentials
    • What they’ll remember: Whether work is on-site or remote, someone’s looking out for them (and snack time).
    • Wow factor: For every mask sold, a mask is donated to a community in need.

Want to give gifts that will WOW your clients? Visit Packed with Purpose and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Gifts by Packed With Purpose:

  • Mindful Moments Box
    • What they’ll remember: Getting that adult coloring book they always wanted but didn’t get.
    • Wow factor: The barista-style mug is eco-friendly, stylish, AND functional.

Mindful Moments PWP September 2020

  • On The Rocks, Deluxe
    • What they’ll remember: A classy night of celebration with sleek rocks glasses, handcrafted wood coasters, and their favorite cocktail of choice — without leaving the house.
    • Wow factor: The pair of glass drink stirrers in this gift are hand-blown by teens enrolled in a psychoeducation program to help them recover from gun violence trauma.

On The Rocks, Deluxe PWP September 2020

  • Spa-Like Serenity
    • What they’ll remember: An indulgent evening of pure bliss and relaxation, and the softest slipper socks they’ll ever wear!
    • Wow factor: The soothing lavender bath salts and fragrant rose and vanilla candle are from two inspiring purveyors helping women. One employs women overcoming trafficking and addiction, the other employs young mothers.

Spa-Like Serenity 2 PWP September 2020

  • Eco-Friendly Favorites For Him
    • What they’ll remember: The sense of sophistication and comfort they’ll feel wearing these stylish socks on video meetings.
    • Wow factor:The socks provide 18 months of clean water to a community in need and the dopp kit is made from upcycled inner tubes.

Eco-Friendly Favorites For Him 1 PWP

  • Trivia Care Package
    • What they’ll remember: How this gift helped crown them their home’s trivia champion.
    • Wow factor: The not one, but TWO gourmet chocolate and Maldon sea salt cookies. Thanks, France!

Trivia Care Package PWP

Want to give gifts that will WOW your customers? Visit Packed with Purpose and learn how to get started. 


10. CrateJoy

When it comes to unique corporate gifts you cannot go wrong when you shop at CrateJoy. With more than 2,000+ options to meet every interest, you’ll find that “wow” type of gift that keeps your customers happy and your clients ready to renew each year.

Whether it is a worldly wine virtual tasting of the month subscription, or you want to sate their sweet tooth with an award winning snack delivery below you’ll find 5 hand selected client and customer gifts to excite and delight the lucky recipient. Each gift box is available for a one time gift, or you can save and keep yourself on their radar by purchasing an annual subscription with monthly and quarterly deliveries.

When it is time to amaze, wow and build loyalty, let the experts at gift boxes and subscriptions help you find the perfect present each time. Click the links below to shop for these hand selected surprises and also discover new options to meet even the most unique personality preferences.

Selected Client Gifts Offered by CrateJoy:

  • Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box
    • What they’ll remember: Your client will be delighted as these handcrafted treats arrive each month. If you’re looking to “sweeten” the deal then this snack delivery featuring Phivi’s fun themes will do the trick.
    • Wow factor: If they’re a fan of Food Network they’ll recognize this brand. Having it delivered to their home or office is what will wow them into sticking around.

  • The Plant Club
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll remember your company as they breathe fresher air and enjoy some greenery in their home office or workspace.
    • Wow factor: The unique pots and assortment of easy-to-care for plants will wow and delight while creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

  • The British Bash
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll remember making timeless and classic British desserts, many which they can only dream of trying from that hit TV series.
    • Wow factor: Who knew your clients could cook like the pastry chefs on that TV show? Well you do now that you gave them the tools and ability. Talk about a “sweet” win when you’re ready to renew.

  • Bathtime Spa Luxe Box 
    • What they’ll remember: A great gift box idea for employee recognition, don’t just give them the day off, help them make the most of it (at home!)
    • Wow factor: This box is filled with spa related items such as soap bars, bath bombs, candles, face mask, bath salt, and lotions that will pamper your recipient for days (and days and days).

A Day Off Spa Gift Basket

  • Club Cuvee 
    • What they’ll remember: Every other month they’ll receive two hand selected bottles of worldly champagnes and toast to your relationship as they enjoy these bottles of bubbles.
    • Wow factor: It can be scary to spend a ton on champagne that doesn’t meet the needs of the party. With this gift you have expert wine enthusiasts from France and Spain hand selecting bubbles that are guaranteed to delight and impress. And what better way to get a contract renewal than with a cork popping toast as the 6th shipment arrives when your contract renews.

  • Gusto Di Roma
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the unique and exciting flavors of classic sweet and savory Italian snacks arriving at their door in this corporate gift basket. Everything from salamis to chocolates and everything they’ll need for an Italian night in!
    • Wow factor: You cannot beat a good and hearty Italian dinner or treat, and this gift will keep your client feeling fulfilled as they enjoy their new hand selected delicacies.

Want to surprise and delight your clients with gifts like these? Visit CrateJoy and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts and Experiences Offered by CrateJoy:

  • Gift Therabox
    • What they’ll remember: Nothing is worse than upset or stressed customers, and when you alleviate the stress from their lives, they keep loyalty to you and your brand. That’s why Therabox is the perfect way to help them have some “me-time” and think happy thoughts when they remember your brand.
    • Wow factor: Therabox hits all senses to help people relax. From aromatherapy to dazzle their noses to soothing soaks that relax their skin, your clients will be relaxed and ready to come back to you as Therabox arrives each month.

  • Brownie Bite Box
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the delicious and unique assortment of 16 flavored brownie bites arriving at their door, not to mention the “sweet impression” of your company or store.
    • Wow factor: When you think of brownies you think of nuts or plain. Wow them with 16 unique flavors arriving each month including sea salt, peanut butter and s’mores!

  • Deadbolt Mystery Society
    • What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the unique themes and fun puzzles as they solve a new mystery each month.
    • Wow factor: The wow factor is the cool new theme and puzzles as they solve the mystery and figure out who committed the crime.

  • The Sauce Boss
    • What they’ll remember: Each quarter your customers will get to experience a new condiment that is carefully crafted in the USA which they likely will have never heard of or tried.
    • Wow factor: From hot sauces to aioli’s, the wow factor are the unique flavors they’ll discover!

  • BAKED Box  
    • What they’ll remember: Whether you’re welcoming new employees, inviting clients to a virtual lunch or sending “just because,” these treats are sure to please.
    • Wow factor: Handmade. From scratch. ‘Nuff said.



  • American Cocktail Club
    • What they’ll remember: Each month your customers will get to experience crafting a new signature cocktail and remember your business as they show off their new favorite drinks.
    • Wow factor: You’ll wow them by giving them a unique drink to wow their friends, family and guests with creative flavors in craft cocktails.

Want to surprise and delight your customers with gifts like these? Visit CrateJoy and learn how to get started.


11. Sendoso

Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform™, is a SaaS solution that integrates into your existing tech stack so your sales, marketing, CX, and HR teams can deliver Physical Impressions™ at strategic points throughout the customer lifecycle and measure the ROI for anything that was sent. The power behind a Sending Platform comes from the fully automated fulfillment and logistics service that assures quality, on-time delivery.

Not sure where to start?

The Sendoso team is here to help!

Our in-house creative curators are ready to work with you to brainstorm, source, and order items for your campaigns! Because we have hands-on experience creating and sending thousands of items through our expansive vendor network, we can bring your vision to life with ease.

Here are a few creative examples of how the Sendoso team can help customers create, click, connect and drive revenue:

  • Custom Hot Sauce
    • What they’ll remember: To add a little spice to their life.
    • Wow factor: Creative send with a real purpose that will live in their kitchen!

(Read Chili Piper’s case study here)


  • Custom Gardening Kit
    • What they’ll remember: Gardening is a great activity to step away from the computer.
    • Wow factor: A kind gift with a large heart!


  • Money Tree
    • What they’ll remember: The person who sent it every time they water the plant!
    • Wow factor: a beautiful unboxing experience for a beautiful aesthetic piece in their office or home.


  • Wooden Puzzle Kit
    • What they’ll remember: A sustainable puzzle they can use over-and-over again.
    • Wow factor: A unique gift with a fun pun!


  • Piñatagram
    • What they’ll remember: A fun gift for the whole office or family to laugh at.
    • Wow factor: Who knew you could have a piñata delivered by mail!

Want to surprise and delight your team with uniquely personalized gifts like these? Learn how to get started with Sendoso! 



Alternative Gifts offers aid-based packages that help less fortunate people around the world. Gift-givers can select a cause and support it on someone else’s behalf in just a few clicks. 

Using Alternative Gifts, you can dole out warm fuzzies as your clients and customers learn they’ve supported world-changing causes, from funding a mobile library pulled by a donkey to helping backpack medics who treat patients in refugee camps.

alternativegifts Homepage

Selected Client Gifts from Alternative Gifts: 

  • Global Micro-Loans
    • What they’ll remember: Learning their gift will help turn the entrepreneurial ideas of someone in need from dreams into realities. 
    • Wow factor: Longevity. A loan could start a business that helps a family thrive for generations.
  • Save the Timber Elephants in Myanmar
    • What they’ll remember: Watching videos of all the adorable timber elephants they’re helping. 
    • Wow factor: Heart. The warm fuzzies will flow when they learn about the bonds between timber elephants and their caretakers. 
  • Bikes for Doctors, Teachers, and Orphans in Africa
    • What they’ll remember: Learning that a bicycle discarded in America means transportation for doctors, teachers, and students in Africa. 
    • Wow factor: Inspiration. Small gestures really do have the power to change lives. 
  • Change the Story for Refugee Women and Girls in Lebanon
    • What they’ll remember: Knowing they’re taking just some of the extreme burden off of refugee women. 
    • Wow factor: Unity. They’ll feel connected with people they may never get the chance to meet. 
  • Kitchen Gardens and Eco Stoves in Central America
    • What they’ll remember: Realizing the simple power of growing and preparing food independently. 
    • Wow factor: Empowerment. This gift gives people the basic tools of survival. 
  • The Donkey Mobile Library in Ethiopia
    • What they’ll remember: Delight in learning there’s a mobile library in Ethiopia that travels via donkey. 
    • Wow factor: Literacy. They’ll be tickled to remember that the ability to read—something they may take for granted—truly has the power to change a child’s life. 
  • Dental Care for the Under-served in the U.S.
    • What they’ll remember: That they’re helping bring more healthy smiles to the world. 
    • Wow factor: Ripple effect. Proper dental hygiene may decrease a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Want to give your clients a nontraditional gift that makes a meaningful impact? Visit and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Gifts from Alternative Gifts:  

  • Shelter and Food for Struggling Families in the U.S.
    • What they’ll remember: The feeling of helping give less fortunate people the comfort of basic security. 
    • Wow factor: Care. They’ll feel waves of compassion for their neighbors. 
  • Swimming Lessons to Save Lives in Alaska
    • What they’ll remember: Learning about the Yup’ik people they’re helping. 
    • Wow factor: Survival. For children in this native Alaskan community, a simple swimming lesson means the difference between life and death. 
  • Solar Warriors in the United States
    • What they’ll remember: Helping give Native Americans better access to top-quality education. 
    • Wow factor: Empowerment. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills developed in youth have career- and life-changing echoes in adulthood. 
  • Life-Saving Backpack Medics in Burma
    • What they’ll remember: Learning that a simple backpack medic can save lives in refugee camps. 
    • Wow factor: Health. Backpack medics in northern Burma will treat 25,000 patients this year. 
  • Help Them Walk in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • What they’ll remember: Imagining a child with a disability being able to go to school for the first time. 
    • Wow factor: Mobility. The ability to walk makes all the difference in a child’s academic, social, and community life. 

Want to give your customers a nontraditional gift that makes a meaningful impact? Visit and learn how to get started. 


13. Firebox

Firebox curates an unusual, unexpected selection of gifts to delight recipients that seem to have everything. These people never seem impressed by anything. They want surprise and excitement in their gifts

With Firebox, you can deliver surprise. Perfect for gift-givers who want to steer far from predictable territory, this gift site makes gift giving and gift shopping fun. 

Selected Client Gifts from Firebox:

  • White Noise Sound Pebble
    • What they’ll remember: The first relaxing moment they shared with their pebble. 
    • Wow factor: Portable zen. A pebble-shaped white noise machine provides relaxation and escape in noisy offices and bustling hotels. 
  • Pocket Talk – Portable Translator
    • What they’ll remember: Seamlessly interacting with the locals in Denmark. 
    • Wow factor: Worldliness. With the ability to speak and understand 74 different languages right in your pocket, the world really is your oyster. 
  • Dodow Sleep Light
    • What they’ll remember: That first night of perfect sleep. 
    • Wow factor: Vitality. This gift has the ability to make recipients feel significantly better day after day. 
  • Smartphone Projector 2.0
    • What they’ll remember: Everyone’s face when they whipped out this device and projected a video from their phone onto the wall.
    • Wow factor: Novelty. They’ll love experimenting with this little gadget. 
  • Spreadable Mulled Wine
    • What they’ll remember: Spreading delicious, festive, mulled-wine flavor on their toast. 
    • Wow factor: Festivity. They’ll love trying a holiday classic in a new form. 

Want to give your clients these unusually unique gifts? Visit Firebox and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts from Firebox:

  • Brick Yourself Keyring
    • What they’ll remember: Seeing themselves as their favorite toy. 
    • Wow factor: Joy. This gift is the stuff of childhood fantasies. 
  • Toast Electric Handwarmer
    • What they’ll remember: Learning this little gadget beats a simple pocket on a cold winter’s night. 
    • Wow factor: Cuteness. This little handwarmer is as adorable as it is functional.
  • Storm Cloud Weather Predictor
    • What they’ll remember: Being absolutely prepared for the wet rainy day outside. 
    • Wow factor: Magic. The liquid in this stylish cloud knows what the weather is doing as if by magic.
  • Soundasleep Smart Pillow
    • What they’ll remember: Hearing the soothing sounds of their night forest playlist as though it were playing inside their head. 
    • Wow factor: Luxury. This gift gives new meaning to the perfect pillow.
  • World’s Smallest Microscope
    • What they’ll remember: Studying the threads of their clothes at 10x magnification. 
    • Wow factor: Minimalism. This fun-filled gift is only about the size of a keychain. 
  • Hot Chocolate Bombs
    • What they’ll remember: Discovering this ball is filled with mini marshmallows.
    • Wow factor: Festivity. They’ll love trying their seasonal favorite hot chocolate in this novelty form. 
  • Festive Plant Baubles
    • What they’ll remember: Turning their ficus into the perfect festive tree.
    • Wow factor: Holiday spirit. No one can resist that sparkly holiday spirit when they open this gift. 

Want to give your customers these unusually unique gifts? Visit Firebox and learn how to get started.


14. Knack Shops

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Knack Shops believes gift-giving has the power to build lasting personal connections, and she believes great gifts have stories. 

“Stories about shared experiences and values, about exciting finds you can’t wait to share, about welcoming and thanking and connecting,” she says

With a focus on selectivity and impeccable presentation stye, Knack Shops offers gifts from manufacturers with strong values and inspiring stories. Your recipients will be able to feel the love and good vibes when they open their gifts. 

Selected Client Gifts from Knack Shops:

  • Blackwing Pencil Set – Box of 12
    • What they’ll remember: When writing with a pencil became a joyful experience. 
    • Wow factor: Practicality. These pencils are perfectly functional, with just a little edge to make the perfect present. 
  • The Caffeinator
    • What they’ll remember: The sweet smell of perfectly roasted coffee filling the room as they pour steaming water over their sleek pour-over dripper. 
    • Wow factor: Invigoration. This gift helps recipients feel truly alive for the first time. 
  • Seattle Grill
    • What they’ll remember: Laughing out loud when they read the pun on their new kitchen towel. 
    • Wow factor: Flavor. Ancho, molasses, chipotle mustard…this gift showcases an array of tantalizing flavors.
  • Just Chillin’ Outdoor Gift Set
    • What they’ll remember: Relaxing in their hammock with a delicious brew. 
    • Wow factor: Rustic charm. Stainless steel tall boys and a fabric hammock belong at a mountain retreat. 

Want to give your clients these knack gifts? Visit Knack Shops and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts from Knack Shops:

  • Genius Gift Builders
    • What they’ll remember: How thoughtful you were to build a gift just for them. 
    • Wow factor: Personalization and presentation. Your hand-selected items will come showcased in a breathtaking package. 
  • West Coast Wildflower Honey
    • What they’ll remember: The amazing flavors of small-batch local honey. 
    • Wow factor: Wild. Raw and unprocessed, this honey tastes like nothing they’ve purchased at a grocery store. 
  • Stagg Pour-Over Dripper
    • What they’ll remember: Pouring hot water into this stylish dripper for the first time. 
    • Wow factor: Style. This minimalist pour-over dripper gets major style points over some other clunkier pour-over devices. 
  • Dream Catcher Herbal Tea
    • What they’ll remember: Filling their mouths with floral rose petals, chamomile, and lavender. 
    • Wow factor: Dreams. This herbal tea blend was specially designed to encourage delightful dreams. 
  • Gourmet PB&J Triple Play Gift
    • What they’ll remember: Realizing peanut butter and jelly can absolutely be for adults, too. 
    • Wow factor: Exploration. They never dreamed they could experience so many fascinating flavors in a PB & J sandwich. 

Want to give your customers these knack gifts? Visit Knack Shops and learn how to get started.


15. Bloomscape

Bloomscape has perfected the process of live-plant delivery. 

Their plants ship straight to recipients’ doors, already in a pot selected to optimize the health of the particular plant. Bloomscape also includes care instructions to take some of the mystery out of nurturing house plants. 

Live plants make long-lasting gifts that will become part of your recipients’ everyday landscape. Plus, they provide a friendlier alternative to a classic bouquet of flowers.

Selected Client Gifts from Bloomscape:

  • Norfolk Pine
    • What they’ll remember: Smelling the great outdoors in each of the tree’s herbaceous needles. 
    • Wow factor: Festivity. This pine turns any average space into a festive space. 
  • Orbifolia Plan
    • What they’ll remember: Choosing the perfect name for their lush-leaved new plant. 
    • Wow factor: Simple beauty. This plant has full, lush leaves with breathtaking stripes. 
  • Burgundy Rubber Tree
    • What they’ll remember: Marveling at those robust, shiny leaves. 
    • Wow factor: Personality. This plant brings any space to life. 
  • Hedgehog Aloe
    • What they’ll remember: Finding the perfect home for their spikey new plant. 
    • Wow factor: Practicality. This plant looks beautiful, but its leaves also contain nectar that soothes the skin. 

Want to give your clients these bloom-tastic gifts? Visit Bloomscape and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts from Bloomscape:

  • Red Prayer Plant
    • What they’ll remember: Seeing the leaves fold in—as though in prayer—at night. 
    • Wow factor: Beauty. They’ll love this plant’s large leaves with striking red and green veins. 
  • Calathea Rattlesnake
    • What they’ll remember: Discovering the velvety underside of this plant’s already stunning leaves. 
    • Wow factor: Purity. This plant may help remove toxins from the air. 
  • Silver Pothos
    • What they’ll remember: Exploring all the cool coloration on those heart-shaped leaves. 
    • Wow factor: Drama. This plant has cascading vines for a dramatic plant presentation. 
  • Tabletop Norfolk Pine
    • What they’ll remember: Smelling the great outdoors in each of the tree’s herbaceous needles. 
    • Wow factor: Festivity. This pine turns any average space into a festive space. 

Want to give your customers these bloom-tastic gifts? Visit Bloomscape and learn how to get started.


16. Snappy

Snappy team

Snappy automates gifting in a fun and exciting way. Instead of giving a gift card that says, “Congrats…you’re worth $50;” Snappy lets your team choose from a selection of top-trending products AND experiences! Gift recipients love Snappy, with over 70,000 5-star ratings.

“Thank you for the opportunity to choose a gift. The thoughtfulness of this gesture is by far unexpected and greatly appreciated. Really makes an employee feel more like family than just another employee.”

-David, employee at Mountain View Hospital, Snappy gift recipient

Snappy Gif

With Snappy, companies can interact with their teams through a seamless and simple experience that will make them smile and feel special. They’ll feel appreciated with a gift they actually want. Here are a few examples of gifts and experiences Snappy offers.

Selected Client Gifts and Experiences within Snappy:

  • Free air travel for two
    • What they’ll remember: A fantastic getaway.
    • Wow factor: Quality time. What’s better than a free vacation? A free vacation for you and a plus one!
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
    • What they’ll remember: The ability to read books, listen to music, surf the web, and stream videos all in one sleek device.
    • Wow factor: Savvy. They will love having the latest and greatest technology.
  • Crystal Whiskey Decanter
    • What they’ll remember: A chic and tasteful way to display their liquor. 
    • Wow factor: Tasteful. This decanter is the perfect mix of elegance and masculinity.
  • Tumi Travel Kit
    • What they’ll remember: Having a stylish case for all their toiletries.
    • Wow factor: Functionality. Give the gift of organization in a high-quality kit.
  • Porter Road Subscription
    • What they’ll remember: Memorable meals with high-quality meat.
    • Wow factor: Quality. They’ll enjoy personalized butcher’s choice boxes.

Want to surprise and delight your clients with gifts like these? Visit Snappy to receive a free gift!

Selected Customer Gifts and Experiences within Snappy:

  • Hot air balloon ride
    • What they’ll remember: The once in a lifetime experience of floating above the clouds in a balloon.
    • Wow factor: Flight. A surreal and unique experience.
  • Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset
    • What they’ll remember: The unforgettable moment of escaping into virtual reality.
    • Wow factor: Amaze. The ability to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.
  • Ziplining
    • What they’ll remember: Conquering their fears.
    • Wow factor: Excitement. Adrenaline junkies won’t soon forget the feeling of soaring high above the ground.
  • Waterford Wine Tasting Set
    • What they’ll remember: The clink of hand-made crystal before taking a slip
    • Wow factor: Elegance. These glasses will elevate any wine tasting.
  • JBL Clip Speaker
    • What they’ll remember: Jamming out to their favorite songs. 
    • Wow factor: Convenience. This speaker is small enough to bring anywhere and packs some surprisingly serious sound. 

Want to surprise and delight your team with gifts like these? Visit Snappy to receive a free gift!

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Gift Ideas

Q: What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

  • A: The best corporate gifts for employees should leave a lasting positive impression. The best way is to send something meaningful and/or personalized vs a generic gift. We recommend thinking of this process in the same way you would a family member. Here are some additional questions to help get you started:
    • What are their likes/dislikes?
    • What is a random fact that makes this person unique?
    • Are there fun anecdotal stories that you know about this person?
    • What is a shared experience that you can draw inspiration from?

Q: Why is sending corporate gifts to clients important in 2024?

Q: What corporate gift will WOW my clients and customers?

  • A: A memorable corporate gift can make an impact on your most valued clients and customers. Don’t settle for a run of the mill gift that will be set aside. Think about their interests and select a gift that your client or customer will appreciate. If you are looking for ideas to WOW, you can check out our curated list here.

Q: How do I find a unique corporate gift?

  • A: Even a generic water bottle can become a unique gift. It all comes down to personalization and what about the gift resonates with the recipient. If Tyler loves the Los Angeles Chargers, then sending him a water bottle with his favorite player on it will be more meaningful than just a blue one with no personalization.

Q: Is there an easy way to send a corporate gift to a new client?

  • A: Gifting a corporate gift to a new client is a fantastic way to kick off a new business relationship. The easiest way to send a gift to a new customer is through an online platform designed to streamline the process. We have hand-selected the best online corporate gift-giving websites to help you get started in our 168 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love article.



Now you have some great new client & company gift ideas to make your clients feel loved and appreciated (and continuing to do business with you). They’ll be happy you decided to send something other than a fruit cake or office supplies. So, which gift idea is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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